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<ul><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 1 </p><p>Harai Clark Operations, Facilities Management, Administration </p><p>CORE BUSINESS OFFERING With more than 15 years experience working at all levels of business from frontline to senior management has a lets work from the ground up approach to managing projects. Passionate, hard working, loyal and fiercely protective of the interests of the business. Able and willing to work over and above to achieve outcomes. </p><p>SAMPLE CAREER ACHIEVEMENTS Planning and implementation of an online learning product Established administrative procedures for a new School of Study at a New Zealand </p><p>university including developing key relationships throughout the university. Drove a mixed vendor/internal team to deliver the migration of servers to plan and </p><p>budget and with no downtime. Established a remote office in UpState New York, then sourced and re-established an </p><p>office in Manhattan. Planned and implemented the revamp of the network environment for one company. Developed and wrote company policy manuals applying a global design look and </p><p>feel to all policies Facilitated multiple office relocations and re-stacks across the region Increased the stability and compliance of the network across the region through an </p><p>upgrade to the server environment during which minimal disruption to the business while still delivering several other key IT initiatives. </p><p> EDUCATION AND SKILLS </p><p> Advanced Diploma in Management Bachelor of Arts (deferred) MS Office Suite InDesign Microsoft Access </p><p> Has working knowledge of </p><p> GoToWebinar/GotoMeeting Survey Monkey Wordpress Mail Chimp </p><p> EMPLOYMENT CHRONOLOGY National Operations Manager Learning Dimensions Network 2011 current Project Manager Learning Dimensions Network 2009 2010 Head of Global Operations Maura Fay Global 2006 2009 Operations Manager Maura Fay Workshops 2001 2006 Office Manager Wall and Madison 2000 - 2001 Administrative Assistant ANZ College of Psychiatrists 1998 - 2000 School Manager University of Waikato 1995 1998 SCOPE OF EXPERIENCE </p><p> 10+ years technology leadership Avetmiss compliance Project and program management </p></li><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 2 </p><p> IT governance Organisational development Workforce development Blended learning Government funding Infrastructure and architecture Operations management Financial management Change management Facilities management Negotiation and vendor management Customer relationship management Recruitment and team development Leading and managing teams Business process re-engineering </p><p> PERSONAL STRENGTHS </p><p> Excellent interpersonal and relationship management skills Adapts and changes with ease excellent change management skills High level communication skills (written and verbal) No nonsense, take charge yet bring your sense of humour! Outstanding written and verbal communication skills. Sees the good in people yet not afraid to give constructive advice. </p><p> PERSONAL VALUES </p><p> See change as evolution as crucial for industry leadership and corporate survival Appreciate the contributions of all stakeholders no matter how small Always be selling the vision and keeping people in the loop Mean what you say and say what you mean Treat others as you would want to be treated. </p><p> PROFESSIONAL HISTORY Learning Dimensions Network 2011 - current National Operations Manager </p><p>Learning Dimensions Network (LDN) is a market leader in the provision of training, coaching and performance management consulting services.Today, LDN is best known in the marketplace through the work of its two established divisions: Leadership Dimensions (focusing on delivering soft skills training throughout Australia and the world) and Safety Dimensions (focusing on the delivery of accredited and non accredited safety training throughout Australia). </p><p>Initially invited onboard by the CEO, Melissa Williams and given the mandate to take over the project management of one of LDNs largest clients which included weekly travel between Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, and later asked to take on the role of National Operations Manager and transfer to Melbourne. As National Operations Manager Core responsibilities </p></li><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 3 </p><p> Manage HR contracts for all employees and associates Manage and contract the team of external suppliers including print management, IT, </p><p>facilities team, travel providers and drive improved vendor deliverables Facilities management including security Manage all travel for the business including sourcing best price solutions for </p><p>accommodations, flights and hire cars Manage day to day IT operations and ensure stability and minimum downtime to the </p><p>business including all remote team members Manage all office start ups and associated services and equipment Minimise risks to the IT environment through constant and close monitoring of IT </p><p>services and close management of the external IT providers Work with an App development team on company Apps Significantly improve knowledge management through the development of </p><p>enterprise wide policies and procedures and monthly newsletters to our sub-contractor team </p><p> Responsible for OH&amp;S across the business including remote team. Ensure all roles in the business are covered when other team members are on leave </p><p>including Desktop Publishing, Production, Business Development, Tender writing, finance </p><p> As Project Manager I was onboarded as a sub-contractor for this role which was intended to only be short term. Later asked by the CEO to move to a full time role, working remotely in Sydney and then in Melbourne. Core responsibilites Project manage client deliveries including scheduling delivery teams to deliver training </p><p>throughout Queensland. Build a strong relationship with the client team Attend weekly meetings with the client team to ensure the project was on track. Provide monthly reports eg. Competency completion, trend analysis and change </p><p>management logs. Achievements </p><p> Successfully implemented the new server infrastructure and application with an emphasis on reviewing configuration as well as application requirements and pre-requisites for the installation of your the SBS 2011 Server, Terminal server and the migration of current SQL and Application Server from a Physical server to Virtual Server </p><p> Successfully revamped the network structure to provide a structure that would be easier to navigate and be able to move with the times </p><p> Planned and Implemented rigorous systems, policies and processes across the business including Employee, Associate and Travel policy writing that enable all team members to work </p><p> Drove and delivered several key initiatives in collaboration with other leaders yielding significant savings (eg. Renegotiating supplier contracts) </p><p> Established a monthly newsletter for the Associate team to keep them updated on all internal activities of the business and to share knowledge. </p><p> Maura Fay Workshops 2006 - 2009 As Head of Global Operations </p></li><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 4 </p><p> Onboarded by then Managing Direct, Maura Fay initially to manage the service delivery to clients throughout Australia and Asia, then given a broader mandate to manage all aspects of the IT and systems throughout all of the offices. Core responsibilities </p><p> Manage training deliveries for global clients throughout Asia, Europe and the USA. Set up the office and systems in upstate New York Source and secure a more central office in either New York, Chicago or Los Angeles. Interview a USA based team in New York, Dallas, Chicago and manage the </p><p>operations of the US team Manage all global client invoicing via MYOB Manage trainer invoices and expenses. </p><p> Sample achievements </p><p> Liaised with engineers, architects and designers to plan the upgrade of the MFW office in Sydney. </p><p> Set up an office in Up State New York living in the area for 3 months and travelling to the USA 2-3 times per year to undertake other client work. </p><p> Sourced and secured an office in Manhattan that gave the business a New York address, through contacts I had made whilst living in New York. </p><p> Set up auditions throughout the USA and attended those auditions. This included setting up venues, liaising with hotels for best rates and being on site to facilitate the auditions. Note that after 4 years a number of those trainers remain in contact with me via Linked in and email even those who were not successful. </p><p> As Operations Manager 2001 2006 Core responsibilities </p><p> Ensure the timely production and delivery of materials for client programs throughout Australia and Asia. </p><p> Manage the operations and IT of all MFW offices (Sydney, Melbourne, Singapore, Kuala Lumpur and later New York) </p><p> Project manage marketing events Source best cost solutions in all areas of the business including printing, telephony, IT </p><p>infrastructure and the companys database environment. Vendor management. </p><p> Sample achievements </p><p> First administrative staff member in the history of the company to travel to and work in all offices. </p><p> Established strong vendor relationships to ensure cost efficiencies for the business. Redeveloped the companys 3 databases into a single one-stop-shop CRM able to </p><p>manage the end-to-end processes for all projects. Established weekly operations team meeting of all administration team members </p><p>across the company to ensure 1) the team functioned as a team 2) everyone was on the same page and 3) remote team members felt included. </p><p> Sourced and set up an office in Canberra Planned and implemented the transfer of IT to new offices in Melbourne ensuring </p><p>minimum downtime for the business. Planned and attended multiple marketing events in Sydney and Melbourne. </p></li><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 5 </p><p> University of Waikato, New Zealand School Manager, School of Maori and Pacific Development 1995 1998 Headhunted into this role by members of the University Council due to the work they had seen me do as a member of the University Council and University Financial Committee. I was onboarded as the first School Manager for this newly created role which bought together three existing departments within the School of Humanities into a fully functioning and funded school of study. Core Responsibilities </p><p> Establish systems and processes to ensure the smooth running of the school. Consolidate the systems already in place within the three existing departments to </p><p>ensure one school one approach. Develop a marketing plan including advertising materials, brochures and materials to </p><p>be used at regular exhibitions throughout New Zealand. Work with the key academic staff to facilitate the launch of new programs. Managing the finances of the school in conjunction with the Universitys CFO and </p><p>team. Plan and manage the student enrolment process. Assess student applications for entry. </p><p> Sample achievements </p><p> Through detailed investigation was able to identify and subsequently retrieve significant amounts of funding that had been hidden from view in another school of study. </p><p> Established strong systems for the management of the school Developed extremely strong relationships throughout the university to ensure the </p><p>school was appropriately represented at all levels of the university including having a direct line to the then Vice Chancellor and his office. </p><p> Planned and implemented attendance at numerous education expos throughout the North Island. </p><p> Nominated by the Vice Chancellor to attend a residential program for School Managers throughout Australasia (this opportunity was only available to 2 people in New Zealand each year and only by nomination of the Vice Chancellor of your University). </p><p> Met with academics at the University of South Australia working on what would be the new e-learning platform for remote students. </p><p> Managed the Schools participation in the Ford Foundation Project which involved the exchange of academics from 4 universities throughout the world (University of Waikato, University of Northern Arizona, University of South Australia and Hilo University). </p><p> Previous Roles in brief Administration Assistant 1998 - 2001 Australian and New Zealand College of Pyschiatrists International Student Coordinator 1993 - 1995 PA to Dean of Education 1989 1993 </p></li><li><p>Harai Clark </p><p>0420 478 121 </p><p>Harai Clark CV 6 </p><p> Contact Details Harai Clark M: 0420 478 121 Referees Janet McCulloch (ex Maura Fay) Lead Consultant 0407 975 078 Jenny Sovolos (Learning Dimensions Network) CFO 0402 045 065 </p></li></ul>