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<ul><li><p>AUGUST | SEPTEMBER 2015 Display until 8/25/15 </p><p>VOLUME 9, NO. 04 $9.99 U.S.</p><p>Engaged Media, Inc.</p><p>SUMMER CHIC: BEACH TO BOHO, 157 IDEAS</p><p>go coastalEasy ways to create simple yet stunning looks</p><p>Fine Outdoor Living:Amazing escapes in your own backyard</p></li><li><p>Available at The Home Depot, Hobby Lobby, Michaels, Pat Catans, Flower Factory, Craft WarehouseIVLW\PMZVMKZIN\[\WZM[ZM\IQTMZ[</p><p>For detailed product information </p><p>visit</p><p>29 intermixable, ultra-matte colors3 crme waxes &amp; 3 varnishes</p><p>Everlasting</p><p>Delicate</p><p>Legacy</p><p>Lace</p><p>Inheritance</p><p>Promise</p><p>Whisper</p><p>Refreshing</p><p>Remembrance</p><p>Timeless</p><p>New Life</p><p>Heirloom</p><p>Innocence</p><p>Fortune</p><p>Rustic</p><p>Romance</p><p>Enchanted</p><p>Primitive</p><p>Rouge</p><p>Vintage</p><p>Yesteryear</p><p>Smitten</p><p>Serene</p><p>Relic</p><p>Heritage</p><p>Treasure</p><p>Carbon</p><p>Cameo</p><p>Escape</p><p>Adheres to wood, metal, glass, laminate, fabric, and more.</p><p>easy to distress</p><p>no priming needed for superior adhesion</p><p>quickly create an antiqued look with dark waxes</p><p>]XKaKTMMIUIZSM\VL[M`Q[\QVOLuKWZ</p><p>easily &amp; inexpensively</p></li><li><p>CONTENTSa u g u s t | s e p t e m b e r 2 0 1 5</p><p>ON THE COVERSummer Chic: From beach to boho to nautical, 157 ideas..10, 12, 14, 18,24, 38, 48, 64, 80, 92, 102, 114</p><p>Go Coastal! Have fun with this seasons easy breezy looks.12, 22, 28, 38,48, 64, 80, 92, 102, 108, 114, 128</p><p>Fine Outdoor Living: Gorgeous gardens and perfect patios...12, 120, 146</p><p>WE HAVE TWO COVERS! This issue, to celebrate our favorite elements of indoor/outdoor style, we feature a romantic seaside outdoor porch and a beautiful white bedroom with a view of the ocean. Collect both covers today!</p><p>Photo by Simon Scarboro/CountryHomes &amp; Interiors/Time Inc., UK</p><p>Photo by AstronautImages/Getty Images</p></li><li><p>RENOVATE &amp; DECORATE</p><p>64 80BLUE MOODWith a color palette that echoes the sea,sky and countryside around them, thesehomeowners created an open, airy feelingand a light-infused home.B Y C O S TA S P I C A D A S / G A P I N T E R I O R S</p><p>COUNTRY COTTAGE, CITY CHICFinding the perfect view and adding light,color and elegant textures around ittransformed this Cape Cod cottage into a seaside paradise.B Y A U T U M N K R A U S S</p><p>38Smart design choices help this fresh andbreezy seaside home withstand the effects of sun and sand.B Y S A R A H J A N E O K E E F E</p><p>SERENE AND BREEZY48See how a minimalist aesthetic andbeachy dcor combine to create a happy, peaceful family home.B Y S A R A H Y O O N</p><p>FAMILY-FRIENDLY SOPHISTICATION</p></li><li><p>6 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>12 ROOM WITH A VIEWGet our easy tips for taking full advantage of the bright, sunny scene right outside your door.B Y J I C K I E T O R R E S</p><p>24 STICK-TO CREATIVITYDiscover how removable wallpaper can helpyou easily change your wall designs.B Y S T E P H A N I E B A K E R</p><p>32 CLASSICALLY CUTELearn how to take a kitchen from dated to stylish with timeless materials and DIY renovation. B Y S A R A H J A N E O K E E F E</p><p>92 EASY LIVINGTired of typical, overused dcor? Focus onyour experience of the beach and choosecolors you love.B Y V I C T O R I A VA N V L E A R</p><p>102 COASTAL COTTAGE MAKEOVER</p><p>Use summery colors and vintage details totransform a basic bedroom into a fun andcharming retreat.B Y M E L I N D A G R A H A M</p><p>108 A SPIRIT OF ADVENTUREDiscover fresh design tricks in this bedroomthat you can use in any space.B Y V I C T O R I A VA N V L E A R</p><p>114 SUMMER CHIC Keep it simple with this authors pointers onletting your homes inherent elegance shine. B Y J E N N A D I X O N</p><p>120 A HANDS-ON GARDENLearn from this designer-antiques collectorduo how to create a beautifully personal cottage garden. B Y B R E A N N A A R M S T R O N G</p><p>128 COLOR COACH Get inspiration from daily life for sweet,easy ways to add color to your home.B Y J E N N A D I X O N</p><p>134 MAKE YOURSELF A HOMEHandmade, unique touches like these burnished-wood wall art pieces will per-sonalize and distinguish your home.B Y V I C T O R I A VA N V L E A R</p><p>138 FAIRY TALE INN-SPIRATIONFind out how Patrick OConnells Inn atLittle Washington grew from a historic auto garage into a five-star, five-diamondcottage-style inn. B Y R E B E K A H WA H L B E R G</p><p>146 ROOM RECIPETo add artistic, elegant touches to yourdcor, create simple vignettes starring theamazing air plant. B Y V I C T O R I A VA N V L E A R</p><p>SHOPPING</p><p>12 4 ways to renew and refresh your home18 Create toy driftwood sailboats24 Use removable wallpaper to switch up </p><p>the look of your walls37 Decide whether to DIY or hire a professional57 Create a natural coastal look for </p><p>your home90 How to design with a view in mind101 3 questions to help you create a personal </p><p>seaside look104 Some hints for dressing up your existing dcor 113 4 tips on making over, not remodeling, a room132 Use a color wheel for better color pairings135 Make your own wood-burned wall art138 Get cottage style like the Inn at </p><p>Little Washington146 Add artistry to your dcor by displaying </p><p>the elegant air plant</p><p>DO IT YOURSELF</p><p>10 IN THE MOOD FOR MODCheck out these fun and funky PalmSprings-inspired home goods.B Y J E N N A D I X O N</p><p>22 COLOR PALETTE: SEA FOAM, JUTE &amp; BLUE </p><p>Create a stunning entryway with paint, wall-paper, textures and furniture in these prettycoastal colors. B Y S A R A H J A N E O K E E F E</p><p>28 THE GOODSThese fresh new coastal finds will fill yourhome with seaside inspiration.B Y J E N N A D I X O N</p><p>144 SOURCES</p><p>COTTAGES &amp; BUNGALOWS (ISSN 1941-4056) Volume 9, Issue 04 is a publica-tion printed 6 times per year February/March, April/May, June/July,August/September, October/November, December/January by EngagedMedia, Inc., 22840 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA 92887.Periodicals postage paid at Anaheim, CA, and additional mailing offices.Postmaster: send address changes to Cottages &amp; Bungalows c/o VSI, Inc.905 Kent Avenue, Liberty, MO 64068. 2015 by Engaged Media, Inc. All rightsreserved. Reproduction of any material from this issue in whole or in part isstrictly prohibited. GST #855050365RT001 Canada Post: Publications MailAgreement #40612608. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to: PITNEYBOWES, INC., P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2.</p><p>92 114</p><p>MAIL, NEWS, ETC.</p><p>8 FROM THE EDITOR10 EXTRA14 ARTISTRY18 DIY ESSENTIALS</p><p>28</p></li><li><p>8 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>August|September 2015 Vol. 9, Issue 4</p><p>EDITORIAL Editorial Director/Editor: Jickie TorresDesign Director: Elena OhManaging Editor: Anne BrinkAssociate Editor: Sarah Jane OKeefeAssistant Editor: Victoria Van VlearEditorial Interns: Stephanie Baker, Jenna Dixon, RebekahWahlbergCONTRIBUTING PHOTOGRAPHERS Erika Bierman, Jessica Delaney, Bret Gum, JaimeeItagaki, Michael J. Lee, Bill Mathews, Mark Mendez,Costas Picadas, Nat Rea, Mark TannerCONTRIBUTORSMargie Monin Dombrowski, Titus Felix, Jennifer Gaudet,Melinda Graham, Amanda Heer, Autumn Krauss, Diane Sedo,Sarah Yoon</p><p>ADVERTISINGGabe Frimmel: Ad Sales Director(714) 200-1930 - gfrimmel@engagedmediainc.comDonna Silva Norris: Senior Account Executive(714) 200-1933 Shanda Ogas: Account Executive (714) 200-1959Eric Gomez: Ad Traffic CoordinatorJohn Cabral: Creative Graphic Designer</p><p>DIRECT MARKETING GROUPJohn Bartulin (866) 866-5146 ext. 2746Tommy Mora (866) 866-5146 ext. 2093</p><p>OPERATIONSGus Alonzo: Newsstand Sales ManagerCelia Merriday: Newsstand AnalystShailesh Khandelwal: Subscriptions</p><p>EDITORIAL, PRODUCTION &amp; SALES OFFICE22840 Savi Ranch Parkway, Suite 200 Yorba Linda, CA 939-9991, Fax (800) 249-7761</p><p>COTTAGES &amp; BUNGALOWS (ISSN 1941-4056) Volume 9, Issue 04 is published6 times per year Feb/Mar, Apr/May, Jun/Jul, Aug/Sep, Oct/Nov, Dec/Janby Engaged Media, Inc., 22840 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA92887. Periodicals postage paid at Anaheim, CA, and additional mailingoffices. Postmaster: send address changes to Cottages &amp; Bungalows c/o VSI,Inc. 905 Kent Avenue, Liberty, MO 64068. 2015 by Engaged Media, Inc. Allrights reserved. Reproduction of any material from this issue in whole or inpart is strictly prohibited. GST #855050365RT001 Canada Post: PublicationsMail Agreement #40612608. Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:PITNEY BOWES, INC., P.O. Box 25542, London, ON N6C 6B2.</p><p>CUSTOMER SERVICEENGAGED MEDIA, INC.22840 Savi Ranch Pkwy., Suite 200, Yorba Linda, CA 92887</p><p>SUBSCRIPTIONS, ADDRESS CHANGES, RENEWALS, MISSING OR DAMAGED COPIES(800) 764-6278(239) 653-0225 foreign</p><p>BACK ISSUES</p><p>BOOKS, MERCHANDISE, REPRINTS(800) 764-6278</p><p>LETTERS TO THE EDITOR, NEW PRODUCTS OR TO CONTRIBUTEA STORY OR</p><p>SUBSCRIPTION RATES$17.95/1 year, $27.95/2 years. Foreign, $33.95 per year,$59.95 per 2 years payable in US funds. Single copy price is $9.99. Please allow 6 to 8 weeks for new subscriptions to begin.</p><p>ENGAGED MEDIA, INC.</p><p>Nick Singh: PresidentVikas Malhotra: Vice President </p><p>GST #855050365RT001 Canada Post: Publications Mail Agreement #40612608Return undeliverable Canadian addresses to:PITNEY BOWES, INC.P.O. Box 25542London, ON N6C 6B2</p><p>LET ME MAKE A BOLD STATEMENTand then let you laugh awhile: I haveevery quality and characteristic a surfershould possess, minus the ability tosurf. What I mean is that I think I reallyunderstand and appreciate the surfermentality and that especially during thesummer, its something every home-owner should embrace. </p><p>Im talking about the quintessential,and sure, sometimes clichd, stereotypethat surfers are laid back. But its alsoabout accepting what nature gives you,going with the proverbial flow of lifeand just relaxing and appreciating whatcomes your way. During the summer mystandards relax a bit, and the rest of the</p><p>house follows suit. My sofa gets a whitecotton slipcover, the windows stay openfor three months and the floors get alittle sandier. Social events have acome-as-you-are ease: no fancy glassesor dinner party menus. Everything wedrink comes out of a pitcher, and every-thing we eat is either prepared by handor pulled directly off a flaming grill. </p><p>From now until the weather turns, doyour dcor and yourselves a favor andhang ten a little bit. Watch what hap-pens when your home dances with theebb and flow of summer living, and pickup a few habits that might make life alittle easier all year long. </p><p>PHOT</p><p>O BY</p><p> MAR</p><p>K M</p><p>ENDE</p><p>Z</p><p></p><p>Jickie Torres, Editor</p><p>HANGTEN</p><p>@cottagesandbungalows</p></li><li><p>10 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>extra Style Report</p><p>In the moodB Y J E N N A D I X O N</p><p>Channel your inner retro spiritwith these fun and funky PalmSprings-inspired home goods. FOR MOD</p><p>Frilly and pink, theseflamingo cupcake toppersare not your average mid-</p><p>century flamingo lawnornaments. 12 pink glitter</p><p>flamingo cupcake top-pers, $7.15. Visit</p><p> </p><p>Original and eye-</p><p>catching, this hand-</p><p>made papier mache-</p><p>top console is both</p><p>modern and elegant.</p><p>Nick console, $1,200.</p><p>(866) 478-7297 or visit</p><p></p><p>Squeeze every dropof happiness out of thischeery pale pink and yellow art print by AnnaBond. Lemons to lemonade art print $24.(919) 521-4981 or visit </p><p>Add contemporary </p><p>luminosity to your walls</p><p>for years to come with</p><p>this timeless classic.</p><p>Safavieh golden arrows</p><p>sunburst mirror, $174.99.</p><p>(877) 929-3247 or</p><p>Freshen up your living space with a</p><p>quirky sea urchinlinen pillow cover thatis sure to delight. Hot</p><p>pink Ella urchin pillowcover, $35. Visit </p><p></p><p>Recall the </p><p>clean-lined aesthetic of the</p><p>1950s and 60s with this sleek</p><p>and mod bar cart. Fermob</p><p>Luxembourg bar cart with</p><p>wheels, $950. (877) 404-67</p><p>63</p><p>or visit</p></li><li><p>Need an escape to the shore? Add a fresh pop of color to your coastal home with our incredible collection of pillows for beach dreamers!</p><p>Visit us for inspiration for your lifestyle beside the sea every day of the year! Extensive collection of coastal home decorating accents; pillows, area rugs, wall art, tabletop and so much more. Shop with our exclusive Free Shipping Code Coral15</p><p> !"#</p></li><li><p>12 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>extra In Season</p><p>WHEN DAYS ARE LONG AND WEATHERis perfectly warm its no wonder thatwe spend more time outside than in.But what can you do to capture theadventurous spirit of summer for yourinterior? Here a few simple updatesthat will make your home feelrefreshed and renewed. </p><p>1. CLEAR THE CLUTTER. Just as in spring cleaning, assess yourrooms and take stock of lingeringitems that should be cleared out. Hotweather and busy days call for fuss-free and uncomplicated living, so ditchthe extra accents and dcor and trythe simple life. </p><p>2. STRIP YOUR WINDOWS.Switch your curtains to sheers orremove them altogether if you can. Letthe great weather and sunny days filter into your home. </p><p>3. DINE AL FRESCO. Take timeto outfit your dining areas so that youuse them more frequently during thenext few months. Prep a basket of out-door linens and keep it handy, so youcan serve dinners outside at the dropof a hat. Clear a spot in the cupboardsfor melamine dishes and cups to be ineasy reach. And add a few extra deco-rative items like outdoor rugs, lanternsand pillows to make the space moreinviting and special. </p><p>4. WHITEN UP. Hot weather justbegs for clean, crisp white dcor,which feels cooler and more refreshingthan heavy colors and patterns.Update your throw pillows and accentsalso to whiten the load. </p><p>ROOM WITH A See how to take advantage of the summers bestassetthe sunny and vibrant landscape outside. B Y J I C K I E T O R R E S</p><p>PHOTO BY SIMON SCARBORO/COUNTRY HOMES &amp; INTERIORS/TIME INC. UK</p><p>VIEW</p></li><li><p>august | september 2015 13</p><p>HOT WEATHER AND BUSY DAYS CALL FORFUSS-FREE AND UNCOMPLICATED LIVING, </p><p>SO DITCH THE EXTRA ACCENTS AND DCOR AND TRY THE SIMPLE LIFE. </p><p>PHO</p><p>TO B</p><p>Y A</p><p>STRO</p><p>NAU</p><p>T IM</p><p>AGES</p><p>/GET</p><p>TY IM</p><p>AGES</p></li><li><p>14 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>extra Artistry</p><p>TROPICAL BUNGALOWSee how the rich wood tones and clean lines of midcentury wares add achic getaway vibe to your dcor. B Y M A G G I E A B R A T T E</p><p>P H O T O G R A P H Y B Y B R I A R G R U N W A L D</p><p>We gravitate toward a lot of teak, wroughtiron and rattan, Briar says. </p><p>Combining those textures with live plantslike palms is really reminiscent of the 1960sTiki movement.</p></li><li><p>16 cottages &amp; bungalows |</p><p>extra Artistry</p><p>SUMMER BRINGS THE OPPORTUNITYto travel, and with that, the possibilities offinding treasures from other places. </p><p>Briar and Jason Grunwald, the pair behind Other Times Vintage, got started bytreasure hunting when they needed to fur-nish their own apartment, but found theyloved so many pieces that they were quicklyrunning out of space. They began refurbish-ing and selling items to friends and localbusinesses before they decided to open anEtsy shop. </p><p>I love shopping at estate sales, Briarsays. You can see where people have been.Its like getting a glimpse into their lives. </p><p>The Grunwalds, who describe their styleas tropical bungalow, tend toward cleanmidcentury modern furniture and textiles.We gravitate toward a lot of teak, wroughtiron and rattan, Bria...</p></li></ul>