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<ul><li> 1. Compare &amp; Contrast2 Contemporary Planningissues<br />By Armando Rodriguez<br />IP2PLANNING<br />THOMAS GILBERTSON <br /></li></ul> <p> 2. Managers face new and exciting challenges everyday but lack various types of planning.<br />In this presentation you will be able to review two Contemporary Planning Techniques and will be able to grasp the emphasis on the implication of both of these techniques not only for managers but for the organizations as well.<br />You will be able to distinguish which technique is better for the work place and be able to understandwhy.<br />You will also be able to understand why the technique would not work within the workplace. <br />Agenda<br /> 3. A one time only set of activities that has a definitebeginning and ending point of time.<br />The task of getting a project s activities done on time, within budget, and according to specification<br />Identify all required activities, materials, and labor <br />Determine the sequence of completion<br />PROJECT MANAGER<br /> 4. Define Objective<br />Identify activities and resources<br />Establish sequences<br />Estimate time for activities<br />Determine project<br />Completion date<br />Compare with objectives<br />Determine additional resources requirement<br />Project Planning Process<br /> 5. A consistent view of what the future is likely to be.<br />An attempt not trying to predict the future but to reduce uncertainly by playing out potential situations under different scenarios. <br />It allows managers to determine in advance what action they will take<br />Scenario planning is different than others<br />Its a planning tool for what if<br />Scenario Planning<br /> 6. The project management technique since I am in retail management.<br />This technique allows employees to specific projects.<br />It also involves managers hands on the project<br />Also coordinates time to complete the project.<br />Would recommend it to other managers<br />Best technique in workplace<br /></p>