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MCDS 2nd Grade Changemakers


  • dane bloom willow

    may 2010

  • jesse owens was born in alabama, 1913. when he was a kid, he suffered the "devil's cold". he worked on a farm that gave crops to the owner. it was a time when african-americans weren't treated fairly.

  • jesse married minnie ruth solomon. but jesse had more to worry about than married life. he had to get to those olympics!

  • in 1936, jesse entered the olympics in berlin. when he entered the gate, people booed because he was black and they were white. people in germany hated jews and blacks. especially hitler. at this time, everyone followed hitler who was their leader.

  • jesse won four golds, showing hitler that blacks are as good as whites. he won gold medals in the long jump, high jump, and two running races.

  • after he retired, jesse made speeches and inspired others. he died in 1978.

  • because Jesse had a white german friend, I learned that no matter what color of skin

    you have you can always be friends.

    jesse owens is a changemaker because:

    1. he proved blacks are as good as whites2. he went to the hitler olympics even

    though he was scared.3. he ran in the olympics and lost a few

    times, but kept trying.

    jesse owens is connected to wilma rudolph because they

    are both famous black runners.

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  • jesse owens

    a picture book of jesse owens

    jesse owens african

  • someone who changes bad laws or helps a group of people

    a place where you compete in sports

    this mean leader that thinks only people with blonde hair and blue eyes should live ( and he had brown hair

    and brown eyes!)

    a sickness jesse often got in winter

  • 1936 berlin, hitler olympics--from Jesse's perspective


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