Contemporary art seascape paintings by Timothy Gent

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Contemporary art by English artist Timothy Gent. Includes a short piece about painting the sea and then a collection of recent original paintings completed in 2012/2013. All the paintings are inspired from walks and drawings of beautiful UK beaches.


<ul><li> 1. Painting the sea:Beauty of the shoreEver changing, every beach scene is different from before.Growing up in a seaside town, in hindsight, I supposeI took it for granted.The beach was just part of growing up, part of the back-ground scenery of my childhood.Those glowing sunsets over vast skies, the line of dancing,twinkling sea. Out of reach but holding a promise ofreturn tomorrow.Roaming space, space to think and space to breathe.On return from bustling cities and far flung places, thebeach whispers its reminder to look, listen and to feel...</li></ul> <p> 2. I saw from the beach, when the morning was shining,A bark oer the waters move gloriously on; I came when the sun oer that beach was declining,The bark was still there, but the waters were gone.From I Saw From the Beach by Thomas MooreThe seashore delights with its unique light, weatherand the tide.The varied seasons and sea conditions can bring beautifuland dramatic views to paint.Return the following day and it is never the same, tracesof yesterdays events washed clean by the sea.A seascape experienced and painted by the artistis a reflection of our natural world.From the dunes, St Annes-on-sea A lasting reminder of nature found and expressed in paint. 3. Summer seas | Oil on wood panel | Private collection 4. To quiet waters | Oil on canvas 5. Calm seas | Oil on canvas 6. Out to sea | Oil on canvas 7. Shore | Oil on canvas 8. Infinite sands | Watercolour on paper 9. Sunlit sands, St Annes-on-sea | Watercolour on paper 10. To a distant shore | Watercolour on paper 11. In the studioTIMOTHY GENT GALLERYWWW.TIMOTHYGENT.CO.UK Timothy Gent 2013. All rights reserved </p>