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<ul><li> 1. Creative Inventions</li></ul> <p> 2. A pencil A pencil with an eraserAn eraser 3. There is a piece ofrubber on one end of it.We can use this pencil to write anderase pencil marks from paper. 4. ReadingHyman Lippman, a painter, often hadtrouble finding his eraser. When he finally found his eraser, he could not find his pencil.But there were times when he foundhis pencil; he just couldnt find hiseraser.In order to solve this problem, heinvented a pencil with an eraser onone end of it. 5. A . had trouble: had problemse.g. She had trouble using chopsticks. 6. a.They had trouble moving the table.b. She had trouble speaking English. 7. c.She had trouble playing the piano.d.He had trouble riding a bicycle. 8. B. found: the past tense of find-to discover someone or something that was lost.Q: What did the man find under the car?A: He found a dog. 9. C. solve: to find a solution to something that is causing difficulties. He cant solve the math question. 10. D. invent : to make something for the first time.vocabularydeaf a hearing aid A.G. Bell Alexander Graham Bell invented the telephone. 11. Fill in the chart of the ReadingQuestions Answers Who? Hyman Lippman. (A painter)He had trouble finding hisWhat problem? eraser and pencil. He invented a pencil with an eraser on one end of it.The solution?or (He added an eraser to a pencil.) 12. Questions:(1)Was Hyman Lippman he a careful person?(2) Was his invention very creative? (3) Are there any other way to solve hisproblem? Answers:(1)No, he wasnt. Because he often had trouble finding his pencil and eraser.(2)Yes, it was very creative.(3) Group work 13. Think!Are there any other ways to solve his problem?writingdrawing 14. wheelsshoesskating shoes 15. If you add A to B, you get C.e.g. If you add wheels to shoes, you get skating shoes.+=e.g. If you add an eraser to a pencil, you get a pencil with an eraser.+= 16. Group workDiscuss and find out how products were invented. tape dispenserice-cream cola papaya milkhat umbrellalollipop 17. + =+ =+ =+ = 18. colaice cream 19. Hat umbrella 20. lollipopcandy stick 21. tape knife tape dispenser 22. papaya milk 23. AssignmentCompare the two inventors, Willis Carrier and LiuXing-ching, and their inventions. Inventor InventionFunction Willis Air conditioner To make the Carrier(American)invented in 1902. air in a room, (1876~1950)car etc. staycool. Liu Xing-chingCollectable water To avoid rainwater umbrellato wet the house (Chinese) (1934~) invented in 1972. 24. Answer the following questions.e.g.Which is more complex, the air conditioner or the collectablewater umbrella?The air conditioner is more complex(than the collectable waterumbrella)1. Which invention is better, the air conditioner or the collectablewater umbrella? Why?__________________________________________________2. Which is the more useful of the two?__________________________________________________3. Which is more important to you, the air conditioner or thecollectable umbrella? Why?________________________________________________________ 25. ~End~Thanks!!</p>