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  • we talked to peopleBBC and non-BBCusers from countries upscale news consumers owners of at least 3 out of 4 TV LAPTOP/ TABLET SMARTPHONE DESKTOP 2
  • addicted to news 3
  • STAYING IN TOUCH WITHGLOBAL NEWSglobally,agree that its important tostay in touch with whatsgoing on in the world Top 25% income earners Global Web index wave 7 2012 Sample : 947,472,000/ 15,312 Q: Below are a number of statements on your outlook on the world. Please indicate the extent to which you agree or disagree with each one: It is important to stay in touch with what is going on in the world. 4% disagree. 4
  • STAYING IN TOUCH WITHGLOBAL NEWS Q: How many hours a day do you spend consuming the news? Base: 3195 (excluding those in India) 5
  • NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL NEWS OF EQUAL IMPORTANCE National news 84% International news 82% General news 79% Local news 79% Financial/Business news 61% Sports news 56%Arts/Entertainment news 43% Q: Which of the following types of news are you interested in? Base: 3610 6
  • the multi screennewsroom 7
  • THEY KNOW WHAT THEY WANT THE QUESTION IS HOW DO THEY GET IT? two thirds use different devices for different ways of consuming newsQ: Below are listed some statements which describe why people use differentdevices or screens for news consumption. Please indicate to what extent youagree with each of them. Base: 3610 8
  • SIZE MATTERS but choice is more complicated than simply screen size occasions and settings purpose / intention time of the day daily routines intensity of consumption people around type of news 9
  • ROLLING NEWS:ALWAYS CONNECTED 45% 40% 35% 30% 25% 20% 15% 10% 5% 0% Q: For each device you have access to, please tell me, for a typical 24-hour period, when you would use it to access the news or consume the news during the week? (Base: Tablet users) Base: 2014 10
  • WE ONLINE, BUT WE STILL TVnews consumption Q: What percentage of your news consumption time would you say you spend on each screen/device on a typical weekday and weekend day? Base:3610 Q: Thinking briefly about your total usage of different screens and devices, including both news and non news activities, what percentage of your consumption do you spend on each screen/device on a typical weekday and weekend day? Base: 3610 11
  • AND USAGE IS EXPECTED TO GROW using TV more than expect to use TV more five years ago in next five years increase in TV consumption in last two years across Europe Q: How much do you use each device for consuming news today, compare to 5 years ago? Base: 3522 Q: And how do you see this changing in the next 5 years? Base: 3522 12
  • CURATED CONSUMPTIONover half describe higher than laptopnews consumption asin depth on TV higher than tabletConsidered analysis is the mainreason for 1 in 10 choosing TV higher than smartphone It gives more detail and I dont have to search Q: How would you describe the way you consume news on each device? Base: 3522 Q: You chose TV as you one and only news device, why is this? Base: 437 13
  • DEEPER ENGAGEMENT use TV first to check a breaking news storyTV inspires then turn to online todeeper research get more information to confirm the story of viewers have used the website of the channel they are watching (51% the website of a different news provider) to get more information Q: Imagine a momentous news day, or a huge news story that you are interested in. Which device would you turn to first to check on the breaking news? Base: 3610. Q: Where would you go afterwards to confirm / check on the news story? Base: 3610 Q: While consuming the news on TV, do you ever use another device or screen at the same time? And what are you using each device for? (Base: People who use the TV for news consumption) Base: 3610 14
  • BIG SCREEN & SOCIAL say there will always be a TVstyle screen for shared newsnumber one reason for consumptionusing TV size of screen 3x more likely to watch news on TV with other people


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