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Conference on Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms


Jos A. NogueraGSADI, Department of Sociology, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Opening SpeechAnalytical Sociology: Intellectual Background and Future Agenda

Peter HedstrmNuffield College, University of Oxford

A1. Explanation by Mechanisms: Theoretical IssuesChair: Peter Hedstrm (Nuffield College, Oxford University)

A2. Experimental Sociology, Rationality, and NormsChair: Petri Ylikoski (University of Tampere)

B2. Trust, Reputation, and Social CapitalChair: Sandra Gonzlez-Bailn (OII, University of Oxford)

Making Sense of How Possibly ExplanationsPetri YlikoskiUniversity of Tampere

How Organization Explains: The Failure of Aggregativity and Agent-Based SimulationJaakko Kuorikoski University of Helsinki

In Search for Identity: Analytical Sociology and the Macro-Micro LinkChristofer EdlingJacobs University

Jens RydgrenStockholm University

Scanning the Humean Brain: The Neural Basis of Social Conventions and Norms Francesco GualaUniversity of Milan

Tim HodgsonUniversity of Exeter

Decision Rules in Multilateral BargainingLuis MillerUniversity of Oxford

Christoph VanbergUniversity of Heidelberg

Trust and Career Chances: An Empirical Study of the Effect of Trust on Pursuing Managerial PositionsBarbara Menara Institute for Social and Economic Research Uni-versity of Essex

The Effect of Ethnic Diversity and Community Disadvantage on Social Cohesion, and theIntervening Role of Social Networks: A Multi-Level Analysis of Social Capital and Interethnic Relations in UK CommunitiesJames LaurenceOxford University

Explanation by Mechanism: A Heuristic Idea or a Methodological Tool?Hannu RuonavaaraUniversity of Turku

Contextualism and Analytical Sociology: Are Universal Social Concepts Possible?Fernando AguiarIESA-CSIC, SPAIN

Analytical Sociology and the ClassicsRadim MaradaMasaryk University

Ethnic Discrimination in the German Housing Market. A Field Experiment on the Underlying Mechanisms Clemens KronebergUniversity of Mannheim

Gilligan Revisited. An Experimental Study of Sex Differences in Moral Reasoning and EmpathyAna Leon-MejaUniversidad Autnoma de Barcelona and Spanish Council for Scientific Research

The Informative Power of Law: An Experimental TestJordi Tena SnchezUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona

An Analytical Perspective on Reputation: Concept, Formation Mechanisms and Implications for Institutional Design in Principal-Agent RelationshipsMauricio Garca OjedaUniversidad Autnoma de Barcelona / Universidad de la Frontera, Chile

Income Inequality and Generalized Trust the Effect and the Cause? Jani ErolaUniversity of Turku

Antti KouvoUniversity of Turku

B1. Social Networks, Groups, and InteractionChair: Filippo Barbera (University of Torino)

Multiple Mechanisms in Group Formation Peter AbellLondon School of Economics and Political Science

Emergence of Homophily: A Micro-Mechanism Approach Thomas GrundUniversity of Oxford

Mobbing and Social Networks: Determinants and Con-sequences of Negative Relationships in OrganizationsDavide BarreraICS/Utrecht University

Massimo FollisUniversit degli Studi di Torino

Opinion Environments and the Dynamics of Political Discussion: Mechanisms Driving Participation in Ideologically Aligned DebatesSandra Gonzalez-BailonUniversity of Oxford

Meredith RolfeUniversity of Oxford

Social Infra-Structures and Network Structure Evolution: Team Assembly Mechanisms in an Emerging Academic FieldDuncan A. RobertsonWarwick Business School

Franois H. ColletESADE Business School

Multi-Agent Simulation of a Network Protocol for the Production of Step-Level Public GoodsFrancisco J. LenUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Girona

Francisco J. MiguelUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Vanessa AlcaideUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona and Universitat de Barcelona

13:30h Lunch

P r o g r a m m e

Monday, 7 June

10:00h 13:30h Parallel sessions (coffee break 11:30h - 12:00h) A1 - B1

15:00h 18:30h Parallel sessions (coffee break 16:30h - 17:00h) A2 - B2

Sala Actes

Aula 1

Aula 1

Seminar A

Seminar A

Seminar H

Conference on Analytical Sociology and Social Mechanisms

A3. Pro-Social Motivations and PreferencesChair: Luis Miller (CESS, University of Oxford)

A4. Social Mechanisms and Survey Data SetsChair: Thomas Grund (Nuffield College, University of Oxford)

Feeling CooperationAndrs de FranciscoUniversidad Complutense de Madrid

An Integrative Theory of Action Applied: Explaining the Rescue of Jews in WWIIClemens Kroneberg,University of Mannheim

Mechanisms of Conflict EscalationMartin NeumannRWTH Aachen University

Thomas KronRWTH Aachen University

Ethnic Composition and the Extreme Right: A Multilevel Spatial Analysis of Membership in the British National PartyMichael BiggsUniversity of Oxford

Steve KnaussBinghamton University

Variations in Violence: What Explains Why Some Towns are Peaceful, Others Not? A Focus on Gujarat and the 1990-93 and 2002 Waves of Hindu-Muslim Violence

Raheel DhattiwalaUniversity of Oxford

Social Origins and Tracking in Italian Upper Secondary Education: an Empirical-Calibrated Agent-Based ModelGianluca ManzoUniversity of Paris IV-Sorbonne

Carlo BaroneUniversity of Trento

Embedded Investments: The Case of Gender-Differences in Post-Schooling Skill InvestmentsJavier G. PolaviejaIMDEA - Social Sciences, Madrid

Rationality and EvolutionTams MeleghyInnsbruck University

Heinz-Jrgen NiedenzuInnsbruck University

Learning to Be Satisfied with the Status QuoJerker DenrellUniversity of Oxford

Gal Le MensUniversitat Pompeu Fabra

How Much do you Want to Pay? Pro-Social Motivations, Reciprocity and Self-Interest in El TratoFrancisco J. Len MedinaUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Jos A. NogueraUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Jordi Tena SnchezUniversitat Autnoma de Barcelona

The Dynamics of Charitable GivingStphane ReissfelderOxford University

How Norms Can Generate ConflictFabian WinterIMPRS Uncertainty, Max-Planck-Institute of Economics, Germany

Heiko RauhutETH Zrich

Dirk HelbingETH Zrich

Its the Rationality, Stupid! The Dynamic of Property Riots and Looting in a Context of Natural DisastersMauricio SalgadoUniversity of Surrey

Testing Social Mechanisms in Cross-National Research: A Systematic Literature Review of the European Social SurveyCludia Abreu LopesLondon School of Economics and Political Science

Endogenous Shocks and Exogenous Recovery. A Behavioural Model of Income and HappinessJon FahlanderUniversity of Oxford

Is European Parliament an Elitist Institution? Sociological Aspects Regarding the Recruitment of European Political Elite (Romanian Case)Corina BarbarosUniversity AL. I. Cuza, Iasi, Romania

A Micro Perspective on an Institutional Innovation Process. Exploring the Participation of Actors Through the DBO ModelSandro BussoUniversity of Turin

13:30h Lunch

Tuesday, 8 June

10:00h 13:30h Parallel sessions (coffee break 11:30h - 12:00h - Seminar A) A3 - B3

15:00h 18:30h Parallel sessions (coffee break 16:30h - 17:00h) A4 - B4

B3. Social Conflict and ViolenceChair: Gianluca Manzo (CNRS-GEMAS, University of Paris IV Sorbonne)

B4. Social Evolution, Learning , and InnovationChair: David Casassas (GSADI, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona)


ENAS Annual Meeting (European Network of Analytical Sociologists)


Aula 1

Aula 1

Seminar A

Seminar A

Seminar H

Aula 1

Recommended way of transport: by train

Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya (FGC)Line Barcelona/Sabadell S2 or Barcelona/Universitat Autnoma S55, from Pl.Catalunya, Provena, Grcia, Sant Gervasi, Muntaner, La Bonanova, Les Tres Torres

and/or Sarri stations to Universitat Autnoma station.You can consult the timetables on telephone 93 205 15 15 or in the web site of the FGC.

Scientific Committee

Organizing Committee

Peter Hedstrm Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Filippo Barbera Department of Social Sciences, University of Torino

Pierre Demeulenaere Centre dtudes Sociologiques de la Sorbonne, Universit de Paris IV Sorbonne

Fernando Aguiar IESA-CSIC, Institute for Advanced Social Studies, Spanish National Research Council

Andrs de Francisco Department of Sociology-Social Change, Universidad Complutense de Madrid

Luis M. Miller Centre for Experimental Social Science, University of Oxford

Sandra Gonzlez-Bailn Oxford Internet Institute and Nuffield College, University of Oxford

Jos A. Noguera Conference coordinator, GSADI, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Jos A. Noguera Conference coordinator, GSADI, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

Jordi Tena F. J. Miguel Quesada

F. J. Len D. Casassas

Frederic Romea Eric Torrell

GSADI, Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona

How to Get to the Universitat Autnoma de Barcelona (UAB)

How to Get to The Faculty of Political Science and Sociology

RoomsSala Actes: Welcome & Opening SpeechAula 1: Parallel Sessions A1-A4 & ENAS Annual MeetingSeminar A: Parallel Sessions B1-B4Seminar H: Lunch & Coffee-breaks




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