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    External Education Program

    CCF-FLIP Corporations on Cambodia Poor Urban Development

    Access to promote soft skill and micro business improvement in poor

    urban community

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 1

  • Table of Content


    Project Goal and Objective

    Project Scope

    Board of members

    Project Structure

    Project Outline

    Project Framework


    Risk management

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 2

  • Background

    CCF was founded in 2004; Cambodian Childrens Fund provides life

    changing education, nourishment and healing to vulnerable children

    from some of Cambodias most destitute communities.

    CCFEE is a principle program to accelerate the dump-site community

    livelihood aim to alleviate poor children work force and contribute high

    possibly to attend school regularly. Community sustainable

    developing, EE program has provide huge of families assistant, health

    care , small and medium enterprise improvement and contribute of

    loan capital

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 3

  • Project Goal

    Goal: Improve household economic and family harmonies

    within poor urban land less community

    Specific Objectives

    1. All community people in the target

    areas possess soft skills that enhance

    families welfare

    2. Small enterprises are developed and

    strengthened amongst the target communities

    to generate household income

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 4

  • Beneficiary

    15 families from Domnak Thom Village

    15 families from Meanchey Village

    15 families from Beoung Salang Village

    And 15 families from Dombok Kpous Village

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 5

  • Project structure

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 6

  • Project role

    (i) Project Funded Unite which is the principle domain to

    ensure supporting resources is applicable. Moreover, FLIP is a

    founder to access to project implementation, responding to

    guide on operational costing, financial transferring and auditing.

    (ii) Project Operation Unite which is responding to maintain

    transparency of project operation including community need

    assessment, planning, implementing, monitoring, reporting and

    developing. CCFEE executor obligates to direct supervise on

    human resource and administration section to achieve project


    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 7

  • Project Outlining Work flow of EE-CSP officer

    - Project need assessment

    - Create Annual plan

    - Performance management

    - Monitoring and Evaluation

    - Budget planning and control

    - Monthly cash advance

    - Monthly account check up

    - Community organizing

    - Monthly meeting

    - Create families profile

    - Coordinate directly to

    community leader to well

    manage people in


    - Conduct monthly,

    semester and annually

    report to EES

    - Report of progress and

    statistic report

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 8

  • Project Outlining Cont. Soft Skill Training Framework

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 9

  • Project Outlining Cont.

    Role of small business officer

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 10

  • Project Outlining Cont. (Loan policy)

    Borrower must be a members of CSP community and registered among share

    fund group

    Loan will be provided only to applicants who have saving fund from 30% of total loan

    proposed or above

    Loan applicant have to enclose original legislative or identity letter, identity card, family

    record book and letter of address certification.

    The loan proposed will be deducted 0.5 % of interest rate per month The benefit of

    interest rate is going to group revenue of CSP community

    The capital loan will contribute to the members who have effective business planning

    CSP loan do not provide to the member who did not pay off the debt remained

    The loan process is responsible by community financial facilitator and EE-CSP Officer.

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 11

  • Project Framework

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 12

  • Budgeting

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 13

  • Board of members

    Mr. SCOTT Neeson: Executive Director

    Ms. KRAM Sokchanneoun: Country Manager

    Mr. NGOY Hen: Facility Manager

    Mr. HOY Lenghoin: CR Department Manager

    Mr. Alessandro CASSINERIO: FLIP Manager

    Mr. HY Laysoth: EE Program Supervisor

    Mr. SOUS Thaneth: M&E Officer

    Mr. CHANG Bor: EE Officer

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 14

  • Project risk management

    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 15



    7/1/2015 Prepare by Mr. HY Laysoth 16