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<ul><li> 1. Handling Guest Complaints</li></ul> <p> 2. A problem solved on time willdefinitely bring the guest back Make it easy for the guest to express his concerns 3. There can be 4 types of complaints Mechanical Attitudinal Service related unusual 4. The basic rules 5. Not listening will not solve the problem Always! Listen with empathy 6. Give your undivided attention Lack of attention will anger theGuest even more Maintain eye contact 7. Stay calm ! Never Get aggressiveor flustered or pick up a fight with the Guest 8. Apologize Express Regret 9. Offer solutions Never make a promise whichyou dont have authority to keep 10. Inform the guest how much timeit may taketo resolve the problem Try to resolve the problem immediately 11. Act on the problem 12. Monitorprogressof thesituation 13. Follow up Andcheck to ensurewhether the guestis satisfiedwith the solution 14. Remember !......!.....! Some guest are never satisfied, dont let them effect you If problem cannot be solved ,admit it If the guest is very angry donttry to resolve the problem alone </p>