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How to prepare new arrivals list for ADMC Library patrons


  • 1.Abu Dhabi Mens College Library26 January 2012

2. Why is There a Need for NewArrivals List? Purpose is to inform the community that we havesomething new in the library. Layman that WE exist/ WE are doing SOMETHINGin the library =D Sent every week via email (by Helen) Posted in these websites:, and on ADMC LibraryFacebook page. 3. Files Needed New Arrival Template: ADM New ArrivalTemplate.docx (Library and Learning Centre -Forms &Templates - ADM Templates - All Documents) How to Process New Arrivals: Processing NewArrivals.docx (Library and Learning Centre -Policiesand Procedures - All Documents) Millennium Check In Module 4. Procedures The following screenshots are done in practice when creating new arrivals list. 5. Clear the In-Cataloging item by checking in. 6. Copy and paste the followingdetails from the Millennium to theADM New Arrivals Template: CallNumber (minus the locationcode)/ Title/ Author 7. Hyperlinking Hyperlinks provide direct links to the item record, giving the patron rights to access the bibliographic record of an item and more importantly request the item/ put it on hold. 8. Highlight the Title, then right click to show the menus.Point to hyperlink and select. Insert Hyperlink menu willpop up. 9. Copy the call number fromNew Arrivals Template(without the location code e.g. a1bk)Search by Call Numberand the locationshould Abu DhabiMens - City. ClickSearch FalconCatalogue once done. 10. Click the Permanent Link button located at the bottom rightof the webpage. Permanent links provide stability to hyperlinksshould there be any changes in the website. This is to ensurethat the patron will be directed to the correct record. Noticethe address bars sudden change from long to a shorter address.Highlight the address and copy. 11. Paste the copied address from the Falcon to the address barof Insert Hyperlink menu. Click Ok to complete. Notice thetitles text turns to blue, meaning that the hyperlink isactive. 12. Do the samesteps for theremainingitems tocomplete thelist. Proofreadand save as aWorddocument. To convert toPDF, rightclick the fileicon andselect convertto PDF. Saveto targetdestination(i.e. W drive) 13. Notes: Font Arial; Size 12; Alignment Left Discrepancies like misspelled title, incorrect callnumbers, record not found, etc. should be reported toACS Remove description (e.g. DVD) and slash / symbol Do not include Arabic new arrivals in the list - send toKarline/ Kavita Adopt a pattern that youre comfortable with for aslong as all the steps have been done.


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