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    Fourth Grade




    Science Fair

    The Paw

    March 4, 2011

    Dorsett Shoals School Newspaper

    What do you know about Jackie Robinson?

    I interviewed Ms. McCoy and Mrs. Reyes to

    find out their thoughts about Jackie Rob-

    inson and his contribution to African-

    American history. I asked them three questions.

    What do you think it was like back then when Jackie Robinson was

    around? Mrs. McCoy says it was very different that it is now. For

    example, blacks and whites used different restrooms. Mrs. Reyes

    agreed and added that people were judged by the color of their

    skin. All people were not able to go and do things they wanted to

    do. They had certain places they could go and places they were not

    allowed to go.

    How do you think people on his team treated him? Ms. McCoy said

    some people may have accepted him but most people may have still

    seen a black man instead of a great baseball player. Mrs. Reyes

    added that Jackie Robinson was treated very badly! They didnt

    want Jackie on the team and they let him know as often as they

    could using words and actions.

    Do you think they had segregation when Jackie Robinson was

    around? Ms. McCoy said yes because it was still during those times

    when blacks and whites were separated. Mrs. Reyes said that seg-

    regation was still a common practice but baseball was one of the

    first sports to discuss integrating teams.

    The first player to integrate the major league

    was Jackie Robinson. He was a very coura-

    geous and strong person. It takes a special

    type of person to enter a scary situation like

    that and come out on top. By: Jayla Brown

  • Page 2 The Paw

    Thurgood Marshall by Nicholas Shupe

    Marshall was awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

    An active US. Supreme Court Justice

    Responsible person in life

    Smart man memorized the Constitution

    Historic figure for African-American people

    A man who fought to end school segregation

    Lessons his father taught him about the Constitu-tion

    Love was for the law

    W.E.B. Dubois by Molly Tucker

    Did a lot of writing

    Universities attended include Harvard and Fisk

    Born in Great Barrington, Massachusetts

    One of the founders of the NAACP

    Inspired many

    Studied state of black people around the world

    Mae Jemison by Tristyn Ballenger

    Just the first African-American woman to go into space

    Experienced with engineering

    Mission specialist

    Is a medical doctor

    She was a surgeon

    On the Endeavor Space ship

    Never hurt a soul

    President Barack


    Our first African-American president

    Barack graduated from Harvard Law School

    A U.S. Senator from Illinois

    Married to Michelle and has 2 daughters

    A Nobel Peace Prize winner in 2009

    Sarah Goode by Gabriel Brown

    Good inventor

    Obtained the title of African-Ameri. inventor

    Owned a furniture store in Chicago, Illinois

    Died in 1905

    Even dead her inventions are still alive.

    Jacob Lawrence by Mackenzie Cornett

    Lawrence painted scenes of ordinary life

    African-American artist

    Wise all the time with his paintings

    Renaissance art movement

    Every picture he painted was beautiful New York City, N.Y. is where he studied art

    Creative guy he was with his art

    Endless talent he had and he showed.

  • Elijah McCoy by Felix Tinajero

    Mechanical engineer and inventor

    Contributed to the design of railroad locomotive after the Civil War

    Colchester, Ontario is where he raised a family of 12 children

    Obtained job as a fireman and oiler in 1870

    Young Elijah sought work as an engineer but met

    with defeat due to racial prejudice.

    Jesse Owens by Tre Shelton

    Owens was the greatest track star

    Won 4 gold medals in Olympics in one year

    Example of a leader

    New world record in the 200 yard dash

    Set two Olympic records

    Martin Luther King, Jr. by Jalan Willingham King became a minister and moved to Alabama

    Important leader to join the march for equality

    Nobel peace prize winner in 1964

    Got married and had 2 daughters and 2 sons

    Page 3 The Paw

    Do you know what Black History Month is? Black History Month is in February. Black History Month is a time where we talk about famous Af-

    rican-Americans who have made a change about something in the past. Today , I am here to tell you about

    Martin Luther King Jr.

    Martin Luther King Jr was a person who thought it was not fair that blacks and whites were sepa-

    rated. He wrote a speech about his dream and he named it I Have a Dream. Dr. Martin Luther King , Jr.

    is important to me because he made a difference in life so that all races can come together to make

    peace. These are the reasons Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. is important in Black History Month.

    By: Mia Sobers

    Garrett Morgan by Gregor Yarishkovets

    Morgan was asked to make gas masks for U.S.


    One time saved miners in a mine

    Red, green, yellow light invented traffic signal

    Generous help to U.S. Army

    African-American inventor

    Never stopped inventing

    Gordon Parks by Patrick Shipp

    Popular songs were written by him

    African-American photographer

    Real movie producer

    Kansas was his home

    Songs were written by him

    Jackie Robinson by Jaylen Holmes

    Robinson played for the Dodgers

    On April 11, 1947 he played his first Major League game

    Brooklyn had Jackie on their team for 10 years

    In the Baseball Hall of Fame

    Negro League is where he started

    Six World Series appearances

    October 24, 1972 was the day Jackie died

    Noble person

  • Our school was bustling with excitement on Tues-

    day, February 2, 2011. Students displayed their

    science projects as distinguished guests judged

    their projects. Among the judges were Superin-

    tendent, Dr. Pritz and Pam Neil from the county

    office. Jeff Morris and Janet Kelley. from the

    School Board. Congratulations to our winners: 1st

    place, Jake Coldiron; 2nd place, Delaney Pittman

    and 3rd place, Erin Wood. A special thanks to Mrs.

    Murray and Mrs. Watson for working with our stu-

    dents and organizing the science fair.

    Excelling in Track & Field by Serenity Hill



    from Hannibal, Mis-


    The first African

    American to com-

    pete in the Olympic

    games in 1904 and to win a medal,2 bronze

    medals in the 440m hurdles.

    WILMA RUDOLPH- from Clarksville, Ten-


    The first African American to win 3 gold

    medals in the Rome Olympics in the 100m,

    200m,and the

    4x100m relay af-

    ter overcoming

    polio as a child.

    She was also the

    1st African-

    American women

    to receive the

    Valentines History by Delaney Pittman

    The history of Valen-

    tines and where it came

    from is a mystery! But

    we do know that Valen-

    tines Day is a day to give love and romance. The

    original name is St. Valentines Day. It is cele-

    brated by both Christians and Ancient Romans and

    many more. Christians usually celebrate it at

    church. Valentines Day is on February 14th. People

    give thanks to their husbands or any type of

    friends or family by giving flowers, candy and


    Things People Like on Valentines Day by Emily Waters and Addie Rountree

    On Valentines Day we found that girls like many

    things. They want candy, chocolate and teddy

    bears. Valentines is special to everybody. Any-

    body can celebrate this day. People love Valen-

    tines Day!