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<ul><li><p>Join the Innovation.quest.com/join</p><p>How we can help</p><p>Get toTHE CLOUD</p><p>FASTER3X</p><p>100 COUNTRIES</p><p>Make applications and data available at all times, from anywhere, even during an outage </p><p>or application failure</p><p>DataProtection</p><p>Automate processes and cut the time it </p><p>takes to provision, manage, secure </p><p>and service all the endpoint devices on your network</p><p>EndpointSystems</p><p>Management</p><p>Modernize for the cloud while </p><p>saving time spent on security</p><p>MicrosoftPlatform</p><p>Management</p><p>DatabaseManagement</p><p>Reduce the time you spend on the </p><p>database, and spend more time on making use of the data inside it</p><p>You need to be ready for what's next,because what's next is here now.Its time to take back your time.</p><p>MOBILITYSECURITYBIG DATACLOUD</p><p>100K</p><p>ONLINECOMMUNITY MEMBERS</p><p>4M</p><p>Ensure appropriate access every time, all the time. Control </p><p>and govern all types of access </p><p>and lock down and monitor privileged </p><p>accounts</p><p>Identityand Access</p><p>Management</p><p>180MACTIVE DIRECTORY</p><p>ACCOUNTS</p><p>CUSTOMERS</p><p>50%WORKLOADREDUCTION</p><p> DATABASEDEVELOPMENT#1 ISVFOR</p><p>130MIDENTITIESMANAGED</p><p>94%CUSTOMERSATISFACTION</p><p>What if you had more time to address</p><p>The 4 major IT trends?</p><p>PARTNERS6,000</p><p>CONTROL OFENDPOINTDEVICES</p><p>100%</p><p>Its timeOF75%</p><p>YOUR TIME IS SPENT</p><p>CURRENT SYSTEMS</p><p>JUST MAINTAININGAND ADMINISTERING</p><p>This complexity impacts your sta,infrastructure, data and applicationsleaving you struggling to keep up. </p><p>for more business innovation and less IT administration</p></li></ul>