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Page 1: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Curriculum VitAE



Page 2: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

Alistair Sutherland

SURNAME Sutherland FIRST NAMES Alistair Duncan ID NUMBER 8407095154083 MARTITAL STATUS Involved DEPENDANTS 1 CONTACT DETAILS 082 922 2068 ADDRESS 84 Oakland hill drive Parklands North Table View Cape Town LANGUAGES English Afrikaans NATIONALITY South African RACE Caucasian GENDER Male DRIVERS LICENSE Code 08 OWN TRANSPORT Yes HEALTH Excellent NOTICE PERIOD 1 Month REMUNERATION Negotiable WILLING TO RELOCATE Based in Cape Town, Willing to Travel QUALIFICATION/EXPERIENCE Project Management Resource & Risk Management

FIDIC Construction Management Primavera P6 – Project Planning Management

MS Projects 2003 - 2013

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Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068


Project Planning, Contractor Selection Health & Safety Resource & Time Management Delay & Risk Management Tracking & Forecasting & Float Management Critical Path Analysis

Education Secondary school attended: Norkem Park High School Year Matriculated: 2002 Tertiary Institution attended: Insight Course: MS Projects 2003/7 Intermediate (May 2007) MS Projects 2003/7Advanced (March 2008) Project Management (September 2008) Khubonet MS Excel Advanced (April 2008) Dynamix MS Projects 2010 level 1 &2 (April 2011) UMT Consulting MS Projects Professional 2010 (May 2011) MS Projects Web Access (June 2011) MS Projects Server Administration (June 2011) Enterprise Project Solutions - Oracle Projects Management with Primavera P6 (May 2010) MDA Consulting Practical Application of FIDIC Construction Contracts (July 2011)

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Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

IT Skills

Planning Software Knowledge and Experience

o Primavera P6 - 3 years’ Experience o MS Project 2003 -2013 - 9 Years’ Experience

General Computer Literacy

o MS Excel - Pivot Tables, Formulas & S-Curves o MS Word - Writing Risk Reports o MS Outlook - Communications and Diary Management o MS Power Point - Presentations and Management Reports o Internet Explorer - Research and Sourcing Documentation o Skype business - Conference calls

Knowledge, Skills and Attributes

Knowledge and Experience

o Knowledge of relevant disciplines and procedures o Knowledge of key principles of Project Management o Risk and delay management


o Strong analytical skills o Excellent communication skills o Strong leadership skills o Excellent trouble shooting skills o Strong decision making skills


o Detail orientated (Project Control, Planning, Safety and Quality) o Extremely dedicated o Highly proactive o Persistent o Resourceful and Innovative o Results driven o Logical driven/thinker

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Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068



DRA Mineral Projects Platinum Plant Division

Position Site Planner

Client Anglo Platinum


PP Rust 600tph Concentrator

Amandabuilt Tailing Booster Pump Station

Amandabuilt Optimisation Floatation Plant

PPL Iso Mills

Amandabuilt 75-210 Upgrade Platinum Concentrator

BRPM Iso Mill Project

Duration January 2006 – June 2009

Page 6: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

DRA Mineral Projects

Position Design Office & Proposal Planner

Clients Anglo, Ashanti Gold, De Beers, Boteti, ARM


C2854 Nkomati Phase 2B

C3007 Etole & Ustroke front end

C3114 Ashanti Gold (Group 5 joint venture)

C3124 Spirals plant

C8039 Chemaf DMS

C3222 Mortima

C8073 AK6 Diamond mine

C3064 Ngezi Phase2 Platinum Project

C3066 Konkolla

C3116 Tweefontein

C 8064 Kakanda

C3179 - Pering

C8123 – Perkoa Zinc project

Page 7: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

Position Senior Project Planner

Clients Northem mines, Aureus Mining, Elandsfontein


C3073 - Booysendal Platinum Concentrator project

C8128 - New Liberty Gold project

PZASP0500 – Elandsfontein Phosphate project

Duration July 2009 – current

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Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

Companies awarded installation contracts for the Projects I’ve been involved in.

Aveng Grinakar LTA, Stocks & Stocks, WBHO, SMEI, Tubular, Concor, Murry & Roberts, Basil

Read, FL Smidth, FPS, Haw & Ingles, Radon, Group Five.

All the above projects were through the following phases and disciplines

as well as duties & responsibilities

Project Type Prefeasibility to Execution & Hand over

Project Phases Engineering & Design Procurement Fabrication

Delivery Construction Commissioning Close out

Project Disciplines Process

Earthworks Civil & Infrastructure Structural, Mechanical, Plate work Piping Electrical, Instrumentation & Control

Process Plant systems Roads & Infrastructure Storm Water drainage

Pit dewatering Dam walls Architectural Buildings Crushing & screening

Conveyor Systems Silos, Stockpile Tunnels Milling Floatation or Leaching Tanks Detox Tanks Spirals Plants Lorax, Filter or Dryers buildings Reagent & Flocculent Plants

Page 9: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

Duties & Responsibilities as Project Planner

Attend project kick-off meetings to obtain proposal schedule and clients scope of work.

Verification and further breakdown of the WBS and coding structure in accordance to the clients requirements.

The Development of Logic networks by using PERT charts to establish a CPM Critical Path Plan.

Review Logic networks with engineers to obtain ownership of the Plan.

Set Baseline Plans & Maintain Project schedules and Present Project Progress Reports.

The Development and Maintenance of Progress Curves for Design, Procurement, Fabrication & Delivery, Construction & Commissioning reflecting both early and late curves weekly or as defined by the project manager.

Assisting Project Managers & Engineers by Early warning of Deviations to the Plan.

Suggesting corrective Action and Develop Recovery Plans.

Resource Scheduling & Manpower Loading.

Expediting of Sub Contractors Manufacturing & Procurement Plans.

Submit baseline schedule to the procurement department for the population of the Procurement Register with Planning Program Dates. To continuously work with the procurement department to allow them to maintain the forecast and actual dates after program updates.

Development and Maintenance of Critical Key Date Schedule or chase schedules for Design & Construction.

Development of Roll-Up Programs Level 4 to Level 1.

Development of Shutdown & Tie in Schedules.

Development of Tender Programs, for fabrication, delivery and construction.

Development of Detailed Commissioning Plans

Report directly to the project Manager and Interact with the Project engineers to develop & maintain all of the above activities.

Training and Supervision of junior planners.

To attend all project progress meetings.

To meet with all Sub contractors & Suppliers to Expedite manufacturing plans.

Issue Weekly Planning Reports.

Issue Monthly Planning Reports.

Expedite all Design & Drawing Office deliverables, with the aid of the schedule and relevant discipline engineers.

Attend weekly site Meetings to communicate the current Plans or depending on the frequency as stated by the project manager.

Follow the development schedule.

KPI’s (Key performance indicators) are a live document and will always be updated, depending on the project and the specific requirements of the project managers.

Page 10: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

References Tony Van Damme +27 11 518 4123 +27 83 294 0340 [email protected]

DRA Project Services Manager

Katlego Makgata +27 11 518 4033 +27 82 921 9012 [email protected]

DRA Project Engineer Booysendal Carlos Andrade +27 11 202 8873 +27 83 515 2613 [email protected]

DRA Project Manager Booysendal

Rob Welsh +27 21 285 0119 +27 82 336 3751 [email protected]

DRA General Manager and PM on New Liberty Gold Darren Dalrymple +27 21 285 0130 +27 82 657 3435 [email protected]

DRA Lead Project Engineer on New Liberty Gold Herman Lintvelt +27 21 285 0145 +27 82 879 7945 [email protected]

DRA Lead Project Engineer Elandsfontein Phosphate Roy Marques +27 82 455 3527 [email protected]

(Anglo Platinum Planning Coordinator) My Client for 3 years

Darrin Ralph +61 (8) 6210 4500

[email protected] [email protected] DRA Planning HOD

Manager for 5 years

Wally Culverwell +27 11 202 8680 +27 82 494 0115

[email protected] DRA Engineering Manager

Page 11: CV - Alistair Duncan Sutherland - Updated May 2016

Alistair Sutherland 082 922 2068

Rodger Paton +27 11 202 8689 +27 82 454 7431

[email protected] DRA Projects Director - PM on PP Rust

Ross MacGregor + 27 21 685-0224 + 27 82 895 7223

[email protected] R&R Project Consultant

Dean Noton +27 11 202 8917

+27 84 423 8452 [email protected]

DRA Lead Project Planner