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How Can We Cultivate Learning Communities?(presented by: David Koenig)

FirstSome Definitions (Mine)

Purpose of providing definitions: so we have some idea what we are discussing as we move forward; to be intellectually sound. Learning: knowledge, insight, habit or skill gained from learning.Community: an interacting population of various human beings in a common/certain location (ex: ones family; BNU; China; the globe).

NextWhy This Topic?I.e.: Why Should We Care? Why do you think?

Todays Basic Idea

Why am I Qualified to Speak to You on this Topic..?My main professional or academic qualification is my Masters Degree in Library and Information Science.

So, I Will Argue That as Long as Things Like This Exist:

A BetterWorld

What does a perfect world look like? How do we get there? 7

Reason for Optimism..?

Today We WillThink about learning communitiesLearn more systems thinkingConsider how systems thinking might help to solve some real-world problems

Todays Aims & Objectivesare toHave you consider more about what causes problemsHave you think about how we might solve those problemsOffer systems thinking as one possible way we might solve those problems

The Joy and Importance of Learning

What If All Communities Were Dedicated to Fostering the Connection between Learning and Living?

A Personal Story about Community Learning


The Campus


Nature vs. Nurture

Advertising: connections



Why Did I Tell You This Story?

core point

Teams and Organizations Can Learn We Can NurtureThis Learning

Another definition of learning that I think is relevant is

Increasing our capacity to do what we want to do.

why it matters


The takeaway

Some Suggested Ways to Approach Issues/Concerns/Problems

Some Ways Tools and Techniques that Use that Approach to Develop New Kinds of Capabilities

Questions More ThanAnswers

How to Know Rather ThanWhat to Know

So how might we solve some of these problems using learning communities? What do you think?I would suggest one possibility is leveraging...Systems Thinking

You and Your Systems

What would you like to see improve?36

Your Qi

Your Family

evolutions purpose

Working Definition


Systems Thinking

The Tale of the Slinky

The Blind Men and the Elephant

Or to Put it Another Way

core point

You might think that because you understand "one" that you must therefore understand "two" because one and one make twobut you forget that you must also understand "and."- Sufi teaching story


Systems Thinking is All About the "and."

Working Definition: Systems Thinking (Mine)Thinking that is aware of, appreciates the role of, and tries to work with systems in how we learn and live.

Caveat:Is Systems Thinking THE Answer..?

What would you like to change about Chinas education system in your wildest fantasies..?

How would you propose going about that? Why?58

How Would You Do It?

Heres One Possible Framework for Productively Realizing that Change

Have you Heard of the The Fifth Discipline?

First: What is a Discipline?

Heres an Example:

And:The Fifth Discipline is a Pioneering Work about Learning Communities,and Systems Thinking

The Books Cover

Author: Peter Senge

Lets Create a Context for Organizational Learning

What are Some Challenges at BNU for


Deep Learning

A Metaphor for Adapting and Evolving

Learning about your Learning

Teams and the Three-legged Stool

The Three Basic Skill Types

Expressing individual and group idealsRecognizing and managing complexityReflective thinking and generative conversations

First Discipline: Personal Mastery


What is it?


present-moment awareness

action-without-doingeffortless action

What is a Good Test of Personal Mastery?

the degree of peace you feel within

Second Discipline: Shared Vision


What can be an Important Tool to Nurture a Shared Vision?


What Might be a Good Starting School-Wide Question?

Do We Have a Clear Idea of the Results We Are Creating through This Vision?

Third Discipline: Mental Models


What do you see?

And here..?

What is the Danger of a Single Story?

Fourth Discipline: Team Learning


What are Some Examples of Team Learning?

What is Perhaps the Most Important Goal of Team Learning?


What can be an Important Tool for Team Learning?


And a Sample Tool..?

What Do You Think is the Fifth Discipline?

A Hint:

Fifth Discipline: Systems Thinking


What Does It Help You to Do?

Adapt in Context

A Final Analogy

The Phantom/no-explanationTraffic Jam


Final Thoughts:Learning without thought is wasted labor.- Confucius

Everything is in everything. Henri Bartoft, physicist



Feel your way across the river over the stones.()Deng Xiaoping

And Be Like Water

for them:

For them:

Thank You