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<p>PowerPoint Presentation</p> <p>Our Happy Customers1</p> <p>21. The Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Ltd (writing x 4 runs, 2014-15; pronunciation 2015)2. The Hong Kong Tourism Board (writing, pronunciation and speaking x 12 runs, 2012 - 15)3. CLP Power HK Ltd (reading and verbal reasoning, 2013)4. MPF Scheme Authority (writing x 2 runs, 2013)5. Hong Kong Broadband Network (speaking x 3 runs, 2014 - 15)6. HKUST (writing 2013)Reference Corporate Customers</p> <p>37. Wharf T&amp;T Ltd (writing x 4 runs, 2012 -14)8. Convoy Financial Group (writing and pronunciation x 2 runs, 2014)9. Hong Kong PolyU (pronunciation and speaking x 2 runs 2009)10. Neo Derm (writing, speaking and pronunciation x 6 runs 2012 - 14)11. MTR Corporation (pronunciation x 2 runs, 2012)12. Tung Wah College (Writing CV and Interviewing Skills, 2013)</p> <p>Reference Corporate Customers</p> <p>413. K Wah Group (writing, 2012)14. Heraeus Ltd (speaking and writing, 2 runs, 2013 - 14)15. S.W.I.F.T. (writing, 2 runs, 2012)16. Ogilvy and Mather (writing, 4 runs, 2008 - 13)17. MGB METRO Group Buying HK (writing, 2 runs, 2013)18. Tung Wah Group of Hospitals (writing, 2014) </p> <p>Reference Corporate Customers</p> <p>5100% satisfaction rate*Average rating 5+ (6-point scale)*We change attitude to learning EnglishParticipants apply learned skills at workCustomers: practical, engaging and fun courses75% of our courses are re-runs* e.g. Hong Kong Tourism Board, Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing, The MPF Scheme Authority, CLP, Hong Kong PolyU, Wharf T&amp;T, Hong Kong Broadband Network, HKUSTetc</p> <p>Our Well Received Courses</p> <p>6Trainers: seasoned + passionate + local knowledgeCustomization: industry, function and levelTop down support: patience + motivationReal improvement + fun learning; NO templatesAwareness =&gt; tools =&gt; improvement =&gt; confidenceWhy Corporates Rerun Our Courses?</p> <p>They can share with you their great learning experiences7</p> <p>Please ring us for a discussion8Ray LEEProgramme Director and Principal Trainerw: 2375-7199m: 9070-4497e: ray@LiveEnglish.hk</p>