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<ul><li><p>November 2015</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p></li><li><p>Professional skills</p><p>- High leadership and goal </p><p>orientation </p><p>- Organizational ability</p><p>- Solving complex problems ability </p><p>- High motivation </p><p>- Excellent planning and time </p><p>management</p><p>- Teamwork</p><p>- Hands to work</p><p>Language skills</p><p>Spanish - Advanced (Native)</p><p>English - Advanced</p><p>Italian - Middle level</p><p>2</p><p>Full Name</p><p>Birth date</p><p>Birth place</p><p>Adress</p><p>Diego Alfonso Amaya Rojas</p><p>27/October/1986</p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Via Giuseppe candiani, 75. Milan</p><p>Diego Alfonso Amaya Rojas</p><p>Personal information</p><p>Work experience</p><p>El Gran Pollo - Restaurant</p><p>Sector Food</p><p>- Administration and supervision of all companys areas: </p><p>accounting, infrastructure, machines and equipment, </p><p>marketing, production and human resource.</p><p>- Planning and execution of new ideas for the company, </p><p>leadership, people and projects management.</p><p>September 2012 September 2014 General Manager</p><p>Freelancer</p><p>Sector General industry</p><p>Supervision and advising on industrial design projects: </p><p>design process, design concepts, industrial materials, </p><p>prototypes, 3D modelling, rendering and industrial </p><p>manufacturing. </p><p>September 2012 September 2014 Industrial Design Advicer </p><p>Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia (FCV) / </p><p>Bioengineering strategic unit</p><p>Sector Health / medical devices</p><p>- Designing of medical devices and solution of complex </p><p>problems in health field </p><p>- Teamwork with electronic engineers </p><p>- Project Management</p><p>May 2011 August 2012 Industrial Designer</p><p>Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia (FCV) / </p><p>Bioengineering strategic unit</p><p>Sector Health / medical devices</p><p>- Designing of medical devices and solution of complex </p><p>problems in health field </p><p>- Teamwork with electronic engineers </p><p>- Project Management</p><p>February 2010 December 2010 Industrial design internship </p><p>Cell phone</p><p>E-mail </p><p>Skype</p><p>(+39) 391 181 8236 </p><p> </p><p></p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Freelancer</p><p>Sector General industry</p><p>Industrial design projects development: design process, </p><p>design concepts, industrial materials, prototypes, 3D </p><p>modelling, rendering and industrial manufacturing. </p><p>January 2008 January 2010 Industrial and graphic designer </p><p>Im Diego Amaya, Industrial designer and manager, </p><p>very creative, responsible and skillful with </p><p>designing software and industrial materials. I have </p><p>job experience of two years as a manager of a food </p><p>company and two years as designer of medical </p><p>devices. </p><p>Currently Im studying a two-years management </p><p>master program in Politecnico di Milano, which is </p><p>complementing my industrial design skills with the </p><p>business and managerial knowledge, and building a </p><p>multidisciplinary professional-profile.</p></li><li><p>3Education and training</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Industrial University of Santander </p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia </p><p>Department of physical - mechanical engineering </p><p>School of Industrial design</p><p>subjects and skills included: </p><p>sketching, ergonomics, designs methodology, models </p><p>and prototypes, industrial design (projects), materials </p><p>technology, industrial administration, dynamics, designs </p><p>software, materials resistance, marketing, packaging.</p><p>February 2004 - december 2010 Industrial designer </p><p>National service of learning (SENA)</p><p>August 2012 - september 2012 Human resource administration</p><p>40 hours </p><p>National service of learning (SENA)/Strategika Foundation</p><p>September 2011 - november 2011 Research, development and Innovation Management</p><p>60 hours </p><p>National service of learning (SENA)</p><p>April 2011 - may 2011 Projects automation: Microsoft Project</p><p>40 hours </p><p>National service of learning (SENA)</p><p>March 2011 - april 2011 Measurement and control of Project Activities</p><p>40 hours </p><p>Industrial University of Santander</p><p>October 2010 - February 2011 Administrative Management</p><p>120 hours </p><p>October 2006 - december 2006 Wood pieces machining</p><p>National service of learning (SENA)100 hours </p><p>Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia (FCV)</p><p>July 2011 - september 2011 Human physiology</p><p>40 hours </p><p>Politecnico di Milano</p><p>Milan, Italy</p><p>School of Industrial and Information Engineering</p><p>subjects and skills included: </p><p>business strategy, management of innovation, </p><p>informations systems, operations management, </p><p>international economics, organizational behaviour, </p><p>marketing, industrial technologies.</p><p>September 2014 - July 2016 M Sc Management Engineering </p><p>Software Skills</p><p>3D modeling</p><p>Solidworks, Solid Edge, Rhinoceros, 3ds max, T-splines.</p><p>Rendering</p><p>Keyshot, V-ray, Hypershot, Photoview 360.</p><p>Vectors editing</p><p>Corel Draw, Adobe Illustrator.</p><p>Web contents</p><p>Adobe Flash, Adobe Dreamweaver, Adobe Fireworks.</p><p>Graphics editing</p><p>Adobe Photoshop, Sketch book pro - Wacom.</p><p>Others</p><p>Microsoft Office: Word, Excel, Power point.</p></li><li><p>4Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Seminar and events </p><p>Industrial University of Santander </p><p>8 May 2010 First design's National Unicycle </p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>University of Research and Development </p><p>25 April 2008 Seminar - Graphic Evolution</p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Autonomous University of Bucaramanga</p><p>13-14 March 2008 Congress - Strategy and creativity "360 turn</p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Chamber of Commerce of Bucaramanga </p><p>29 March 2007 Seminar - Straight Consumer's Heart </p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Industrial University of Santander</p><p>24-28 October 2005 Symposium - Industrial Design: MUIZCAJATA</p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Industrial University of Santander</p><p>24-28 October 2005 Product Management Workshop: MUIZCAJATA</p><p>Bucaramanga, Colombia</p><p>Projects</p><p>I have developed projects since 2005 in several categories: industrial design, graphic design, interaction design, renderings </p><p>and others. The more significant projects are presented in my portfolio. </p><p>* See annexed portfolio.</p><p>Personal References</p><p>John Faber Archila</p><p>- D.Sc.(c) Mechanical Engineering</p><p>- Industrial University of Santander</p><p>- Phone number:(+57 7) 6344000 </p><p>- Email:</p><p>Lina Viviana Sanabria Villamizar </p><p>- FCV Bioengineering Manager </p><p>- Cardiovascular Foundation of Colombia</p><p>- Phone number: (+57 7) 6796470</p><p>- Email:</p><p>Hobbies and Interests</p><p>- Playing volleyball</p><p>- Listen to music</p><p>- Playing guitar </p><p>- Dancing </p><p>- Traveling and discovering new places </p><p>- Reading about nutrition and healthy life </p><p>- Reading novels</p><p>- Watching movies </p></li><li><p>5Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p><p>Industrial designer </p></li><li><p>Human resource administration</p><p>Research, development and Innovation Management</p><p>6</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p></li><li><p>Projects automation: Microsoft Project</p><p>Human physiology</p><p>7</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p></li><li><p>8Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Measurement and control of Project Activities</p><p>Administrative Management</p><p>Annexes</p></li><li><p>Seminar - Graphic Evolution</p><p>Wood pieces machining</p><p>9</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p></li><li><p>First design's National Unicycle </p><p>10</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p></li><li><p>11</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p><p>Congress - Strategy and creativity "360 turn</p><p>Seminar - Straight Consumer's Heart </p></li><li><p>12</p><p>Diego AmayaIndustrial designer</p><p>Annexes</p><p>Symposium - Industrial Design: MUIZCAJATA</p><p>Product Management Workshop: MUIZCAJATA</p><p>Page 1Page 2Page 3Page 4Page 5Page 6Page 7Page 8Page 9Page 10Page 11Page 12</p></li></ul>