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Giving Flight to ProfitabilityThrough Corporate Memory ManagementCorporate IQ SolutionsTransform. Scale. Profit.

Corp IQ SolutionThe company name Corp IQ Solutions. I know we will be licensing product AND selling a lot of professional services, however, if you are thinking in terms of silicon valley corporate valuation (and yes, while Uber is a service), in the tech world, valuations are typically higher for product companies (can be subscription) vs service / professional service companies. The term Solutions in a corporate name is often synonymous with a reseller that provides solutions or a professional services company. My thinking is that we should sell solutions, however, the corporate name should not include the word solutions. Have we considered other corporate names. Something catchy. CIQ, CorpIQ, MemIQ or some combination thereof. We would need marketing to search for available websites and TMs.

The VOLT image When I see this image, my response/understanding is Security and possibly something more static (unchanging). i.e. what is locked behind in a vault is important crown jewels but is not necessarily malleable. The concept of corporate memory, AI/Analytics, change management to me conjure up a more dynamic image. Image of memory/brain bits and bytes or some combination thereof. If you google images of AI, memory, corporate memory, etc you will see different images. Also these images evoke change which also helps with change management.

If you want to overlay the two themes of the crown jewels/vault and the AI/memory concepts, that could be quite good, but wed need marketing/branding person to spend some time on that. In the interim, my 2 cents is shift away from the vault (bring it back later if we find a way)

Font. Likewise, the font for CIQ should be more contemporary. Until we have marketing folks on board, I recommend Arial font. 1

These are Transformative Times So Whats Changing? Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQBy 2020, Organizations That Analyze ALL Relevant Data and Deliver Actionable Information Will Achieve Extra $430 Billion in Productivity Gains Over Less Analytically Oriented Peers.

1 Professor Richard Foster, Yale UniversityAI SYSTEM SPEND = $70 BN BY 2020Excludes AI in RoboticsExcludes BIG Data/Analytics $60 BNIN THE LAST 15 YEARS, 52% OF THE FORTUNE 500 HAVE DISAPPEARED12


Leverage previous investments in technology and business solutions1




We Do ThatQuickly engage the workforce to produce demonstrable resultsWe Do ThatTrack progress of Actual Versus Targeted Value and Business OutcomesWe Do ThatDeliver repeatable and scalable results to constantly increase Return to ShareholdersWe Do That

Business Leaders Desperately Want to:3 Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQ

Corporate Memory is the accumulated body of data, information, and knowledge created during the period of an organizations existence

What is Corporate Memory? Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQ4

This image is closer to what I was looking for in the first slide.

Removed dots after the question mark in caption 4

CIQs Secure, Corporate Memory Management, Closed Loop Analytics Platform scans and analyzes information in all the various digital formats that exist within an organization.

What is Corporate Memory Management (CMM)? Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQThrough big data analytics, AI, and Machine Learning, valuable insights are gleaned that help clients significantly improve processes, mitigate risk, and improve competiveness.5


Could change this to pictorial of all the digital formats, structured, semi, unstructured, voice, pictures, video,

All in spirit of reducing text...5

Use Cases: With CMM You Can Scale Your Business, Improve Profitability, and Reduce Risks & Costs6 Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQ


Our Simple, Straight Forward Approach Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQ

Join Us: Youll Be in Great CompanyArtificial IntelligenceCIQ is backed by one of the largest AI/ML R&D labs

SecurityCIQ security layer is based on technology tested and deployed across millions of devices, PCs and servers worldwide

Unstructured DataCIQ choice technology for processing unstructured data is adopted by leading global companies

Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQ8

Youve mentioned that you want us NOT to look like a reseller of Zoral and other tech providers. i.e we will in essence be white labeling what we dont build and when IBM white labels (except for in rare cases like with Loqate under the hood) does it ever become exposed that the tech is OEMd. We will chose later to expose these heavy weight partners on a technology partner page on our website.

Comment 1 3 reworded to reflect imply that its not 3rd party, but its sufficiently honest that it could be OEMd.

QUESTION: What are our security products??? Are we selling security products or does our product have security layer.8

For More Information Corporate IQ Solutions & Partners, 2017CIQS9In the United States:Corporate IQ,20059 Wildwood West Drive,Penn Valley, CAUSA, 95946In Canada:PO Box 85154,561 Brant Street,Burlington, Ontario,Canada L7R 2G0

Gene MalfetanoVice President - Business DevelopmentCorporate IQ SolutionsContact: +1.845.228.4284

eMail: genem@ciq.cloudLinkedIn:


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