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Brice Leonard, Kaedy Hess, Brittani Chandler, Howard Kings, Tanner Kerley

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  • Brice Leonard, Kaedy Hess, Brittani Chandler, Howard Kings, Tanner Kerley

  • ValueProductionDistributionExhibitionConsumption

  • ValueMoneyRevenueExperience

  • Licensees

  • Benefits and Risks of MarketingTarget audiences played main role in successBatman had high consumer awarenessHelped generate high demandGenerated about $1 millionBatman Returns rated PG-13Did have McDonalds for sequel

  • Benefits and Risks of MarketingConcern about audience fitBook was violent and not child friendlyOnly one dinosaur in US media at the timeBarney had generated $100 millionToys and replicas of real dinosaurs were aimed at older children

  • Benefits and Risks of MarketingSony releasing The Last Action HeroStarring Arnold SchwarzeneggerSony planned from action figures to video gamesEven rumored to put the logo on a NASA space shuttle

  • Challenges in MerchandisingEstablishing a marketing campaign using toys, books, fast food, and special events.

  • ChallengesDistinct logo created based on original bookDinosaurs themselves could not be trademarked so logo was needed

  • Challenges in MerchandisingWorked with McDonalds to create a marketing strategy in the US and globally, using the entire menu, especially the dino size value meals.


    A fake news blitz was used to encourage excitement over the coming film, giving the JP team time to work out licensing deals and coordinate packaging and logos.

  • What is Media Synergy and Film Franchise?

  • HighlightsWhat did Jurassic Park do to franchise the film?

    How did Jurassic Park use media synergy?