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  • 1. Student Page [Teacher Page]Cultures of the World Title For Educators Introduction Designed by Task Kristen Edwards Process kme35@zips.uakron.eduEvaluationConclusionCreditsThe WebQuest Page

2. Student Page [Teacher Page] Introduction TitleStudents, just like you, all over the world Introduction have unique holidays, traditions, andways of life just like we have here in the Task United States. Wouldnt you like to learn Processhow Christmas is celebrated in Mexico orwhat the Chinese New Year is really allEvaluationabout? And wouldnt it be neat to talk toConclusiona student, your age, from a country thatcelebrates this?Credits 3. Student Page [Teacher Page]The Task TitleBy the end of this webquest you will have (2 weeks): IntroductionSkyped with a pen-pal from another country Task ProcessDiscovered some new information about holidays,traditions, cultures etc. from your pen palEvaluationConclusionCreated an engaging PowerPoint to share with yourclassmates to both introduce your pen-pal to us andshare what you have learned about his or her countryand/or cultureGained a better understanding of what it means to bea digital citizenCredits 4. Student Page [Teacher Page]The Process Title1) Please follow the following steps to complete this assignment: IntroductionStepsWebsites Task1) Please watch the following videos: Process1) Bad Netiquette Stinks 2)Be SaferOnline 3) Know the Rules 4) ClickysEvaluationStolen Song2) If you do not already have a, create an account3) E-mail me with 3 differentkme35@zips.uakron.educountries that you would like to havea pen-pal from and why you think itwould be neat? Also include 2 factsthat you learned from each video (8total)4) Once I receive your e-mail ,I willreply, in which I will assign you to acountry and a pen-pal and give youyour pen pals Skype name so thatyou are able to friend them. DO NOTSKYPE THEM until I am with you tohelp set up the call.Credits 5. The Process Continued5) After I have helped you set up your Skype call (atwhichever time I assign), you may begin Skyping yourpenpal6) During the Skype callIntroduce yourself (favorites, what you like to do)Find 2 similarities and 2 differences about the both ofyouAsk them about holidays and traditions (include infoabout food, dress, activities,) and take notes about theones that interest you most7) After you have collected the information you need, 3 of the holidays or traditions that caught youreye the most. You will need to find at least 4 facts foreach holiday8) Create a PowerPoint that similarities and differences between you and your penpal3 holidays or traditions with 4 factsMusic or video from at least one of the holidays ortraditions you researchedWorks Cited page with websites listed that you used forresearch, find music, or videos9) Share what you have learned about your pen palsculture with the class 6. Student Page [Teacher Page] EvaluationPoorOkay GoodExcellentScore Title 1 23 4 Introduction Facts fromVideosE-mail did not have anyfacts from videosE-mail had few factsfrom video E-mail had 6 or 7 facts from the videoE-mail contained all 8facts from video Task ProcessCountry Student did not send an Student chose 3Students explanations ofStudent clearlyStudent wants e-mail at all countries but did notwhy they chose the explained their reasonsEvaluationto learnaboutexplain whycountries were somewhat hard to followfor choosing thecountries that they did OR did not explain whyConclusion they chose all 3.Skype Student did not Skype Student Skyped pen-pal Student and pen-palStudent Skyped pen-pen-pal at allbut was off topic in their discussed some aspects pal and discusseddiscussion of culture, but not allculture enough to get they were supposed tothe requiredinformation and didnot break any rules ofNetiquettePowerPointStudents presentationStudent had some key Student has most of theStudent included atInformation entailed only one part of points about their Pen requirements(including least 2 similarities andPowerPoint requirements pals culturemusic or video example)differences, 3 culturesor none of theor traditions with 4 keyrequirementspoints and included avideo or song dealingwith that particularcultureQuality ofPower Point was difficult PowerPoint was prettyStudents PowerPoint was PowerPoint was wellPowerPointto read, without colors,easy to read and had well put together andput together andand had very little some information, butengaging. However, theymade sense. All theinformation was still missing some.were missing a little bit of information was informationcovered Point total: /20Credits 7. Student Page [Teacher Page] Conclusion Title Introduction After have completing this webquest, you will have a better understanding of different culturesand what life is like for students just like you in another country. You may have learned about a Task holiday you never knew existed and understand the meaning of it. You will have also learnedhow to use websites and applications such as YouTube and Skype for learning purposes. ProcessHopefully you found this lesson interesting and learned a lot from your pen-pal!EvaluationConclusionCredits 8. Student Page [Teacher Page]Image Resources:Credits & References Introduction Task Websites: Process a link back to The WebQuest Page and The WebQuest Slideshare Group so thatothers can acquire the latest version of this template and training materials.Credits