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Continental theory presentation introduced by Alfred wegner


<p>Continental Drift Theory</p> <p>Presentation By: Sarath Babu.M.G Acknowledgement to : Asha Krishnan, Rojin Jacob and Sunu Manoharan</p> <p>Introduction In 1912, a German Scholar Alfred Lothar Wegener Proposed the Concept of Continental Drift Theory In 1924, the theory became popular in the scientific world Wegener hypothesized that the continents were slowly drifting around the Earth.</p> <p>Alfred Lothar Wegener</p> <p>Theory The continents part sial floats on the oceanic part sima</p> <p> There was only one continent called, Pangea at the beginning</p> <p> It was surrounded by a large and deep ocean, Panthalassa.</p> <p>Drifiting</p> <p>Drifiting</p> <p>Stages of Drifting</p> <p> At Later stage, certain portion of this landmass drifted towards north and west</p> <p>Formation of Atlantic Ocean As a result, Atlantic Ocean were formed and in between Americas and EuropeAfrica.</p> <p>India Indian Sub-continent drifted northwards results the formation of Himalayas The Himalayas were formed by the converging of the Eurasian plate and the Indian plate.</p> <p>Antarctica All the Southern lands broke apart the central part of it drifted towards south pole to form Antarctica</p> <p>Evidences</p> <p> Evidences of Jig-saw fit of Coastlines of western Europe &amp; Western Africa on one side and North &amp; South America on the other side</p> <p>Evidences 1</p> <p>Evidences 2 Similarities of Fossils from the both sides of continents of Atlantic Ocean Glossopteris Cynognathus Mesosaurus Lystrosaurus</p> <p> Evidences left by the ice age in the continents during the Permian and Carboniferous period</p> <p>Evidences 3</p> <p> Pattern of global distribution of fold mountains</p> <p>Evidence 4</p> <p>Criticism</p> <p>Criticisms The theory does not indicate any force bring about drift of the continents This theory presupposes sima to be floating over it. Several critics say that different continents can fit in the other to be a certain extend only. Some questioned about the time and direction of the drift.</p> <p>Conclusion</p> <p>Conclusion Inspite of all criticism the resemblances between the continents, Wegner has uncovered are definite proofs that this solid land we stand on has been a good deal of a footloose wanderer in its time</p> <p>Questions ?</p> <p>Thank you</p>


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