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1. Complete Photographer. November Assignment for December Meeting. New Assignment. The assignment for the December meeting is Holidays, Events: Photographs dealing with Holiday Scenes Decorations Costumes Events Dinners Parties. Low Light Conditions. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


<ul><li><p>Complete PhotographerNovember Assignment for December Meeting</p><p>1</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>New AssignmentThe assignment for the December meeting is Holidays, Events:Photographs dealing withHoliday ScenesDecorationsCostumesEventsDinnersParties</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Low Light ConditionsMany of these photos will be taken under low light conditionsAvailable light shots:Large aperture (small f/n)High ISOSlower shutter speeds Supplemental lighting:On-camera flashBuilt-in or shoe-mountedMultiple flash unitsSpotlights</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Available LightUse of larger apertureReduced depth-of-fieldMay be too shallow, depending on the sceneUse of high ISOMost cameras show degradation of image quality at ISO800 and aboveIncreased noiseReduced resolution due noise reduction algorithmsUse of slower shutter speedsNeed tripod or stabilized system No good when there is motion in the scene</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Supplemental LightingOn camera flash is most convenient for indoor shotsBuilt-in flash has serious limitations Low power, therefore short rangeCant bounceResults in red-eye when person looks at the cameraShoe-mounted flash is considerably betterMuch higher power, can light up bigger roomMost can be pointed in any direction for bounceMany have zoom that tracks zoom setting of lensHave both E-TTL and Manual controlRed-eye can be avoided</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Supplemental LightingBiggest problems with single flashLight fall-off with distancePeople in back may be too darkTry using bounce flashShadows when people are a few feet away from a wallWorse for shoe-mounted or bracket mounted flash vs built-in flashUse bounce flashUse a ring-flashGet subject to move away from or closer to the wall</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Ideal LightingThough not the most convenient is use of multiple flash unitsOvercomes light fall-off with distanceEliminates shadowsAllows use of smaller apertures to increase DOFHigh-end systems support E-TTL to multiple radio linked flash units</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>One More ThingIf ambient light is at a very different temperature, use a filter on the flashA warming filter when strong incandescent lights in the roomThis will allow the cameras AWB to compensate correctly</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>EquipmentAny camera, dslr preferred Wide-angle, Normal, Telephoto lensf/2.8 to f/1.2 for low available light conditionsFlash, shoe-mounted preferredRing flash or multiple units are even betterTripod for static scenes under low light</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Well, not exactly a holiday but</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Flash but DOF too shallow &amp; light fall-offFL= 40mm f/4 ISO400</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Shadows, shallow DOF</p><p>FL= 50mm f/4 ISO400</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Flash (no known problem)FL= 105mm f/4 ISO400</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>Those were some Examples(Good and Bad!) </p><p>Just watch out for problems, particularly withLight fall-off / Uneven lightingInadequate Depth-Of-FieldShadowsRed-eyeHigh noise or poor resolution when using high ISO when not using flash</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li><li><p>SubmissionsSelect three of your best shots and upload them to our web page.</p><p>Do not post full resolution files!JPGs with no more than about 1500 or 2000 pixels width or height</p><p>Enter the tag as: Events09Include the EXIF data in the file</p><p>The Complete Photographer!</p></li></ul>