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<ul><li> 1. THE NATIONAL YOUTH INFORMATION AND CITIZENSHIP AGENCY FOR SCOTLAND<br /></li></ul> <p> 2. KEY AIM<br />To provide young people, aged 11 -26, with a mixture of information, ideas and opportunities to help them get the most of their lives.<br />It is our aim that the services we provide will enable all young people to: <br />Make informed decisions and choices <br />Turn their ideas into action <br />Take advantage of the opportunities available to them <br />Have the confidence and knowledge to take their place as active citizens in their communities- locally, nationally and globally. <br /> 3. KEY PARTNERS<br /> 4. South Lanarkshire<br />DIALOGUE YOUTH<br />East Renfrewshire<br /> 5. YOUNG SCOT: ACTIVE - IMPACTS<br /> 6. Young Scot: Active -Key Impact #1 INFORMING<br /># 1: A NATION OF INFORMED YOUNG PEOPLE: <br />Using the latest technology young people will access quality youth-friendly information on the issues and interests that impact on their lives empowering them to make informed decisions and choices<br /> 7. CORE SERVICES<br /> 8. National Youth Information Framework <br />Developed in partnership with the Scottish Libraries and Information Council (SLIC) and a range of other organisations<br /> The Framework has at its heart the UN Convention on the Rights of the Child and offers those who develop and provide information for and with young people, the opportunity to ensure that young Scots are able to access high quality, accurate and up-to-date information on issues of interest to them.<br />(National Youth Information Framework Overview Paper)<br /> 9. National Youth Information Framework<br />Policy context<br />UN Convention on the Rights of the Child, Getting it Right for Every Child, Early Years Framework, Valuing Young People.<br />Self evaluation<br />Series of practical templates to support the evaluation of current products, services and practices.<br />Workforce support and development<br />Partnership working, consultation, CPD, National Occupational Standards.<br /> 10. European Youth Information Charter<br />Adopted at the 15th Annual General Assembly of ERYICA in 2004<br />Principles provide minimum standards for a comprehensive, coherent &amp; co-ordinated approach to youth information work<br />NYIF adopted the ERYICA principles and translated them into a Scottish context<br />NYIF allows providers to assess their service in relation to the principles<br />More later...<br /> 11. National Youth Information Framework<br />Consider, analyse and reflect on current services, products and practices and, through a set of challenging templates, consider and action improvements <br /> 12. Information Literacy<br />National Youth Information Framework<br />Information literacy identified as crucial to ensure young people are able to find, verify and use information to make choices in their lives<br />Inclusion and equalities information literacy is particularly important for those who have barriers to participation<br />Information Literacy Module<br /> 13. Information Literacy<br />Identifying information need &amp; key resources<br />Searching<br />Evaluating<br />Using information to make informed decisions<br />Internet safety &amp; Digital Identity<br />Plagiarism<br /> 14. Practical Exercise<br />In your groups, consider the Principle for Youth Information Services given on your worksheet<br />Consider the following in relation to the principle:<br />How good are we now?<br />How good can we be?<br />Identify 2 actions for improvement<br /> 15. MORE INFO?<br />Email: lynseyp@youngscot.org<br />Web: www.youngscot.net or <br />www.youngscot.org<br />Facebook: Search for Young Scot in Groups<br />Twitter: @YoungScot<br />Phone: 0131 313 2488 or 0808 801 0338<br /></p>