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2016 Patio Guide, Free Comic Book Day at Vault!, Angry Tin Men


<ul><li><p>FREE!MAY 2016</p><p>SEASON 7 OF MARKS CARTS P15</p><p>FRee Comic book</p><p>Day atvault!</p><p>PiCtuREsquE Patio guiDE P6</p><p>p13</p><p>MaKiNg aNgRY </p><p>tiN MENP30</p></li><li><p>2 may 2016 /</p></li><li><p> / may 2016 3</p><p>green corner 5Garlic mustard pull and falcon presentation</p><p>patio guide 6Kick back and relax this summer</p><p>contents may 2016vol. 26/no. 05</p><p>free comic book day 13Vault of Midnight is in for a big month</p><p>by Tim Malik</p><p>music feature: summer fests 20Where to head this season for live music</p><p>by Jeff Milo</p><p>26 theater: NTGYpsilantis latest theater companyby Lauren Lucas</p><p>28 film: Creating a filmmakerHow Ann Arbor helped nurture one directorby Heidi Philipsen</p><p>30 art: Making tin menCre Fuller turns trash into artistic treasureby Tim Malik</p><p>32 lit: Life off airRadio DJ Allyson Martinek is out with a new memior by M.F. DiBella</p><p>39 everything else46 crossword</p><p>A look at Marks CartsSix food cart owners on why you should visit</p><p>by Current Staff</p><p>p.15</p><p>online exclusivesECURRENT.COM</p><p>may</p><p>Checking on Ypsi AlehouseLouis Meldman checks in on new local favorite Ypsi Alehouse</p><p>FarmersMarket GuideSummer is the perfect time to reap the full benefits of natures bounty at area Farmers Markets. Current has all the info you need!</p><p>Last Monthsmost read stories on</p><p>ECURRENT.COM</p><p>12345</p><p>City Sips Irrational atTheatre Nova</p><p> 2016Wedding Guide</p><p>Meet yourBudtender</p><p>Take Back the Night A2</p></li><li><p>4 may 2016 /</p><p>Adams Street Publishing Co.</p><p>If you were in the witness protection program, what </p><p>would be your alias?</p><p>Audited by Member </p><p> 2016 by Adams Street Publishing Co., All rights reserved. 3003 Washtenaw Ave., Suite 3, Ann Arbor, MI 48104, Phone (734) 668-4044, Fax (734) 668-0555. First class subscriptions $30 a year. Distributed throughout Ann Arbor, Ypsilanti and neighboring communities.</p><p>Follow us on Facebook and</p><p>Publisher/Editor in ChiefCollette Jacobs ( Mary SMith</p><p>Co-publisher/Chief Financial OfficerMark I. Jacobs ( G. Lance St. cLair</p><p>EditorialAssignment Editor: Zach Marburger ( Burt MackLin</p><p>Calendar Editor: Marisa Rubin ( crueLLa DeviL</p><p>Contributing Writers: Sandor Slomovits, Louis Meldman, Tim Malik, Jeff Milo,</p><p>M.F. DiBella, Rob Brezsny, Tami Sackett, Heidi Philipsen, Evan Rosen, Cammie Finch, Antonio Cooper, Ken Wachsberger, Lauren Lucas, Nan Bauer</p><p>Digital MediaSaul Jacobs ( SeLLerS </p><p>Art/ProductionProduction Manager: Imani Latief ( weSton</p><p>Senior Designer:Leah Foley ( orGana </p><p>Design:Ashley Crapsey (acrapsey@adamsstreetpubliching.ComMary PoPPinS</p><p>Anita Tipton (prodintern@adamsstreetpubliching.Com)SyDney eLLen waDe</p><p>AdvertisingSales Catherine Bohr ( whiSkaS</p><p>Lauren Koski ( DeMaj</p><p>Sales CoordinatorJen Leach (sales@adamsstreetpublishing.comLucifer MorninGStar</p><p>Classifieds:Cassie Haddad (sales@adamsstreetpublishing.comcaSS eLLiot</p><p>AdministrationAccounting: Robin Armstrong ( away</p><p>Current staffers and readers spotted these happenings around town</p><p>spotted</p><p> Its All RelativeYou were confidently striding down Huron Street, your bare limbs glowing in your tank top and shorts on a balmy 50 degree spring day. As I drove past, admiring your gym-ready ponytail swinging in the breeze, I no-ticed another girl across the street, covered head-to-toe in winter gear. She shivered and zipped her full-length down coat as she braved the frigid spring winds that simultaneouly invigorated you, just feet away. I drove onward, feeling unsettled about my own spring wardrobe choices.</p><p> Crimes of Passion (or Lack Thereof)It was early afternoon on a sunny spring day in A2. You stood on State St. near Liberty, engaging in an awk-wardly long, uninspired public display of affection. You and your girlfriend locked lips, recreating a scene out of a cheesy romantic comedy, only here the romance was overwhelmed by the comedy. The two of you smushed your faces together for what felt like ten minutes, not moving a muscle. If youre going to put your relationship on blast in the middle of town at least put some effort into it. Try making the public feel like witnesses to your love rather than victims of your awkwardness. </p><p> Do you even lift?You were at a 24-hour gym (you know which one) going way too hard on the treadmill, sprinting for a full minute before jumping off and then jumping back on. After a few minutes of everyone staring at you, you got off and wob-</p><p>bled your way straight to the bathroom. Im pretty </p><p>sure you pushed it a lit-tle too hard, and I hope you felt better after you hugged the toilet.</p><p>Send us your spotted suggestions on facebook or</p><p> @ecurrent on twitter!</p><p>"SCPS)JM MT$SPTTJOHt8BTIUFOBX"WF4VJUF"OO"SCPS.*t #PPL0OMJOFBUXXXTQSJHIBJSDPN</p><p>Claire Elise Broderick4UZM JTUBOE0XOFS</p></li><li><p> / may 2016 5</p><p>Help the HawkThe circle of life or the butterfly effect, are several ways to describe the interconnectivity of nature. The Legacy Land Conservancy explores the deep connection between two seemingly totally separate points on the food chain during the Garlic Mustard Pull and Falcon Presentation at the Sharon Hills Preserve. Invasive species, like the garlic mustard plant, are reducing the habitat for animals needed by falcons and hawks to survive. Volunteers will spend time pulling the garlic mustard plant, and end the session with a presentation from falconer Cynthia Avery and her Harris Hawk, Forest. Volunteers should dress for the weather and to be active, and bring a water bottle. ZM</p><p>Saturday, May 14, 1-5pm. Sharon Hills Preserve, Sharon Hollow Rd., Sharon. 734-302-5263. </p><p> Free</p><p>green corner</p><p>fyi</p><p> Zingermans expandsWith a moniker reminiscent of the bus service that previously occupied the site, Zingermans delivers delicious food via The Greyline, a special events venue and catering services headquarters, on the first floor of Marriott Residence Inn at 120 W. Huron St.</p><p> Find your museLocal artist and performer Tanya Luz has expanded her clothing line, opening Muse Atelier at 5150 W. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti. The shop will sell clothes and accessories and Luz will run a public photography studio upstairs.</p><p> Fixing an eyesoreThe building at 10 N. Michigan Ave. in Ypsilanti, once an eyesore, is getting a makeover, thanks to a new owner that plans to open a Yemeni restaurant in the space. Construction is under way.</p><p> Coffee in CantonAnn Arbor-based coffee shop Sweetwaters is heading for new horizons after signing a deal to open up a location at 302 N. Canton Center Rd. in Canton. A tentative opening date is late July.</p><p> Fast Casual GreekThe space that housed Middle Kingdom at 332 S. Main St. is getting a new occupant. The popular Royal Oak Greek restaurant KouZina plans to be open by September.</p><p> AACVTEToyota and the University of Michigan Transportation Research Institute have teamed up to equip 5.000 Ann Arbor cars for future research, dubbed the Ann Arbor Connected Vehicle Test Environment.</p><p> SmokedSiris, a BBQ joint and cigar lounge, is coming to 207 N. Main St., with an expected soft opening in June.</p><p>Look to the futureWith more than 500 visitors in the past, the VISIONS 2016 Vendor Fair is back, thanks to a partnership between the Ann Arbor District Library, Washtenaw Community College, and Michigans Bureau of Services for Blind Persons. The event is a cant-miss opportunity for anyone who either has or knows somebody with a visual impairment. Vendors showcase their latest products and services, with technology like audio readers and interactive television. Presentations will go on throughout the day, featuring National Library Service speakers and assistive technology experts. ZM</p><p>Wednesday, May 11. 10am-3pm. Washtenaw Community College Morris Lawrence Building, 4800 E. Huron River </p><p>Dr. 734-327-4200. Free</p></li><li><p>sell section</p><p>PATIO GUIDE</p><p>6 may 2016 /</p><p>Biergarten at Salt Springs Brewery </p><p>RoosRoast Coffee1155 Rosewood St.</p><p></p><p>Hours: 6:45am-6pm/Monday-Saturday, 7:45am-6pm/Sunday</p><p>If youre looking for chill, dont forget about the </p><p>gigantic outdoor seating area at RoosRoasts Rosewood location, dubbed Ann Arbors </p><p>hardest-to-find cafe. Its meetup central for the </p><p>Southtown neighborhood, dogs and children can </p><p>roam freely, the parking is easy and theres even </p><p>a mini orchard around the corner with kale growing </p><p>in the garden.</p><p>Cardamom1739 Plymouth Rd.</p><p></p><p>Hours: Closed/Monday, 11am-3pm/Tuesday-Sunday, 5-10pm/Tuesday-</p><p>Thursday, Sunday, 5-10:30pm/Friday and Saturday.</p><p>With a patio that only seats parties of two, Cardamoms </p><p>patio brings a level of intimacy to the dining experience, </p><p>along with fresh Indian fare and an upbeat atmosphere. </p><p>Experience a delicious blend of east and west with the diverse </p><p>offerings of Cardamom all summer long.</p><p>117 S. Ann Arbor St.,</p><p>Hours: 11:30am-10pm/Tuesday-Thursday, 11:30am-11pm/Friday and Saturday, 11:30am-9pm/Sunday.</p><p>Salt Springs Brewerys patio features rows of authentic biergarten tables and benches. Outdoor heaters and a welcoming fire pit knock the chill off the night air while music and fresh craft beer flows. Live music and movies is featured on select nights. Visit the online calendar for more information at The biergarten is also available for private events! </p><p>Live music</p><p>Coverage</p><p>Kid-Friendly</p><p>Music</p><p>Heated</p><p>Bar</p><p>Dog-Friendly</p><p>Find out if your favorite hotspots have these amenities. </p><p>CONTD ON P 8</p></li><li><p>sell section</p><p> / may 2016 7</p></li><li><p>8 may 2016 /</p><p>Paesano Restaurant &amp; Wine Bar3411 Washtenaw</p><p>Hours: 11am-10pm/Monday-Thursday, 11am-Midnight/Friday, Noon-Midnight/Saturday, Noon-10pm/Sunday. </p><p>Paesano Restaurants Italian-garden inspired patio offers al fresco dining at its best. Great for hanging out with friends; hosting your own event; or simply enjoying lunch, dinner, or some late-night apps. They also host several events from spring through the fall on the patio, including wine-tastings and winemaker dinners.</p><p>In the summer months the patio is home to the annual Saturday night outdoor Italian Film Series. Enjoy a classic Italian film every Saturday while sipping a cool summer drink. The show starts at dusk and there is no charge. The popular summer series kicks off in mid-June and runs through the end of August. Pae-sano even provides fresh popped corn.</p><p>sell section</p><p>Saugatuck Brewing Company 269.857.7222 </p><p>2948 Blue Star Highway, Douglas, MIFollow us on social media and tag us using #SBrewing</p><p>CONTD FROM P 6</p><p>420 N. Main Street, Chelsea, MI 48118%*10!/!/0+"**.+.</p><p>.!!),(!.'%*#</p><p>Beer Food Music Community</p><p>Insta</p><p>$!(/!(!$+1/!+)</p></li><li><p>sell section</p><p> / may 2016 9</p><p>Revel and Roll1950 S. Industrial</p><p>Hours: 10am-12am/Sunday-Wednesday, 10am-2am/Thursday-Saturday</p><p>With private rooms and a dedicated personal party planner, Revel and Roll has the ability to customize your childs parties any way you want it. Private rooms, huge TVs, an arcade and of course, bowling means that visitors can enjoy the sun of the patio and have plenty of options to fend off boredom. </p><p>A Guide to Beer on the Patio</p><p>From Dennis Smith, Craft Brands Manager O&amp;W</p><p>For eleven years Chef Thad has prepared every plate served at Logan.</p><p>Experience the true meaning of chef-driven in our small, intimate dining room.</p><p>115 W Washington St. Ann Arbor, MI734.327.2312</p><p>115 W Washington St.Ann Arbor, MI</p><p> 327-2312</p><p>For eleven years Chef Thad has prepared every plate served at Logan. </p><p>Experience the true meaning of Chef Driven in our small, intimate dining room.</p><p> 21YEARS</p><p>for CEL</p><p>EBRA</p><p>TING SERVING </p><p>IN WASHTENAW COUNTY IN 2014</p><p>Now Serving Eggs FromCAGE FREE, VEGETARIAN FED HENS</p><p> 23YEARS</p><p>for CEL</p><p>EBRA</p><p>TING SERVING </p><p>YOU B R E A K F</p><p>AST</p><p></p><p>5</p><p>Outdoor Patio seating everyday!Weather Permitting</p><p>Patio beers are easy to drink and loaded with flavor but still very refreshing; a beer thats not going to fill you up, but leave you wanting more. If you are drinking on a patio youre probably drinking all day! Luckily these types of beers can be found in an array of styles.</p><p>Kolsch styles are great because they go down extremely smooth and have a lot of flavor. Alaskan Summer (5.3%ABV) from Alaskan brewing is a kolsch style ale that goes down smooth and gives you a full mouth flavor that leaves your palate asking for more.</p><p>Fruit ales are great warm weather beers because they have the flavor of fruit and the finish of a nice light beer. Heavy Melon (5%ABV) from New Belgium Brewing is a fruit ale made with a boatload of watermelon. It is fruity up front but finishes extremely clean giving you tons of flavor on the first sip and leaving an easy drinking finish.</p><p>Lastly, nothing say warm weather like a fruit IPA since, its the hottest selling category of beer during the summertime. Tangerine soul style (6.5%ABV) from Green Flash Brewing is a tropical explosion of hops and tangerine. The aroma is packed with big citrus notes, the taste of tangerine hits you up front but ends with a great clean hop finish.</p><p>CONTD ON P 11</p></li><li><p>10 may 2016 /</p><p>sell section</p></li><li><p>sell section</p><p> / may 2016 11</p><p>Bona Sera Cafe200 W. Michigan Ave., Ypsilanti</p><p></p><p>Hours: 11am-3pm and 5-9pm/Tuesday-Thursday, 11am-3pm and 5-10pm/Friday, 10am-3pm and 5-10pm/Saturday, 10am-</p><p>3pm/every second and fourth Sunday.</p><p>How does a business transition from underground supper club to one of the hippest and hottest spots </p><p>in town? Bona Sera Cafe did it by putting on events to support the community, hosting live music and </p><p>churning out great dishes. Come enjoy the sunshine and sample a unique and tasty fusion-style food. Logan Restaurant</p><p>115 W. Washington St.734-327-2312</p><p></p><p>Hours: 5-10pm/Tuesday-Saturday</p><p>The patio is set at Logan Restaurant! Come enjoy the beautiful views of Washington St. while dining </p><p>on the best food in town. Please remember that Logan Restaurant does not accept reservations for outdoor seating, but with six tables and 16 seats, </p><p>there is always the opportunity to stop by and enjoy eating outside. Stop by on a moments notice </p><p>and enjoy Logan al fresco! Logans full menu is available on the outside patio, in addition to full bar service.</p><p>WATERMELON</p><p>LIME ALESUMMER S</p><p>EASONAL</p><p></p><p>CONTD FROM P 9</p><p>CONTD ON P 12</p></li><li><p>12 may 2016 /</p><p>sell section</p><p>Chelsea Alehouse420 N. Main St.,</p><p>Just 15 minutes west of Ann Arbor, Chelsea Alehouses patio is the premier destination to enjoy a craft beer in the sunshine while listening to live music - featuring bluegrass every Wednesday, live music every Friday, jazz on Sundays and plenty of free parking always!</p><p>Bigalora3050 Washtenaw Ave Suite 112</p><p></p><p>Hour...</p></li></ul>