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    BRILLIANT Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Detergent has been specically formulated to provide superior stain and soil removal properties over a wide range of water temperatures and hardness conditions.

    BRILLIANT Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Detergent contains an eective soil release agent which works well in dissolving oil & grease.

    BRILLIANT Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Detergents enhanced colour protection ingredients prevent textiles from fading and dyes from transferring onto other garments.

    BRILLIANT Heavy Duty Commercial Laundry Detergent is low foaming completely soluble product that leaves no residue in the machine or on fabrics.

    PRODUCT SPECIFICATIONSAppearance: Clear, orange to amber coloured liquidOdour: Pleasant neutral fragrance that dissipates quicklySpecic Gravity: 1.02 g/mlViscosity: 10-40 cps, Spindle #1 @30 rpm, 22CpH: 11.0 +/- 1.0

    PRODUCT USAGEDesigned for use in purpose built professional laundry equipment.

    Recommended dosage 5 10 mL per Kg of textiles to be laundered (0.08 0.15 . oz. per lbs.)Recommendation: start at the lower end and experiment with incremental increases. Local conditions, preferences and water hardness will vary the nal dose.

    Compatible with BRILLIANT Pre-Spot Booster.

    SHELF LIFE & STORAGEShelf life of 5 years when in unopened containers.Store at temperatures between 10C - 40C.

    PACKAGING4L Sample size jug with a handle20L Standard cube HDPE Pail60L Natural HDPE drum with an easy grip handle

    For use in Miele brand and other commercial laundry equipment.

    CUSTOMER SERVICE (866) 722-3542


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