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  • 1. Counting and Working With Money nd 2Grade UnitBridget OConnor Elementary Education/ Spring 2014

2. Rationale For Technology Integration Why does it make sense to incorporate various uses of technology into your particular topic? We live in an ever changing society where children are constantly surrounded by technology. There are many great resources on the internet which will help teachers illustrate the concepts of counting money to their students and show students how helpful technology can be. What is gained by integrating technology into your teaching of this topic? This presentation provides great resources such as podcasts, blogs, apps, and activities that will help both teachers and students interact with the topic. Overall, students will see how beneficial technology can be in improving their understanding of this mathematical concept in an engaging and interactive way! 3. Internet Content All websites and content in this presentation have been taken from reliable sources that have been critically evaluated. All links are cited in the notes section of this presentation and clicking on graphics will take you directly to the original website. 4. BlogThe Keep em Thinking Blog was designed by an Alabama 2nd Grade Teacher Susan Morrow. She posts many great ideas on our blog for activities and lessons plans to be included in a second grade unit. Her unit plan for money involves many interactive games and activities for teachers to use in the classroom. 5. Pinterest BoardsClick on the picture to take you directly to the Pinterest boards! 6. Podcast This podcast was found on the Federal Reserve Bank of Philadelphia's website and is titled Kids and Money: A professional development program for Teachers. It illustrates ways that teachers can use childrens literature to teach money concepts to their students. Clicking on the audio button will take you directly to the podcast. 7. Instructional Video Watch The Counting Coins Video Here! 8. Internet Resources United States Mint This US government website includes lesson plans for teachers to use to incorporate social studies and history into a unit on money such as how money is made. It also has interactive games about money that students can sign into and play. US Currency: Know Your Money This US government website provides educational activities for teachers and students that enhance knowledge about US currency. It also has a Design Your own Bill component where students can create their own dollar bill. 9. Internet Resources Federal Reserve Education The Federal Reserve organizations site provides helpful resources and videos for teachers to use in a unit on money. It also has interactive games on currency that students can play to become more familiar with different bills and coins. 10. Theres an App for that! Count Money! Coin Matching Game for Kids Click on the icon to take you directly to the App store! 11. Teaching Materials This worksheet from the Illuminations activity Trading for Quarters requires students to come up with 10 different ways to make 25 cents using quarters, dimes, nickels, and pennies. Click on the worksheet to link to the full site for directions ! 12. Teaching Materials The Can you Buy it printable worksheet from Jump Start allows children to count money and decide if they have enough to buy certain objects. Click on the worksheet to see the full website! 13. Teaching Materials Teachers can read The Big Buck Adventure by Shelley Gill to students at the beginning of the unit to illustrate how often we use money and counting money in our daily lives. Click on the book to learn more about it! 14. Kidspiration 15. Subject- Specific Internet Based Resource A+ Math is a subject- specific resource that allows teachers to generate worksheets and games for specific mathematical units. Clicking on the image below will take you directly to the resource on the site that allows teachers to create counting money worksheets for their students. 16. Uses of the Internet: Interactive Websites Primary Games is a Click on this icon to take great website for kids you directly to One that has interactive Penny games and activities. One particular activity One Penny has a great song that teachers could use to play for students to illustrate the value of different types of currency. 17. Uses of the Internet: Online Data Sources Whatcom Online Math Center offers real data that teachers can incorporate into lessons for students. There is some great sources on currency which teachers could use to illustrate different types of currency that exist all over the world to give students a global perspective. Click on the picture to directly take you to some links about currency 18. SMART Board Activity Clicking on the picture to the left, will take you to an interactive presentation that teachers can share with students. It involves a fair and money and asks students when given a certain amount of money, what attractions would they be able to buy? It helps them practice counting and working with money! 19. Web 2.0 Teachers can use Quizinator to create worksheets and quizzes for their students. They can post them online or print them out for students to use. They can also create specific practice to help students master how to count money and complete the quizzes directly on the website! Click here to go directly to this helpful site! 20. Slideshare


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