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  • Correspondence Tables

  • Aromatic Correspondences

    AromaAromaAromaAroma ElementElementElementElement SymbolizesSymbolizesSymbolizesSymbolizes

    Anise Air Psychic insight

    Basil Fire Harmony

    Berry Water Joy, happiness, freedom

    Cedar Fire Bravery

    Cinnamon Fire Good fortune

    Cloves Fire Affection returned

    Dill Fire Stress reduction

    Ginger Fire Power, stamina

    Lavender Air Rest

    Lime Fire Turning negativity

    Nutmeg Fire Meditative forces

    Orange FIre Peaceful acceptance

    Pine Air Cleansing, money

    Rose Water Love

    Rosemary Fire Health and banishing

    Sandalwood Water Vitality and spirituality

    Vanilla Water Passion

  • Astral Candles

    Astral Candles are associated with your Astrological sign. You should have your

    Astral candle burning each ritual you do. Different people have different color

    associations for the various Astral candles. You may even want to create your own

    astral candle colors. Whichever you do, remain consistent.

    Astral SignAstral SignAstral SignAstral Sign ElementElementElementElement ColorsColorsColorsColors

    Aries Fire Sign White, Pink, Red, Orange

    Taurus Earth Sign Brown, Green, Gold, Yellow, Blue

    Gemini Air Sign Blue, Yellow, White, Gray, Black

    Cancer Water Sign Brown, Green, Orange, Yellow, Blue

    Leo Fire Sign Orange, Yellow, Pink, Red, Green

    Virgo Earth Sign Brown, Black, Yellow, Blue, Gray

    Scorpio Water Sign Black, Purple, Blue, Red, Yellow, Brown

    Sagittarius Fire Sign Red, Yellow, Blue, Orange, White

    Aquarius Air Sign Blue, Pink, Purple, Green, Yellow, Silver

    Pisces Water Sign Blue, Green, Gray, Purple, White

  • Birthstone Information

    MonthMonthMonthMonth BirthstoneBirthstoneBirthstoneBirthstone FlowersFlowersFlowersFlowers

    January Garnet Carnation, Snowdrop

    February Amethyst Violet, Primrose

    March Bloodston Daffodil, Jonquil

    April Diamond Daisy, Sweet Pea

    May Emerald Lily of the Valley,

    June Pearl Rose, Honeysuckle

    July Ruby Water Lily, Larkspur

    August Peridot Gladiolus, Poppy

    September Sapphire Morning Glories, Asters

    October Opal Calendula, Cosmos

    November Topaz Chrysanthemum, Dahlia

    December Turquoise Holly, Narcissus

  • Color Correspondences

    Colors are important not only for Their associations with The quarters, but for

    various magickal uses. Colors can be an important aid to The successful working of

    magick, to divining physical disease, to The interpretation of dreams, to meditation,

    etc., but only if you are a visually oriented person. For others, especially The blind

    and The color-blind, color can be totally irrelevant.

    The general meanings (and magickal uses of) for The Family groupings are as follows:

    The color wheel really has no hard divisions between colors and in nature colors

    blend subtly from one "Family" to another. Therefore:

    Quarter associations also "bleed" gradually into one another. Even so, let's begin in

    The east with yellow and those colors that relate to The mind.

    The Yellow Family (East)The Yellow Family (East)The Yellow Family (East)The Yellow Family (East)

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Yellow Clairvoyance, Divination, Studying, Learning, The Mind

    Orange Strength, Authority, Attraction, Luck

    Red Sexual Love, Passion, Energy, Enthusiasm, Courage

    Pink Emotional Love, Friendships

    Blue Healing, Meditation, Tranquility

    Green Healing, Money, Prosperity, Luck, Fertility

    White Protection, Purity, Truth, Blessings, Silence, Realization

    Brown Physical Objects, Healing of Animals, House and Home

    Black Absorption/Destruction of Negativity, Removal of Hexes, Hatred, Evil

    Purple Power, Healing Deadly Diseases

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Yellow Intuition, Wisdom

    Pale Yellow A Mystic, Poet, Dreamer or Seer

    Lemon Yellow Love of Light, Peace, Serenity, Cheerfulness

    Canary Yellow Sunshine, Brightness, Love of spiritual things

  • The Red Family (South)The Red Family (South)The Red Family (South)The Red Family (South)

    Corn Yellow Light Heartedness, Freedom of mind

    Gold Solar energy, God force, Love of Light, Truth, Purity,

    Wisdom, Spiritual Power, Success

    Golden Brown Maturity, Old age

    Fawn (Golden Tan) Love of Life, Children, Nature

    Melon Fullness of Life, Vivacity, Magnetism, Impressibility,


    Orange Brown Subtle, Worldly wise

    Dull Orange Brown Frailty, Faulty, Selfish

    Orange Aspiration for The self

    Dull Orange Adolescent, Understanding, Youthful. Love of life

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Red (Clear) Emotion, Feeling, Love, Sensuous body

    Red (Cloudy) Depressed

    Cherry Red Love, Joy, Devotion

    Rose Red Love, Human love in all natural forms

    Claret (Clear) Good

    Claret (Cloudy) Moody, Distrust, Suspicion, Weakness, Passion

    Cardinal (Clear) Power, Imperialism, Grandeur, Strength

    Cardinal (Cloudy) Tyranny, Cruelty, War

    Dark Crimson Wickedness

    Dark Red Very Passionate, Earthly

    Bright Red Very pronounced and forward, Determination

    Dark Red Brown Very disagreeable

    Scarlet Temper, Lust, Horror, Hate, Murder when mixed with a

    cloudy color

    Pure Scarlet Energizing

    Maroon Earthly but also Gentleness, Obedience

    Brown Red Trouble, Mean disposition

  • The Blue Family (West)The Blue Family (West)The Blue Family (West)The Blue Family (West)

    The Green Family (North)The Green Family (North)The Green Family (North)The Green Family (North)

    Salmon Pink Buoyancy, Love of The world, Love of Display (i.e. of one's

    talents and abilities)

    Pink Gentleness, Amiability, Fondness for friends, Pure human love

    Dull Pink Same as pink, but wavering, undecided, showing weakness

    Deep Rose Pink Devotion to The Personal, Constancy of love

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Blue Intellect, Thought, Truth, Spirit, Healing

    Royal Blue Truth, Self-awareness, Dreams, Protection from

    negative vibrations, Removes guilt

    Deep Royal Blue Beauty, Power, Nobility, Integrity

    Robins Egg Blue Faithfulness, Love of truth, Decision, Constancy, Truth

    Copenhagen Blue (Clear) Occultism, Deepness, Visionary

    Copenhagen Blue Melancholy

    Light Blue Peace, Calmness, Friendship, Hope, Meditation,

    Balance, Tranquility, Understanding, Patience, Health

    (excellent healing color), Relieves stress

    Dark Blue Impulsiveness, Depression, Changeability, Subconscious

    Grayish Blue Depression

    Turquoise Sublimity, Infinity, Spiritual ability

    Peacock Blue Repose, Self love, Egoism, Concentration

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Emerald Green Virginity, Immortality, Growth, Aspiration, Hope

    Light Green Growth

    Dark Green Money

    Olive Green Deceitfulness, Treacherous, Unfaithful, Jealousy, Fear

    Apple Green Deep Hope, Spiritual Growth

    Nile Green Differentiation, Change, Restlessness, Feminine

  • The Gray Family (Center)The Gray Family (Center)The Gray Family (Center)The Gray Family (Center)

    The Brown Family (Negative Earth)The Brown Family (Negative Earth)The Brown Family (Negative Earth)The Brown Family (Negative Earth)

    The Purple Family (Center)The Purple Family (Center)The Purple Family (Center)The Purple Family (Center)

    Sage Green Lifelessness, Insanity, Vulgarity, Coarseness

    Pale Green-Blue Spasmodic, Subtle, Impetuous, Uniform, Feeling, but not easily


    Greenish Sickness, Cowardice, Anger, Jealousy, Discord, Envy

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Gray Clairvoyance

    Dove Gray Innocence, Harmlessness, Steadfastness, Patience

    Pearl Gray Shyness, Unobstructiveness, Refinement, Spiritual

    Buff Gray Perception, Sense-reason, Judgment

    Lead Gray Psychic powers and expression

    Natural Gray Meditation, Reconciliation, Justification

    Silver-Gray Cancellation, Neutrality, Stalemate, Stops stress, Hesitation

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

    Dark Brown Diabolical, Iconoclastic, Destructive

    Leather Roughness, Coarseness, Obstinance

    Coffee Indecision, Materiality, Attachment, Sensuous conscious


    Seal Brown Coldness, Indifference, Repulsion, Physical discomfort

    Ocher (Brown Gold) Earthly, Vehemence, Coarse, Affection, Sensual


    Terra Cotta (Red Brown) Earthly

    Light Yellowish Brown Hard to please, Irritable

    Orange Brown Subtle, Worldly wise

    Dull Orange Brown Frailty, Faulty, Selfish

    ColorColorColorColor MeaningMeaningMeaningMeaning

  • Astrological ColorsAstrological ColorsAstrological ColorsAstrological Colors

    Days of The WeekDays of The WeekDays of The WeekDays of The Week

    Purple Intuition, Power, Spiritual communication, Relieves tension,

    Ambition, Business progress and power, High spirituality

    Violet Love of truth and good, Consecration, Humility, Lowliness,

    Divine zeal, Earnest spirit

    Mauve Sweetness, Intensity, Aggressiveness, Love

    Lavender Spiritual development, Psychic growth, Divination, Blessings,


    Light Red Purple Love of favor, power and position

    Bluish Pink Delightfully entertaining, Evenly balanced, A fav