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Competitor analysis

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1. Competitor analysis 2. This screen grab shows the video from a cyber safetywebsite. The video is just under 20mins long, by justseeing this screen grab we can see which target audiencethey are trying to appeal to teenagers which we can thensee two teenagers in a classroom this relates to self-perceptionthis also relates to similar school settings. 3. This website shows where the girls upload there cyber bullyingmessages and images, the website is This site isused quite a lot by many high schools, the girls who use thisknow that this site is used by a lot of schools so they know a lotof people will see it, consequently this makes the videocampaign more understandable for the audience. The story in this video can also help the target audience as itinvolves the relationship between boys and girls which is verycommon at that age for a teenager, it also shows the how theteenagers are effected in a physical and mental state from justposting pictures online teaches them a lesson. 4. On this website we can see a bar at the top of the screenwhich allows you to select different category's to find moreinformation about cyber bullying. This is good because theygot a bigger target audience making their product bigger. The websites provides their target audience with moreinformation about cyber-bullying. The language which is usedin this site is very easy to understand and it is also beenwritten in first person, this targets the audience personallybecause it makes them think and gather their thoughts. 5. The colours on this site are used to appeal to the audience.For example the teen page uses bold colours which is darkblue and black but the kids page uses light blue and a varietyof bright colours, this would appeal to both ages and keepthem interested because this is what they want to belooking at based on there age. Also this explains that theteen page is more serious and realistic compared to thechildren's animated page. 6. This website is not appealing. The website has no colour, noimages and looks boring and vague which is not appealing tothere target audience. The way they are promoting internetsafety to kids is not good as it even looks boring to read. Havingno videos or anything like in the other campaigns. This is veryunappealing to kids and teens. 7. This is appealing to younger ages it has a lot ofdifferent colours and the animated pictures are goodand appealing to both teens and kids.