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DeepFace: Closing the Gap to Human-Level Performance in Face Verication Yaniv Taigman* Ming Yang* MarcAurelio Ranzato* Lior Wolf** *:Facebook AI Research **:Tel Aviv University Tomoaki Teshima @tomoaki_teshima Contributions DNN architecture Facial alignment based on 3D model Result LFW human performance YTF low error rate Verification CV6 (@dandelion1124) Verification Object categorization Identification Detection Scene and context categorization DeepFace: Closing the Gap to Human- Level Performance in Face Verication Modern face recognition detect align represent classify Constrained/Unconstrained Face Alignment Face Alignment in 2D () 6 Cropped area (2) (2) Face Alignment in 3D () Second SVR 2D aligned image USF Human ID database Frontalization DNN architecture Face feature SFC4030 Max pooling Convolution L4L5L6 L7L8 DropoutL7 SFC Shonan Fujisawa Campus Super Famicom SFC() Santos Futebol Clube, a Brazilian football club Scarborough F.C., a dissolved English football club Servette FC, a Swiss football club Sevilla FC, a Spanish football club SFC Opava, a Czech football club Shelbourne F.C., an Irish football club Sheffield F.C., an English football club Southampton F.C., an English football club Southport F.C., an English football club Spartans F.C. A Punes football club Sriwijaya F.C., an Indonesia football club Stamford F.C., an English football club Stenhousemuir F.C., a Scottish football club Stevenage F.C., an English football club Stranraer F.C., a Scottish football club Sydney FC, an Australian football club Syrianska FC, a Swedish football club SFC() The proposed face representation is learned from a large collection of photos from Facebook, referred to as the Social Face Classification (SFC) dataset. L7L8() DropoutL7 Normalization L2 Verification Metric Weighted 2 distance Simanse network dataset SFC Social Face Classification LFW Labeled Faces in the Wild YTF Youtube Faces SFC 3% SFC expression LFWYTF 5.2. Training on the SFC 5.3. Results on the LFW dataset 5.4. Results on the YTF dataset 5.5 Computational efficiency SIMD Intel2.2GHz Feed forward network classification Total0.33s Deep FaceDeep Learning Verification _20101023_dandelion.pdf, @dandelion1124 /Super_Famicom_JPN.jpg mnetwork.pdf df