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  • 1. The life of Harold EdgertonAutumn Montgomery

2. Gus Solomons 1987 3. Bobby Jones (High-SpeedPhotography) 1938 4. Pete Desjardin Diving - 1940 5. Bullet through Bubble filled withHelium- 1987 6. Bullet through a Jack 7. Jumping Girl- 1940 8. Edgerton in His Lab- 1942 9. Biographical Information Born in Freemont, Nebraska April 6th, 1903 Grew up in Aurora, Nebraska Graduated from the University of Nebraska atLincoln Married Esther May Garrett in 1928. 10. Training, Career, and Achievements Edgerton went to MIT Father of Modern Photography Invented a Flash Machine to capture highspeed photography. National Geographic wrote Doc Edgerton:The Man who made Time stand Still 11. Sources http://edgerton-digital-collections.org/ http://web.mit.edu/museum/exhibitions/edgertonexhibit/harolddocedgertonindex.html http://www.edgerton.org/