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  • Commercial Banking In

    Bangladesh and Prime Bank

  • Presenters:

    Name ID

    Kamruzzaman Ahmed 1020063030

    Farjana Yesmin Munni 1010232030

    Tania Alam 1020833030

    Tasnia Sanajan 1110510030

    Ahnaf Tahmid 1010000030

  • Commercial Bank:

    Commercial bank is a financial institution.

    Collect deposits by offering many types of accounts.

    Gives interest on the deposits

    Provide loans and other financial facilities.

    Charge interest on loans and our services.

  • The main duty of commercial bank is taking deposits on interest and

    providing loans on interest

    Commercial Bank (cont) :

  • Commercial banks in


    State-owned commercial

    Banks (4 Banks)

    Specialized commercial

    Banks (4 Banks)

    Conventional private

    commercial Banks (31



    commercial Banks (8 Banks)

    Foreign commercial

    Banks (9 Banks)

  • Functions of Commercial


    Receiving depositsReceiving deposits Providing loansProviding loans

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :


    Current Account

    Saving Account

    Fixed Account

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :Current account:

    o Freedom of withdrawal.

    o No interest.

    o Minimum amount of 1000tk.

    Saving account:

    oA limit of withdrawal in a week.

    o Lower rate of interest.

    o Mostly used by middle class group.

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :

    Fixed account:

    oWithdrawal after a fixed time.

    o Highest rate of interest rate.

    o Interest rate differs due to different period.

  • Loan

    Short-term Loans

    Medium-term Loans

    Long-term Loans

    Term basis

    Secured loan

    Unsecured loan




    Type basis

    Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :

    Short-term Loans: Loan that is given for less than five years.

    Medium-term Loans: Loan that is given for 6 to 10years.

    Long-term Loans: Loan that is given for more than 10years.

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :i. Secured loans:

    a. Collateral

    b. Mortgage loan

    ii. Unsecured loans:

    a. Personal loans

    b. Bank overdrafts

    c. Business Loan

    d. SME Loan

    iii. Demand loans

    iv. Subsidies

    v. Concessional

  • Functions of Commercial

    Bank (Cont..) :Secured Loans

    Mortgage loanCollateral Loans

  • Necessity of Commercial Bank:


    Exchange currency

    Easy transactionHelp


    Intermediary between lender and borrower

  • Prime Bank Ltd

  • Prime Bank Ltd


    Prime Bank Ltd is a fully licensed conventional private owned commercial bank.

    Created and started its journey on 17th April,1995.

    Well reputed and experience personalities in the field of trade and commerce

    were the sponsor of the organization

    They have always tried to understand the customers need and serve them

    according to their needs.

    They have hired highly professional and dedicated team with long experience for

    serving the customers more effectively

  • Prime Bank Ltd


    To be the best Private Commercial Bank in Bangladesh in terms of

    efficiency, capital adequacy, asset quality, sound management and profitability

    having strong liquidity.


    To build Prime Bank Limited into an efficient, market-driven, customer

    focused institution with good corporate governance structure.

    Continuous improvement of

    our business policies, procedure and efficiency through integration of technology

    at all levels.

  • Leaders of Prime Bank Ltd

  • Leaders of Prime Bank Ltd

  • Leaders of Prime Bank Ltd

  • Awards and Achievements of

    Prime Bank Ltd:

    The BIZZ 2012 Inspirational Company Award

    International Star for Leadership in Quality (ISLQ) Award 2010

    Business Initiative Directions (B.I.D.) Paris, France

    ICMAB Best Corporate Performance Award 2008 First Position

    FNS Award-2005 Best Performing Local Bank

    ICAB National Awards-2003 For Best Published Accounts and Reports Second Prize Financial Sector (Banking)

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd:

    Prime Bank Ltd has divided its total functions under five categories.

    Retail Banking

    Corporate Banking

    Islamic Banking

    SME/Agri Banking

    NRB Banking

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd

    1. Retail Banking:Customers are Prime Bank Ltds 1st priority. Prime Bank Ltd try to provide the

    broad range of variety and improve services for customers for maximizing

    customers benefit. Under this category they cover:




    Internet Banking

    Locker Services

    Phone Banking

    Utility pay services

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd

    2. Corporate Banking:

    Prime Bank Ltd designed and offered corporate banking service for the corporate

    sector of Bangladesh. This offering includes four services:

    General credit unit

    Export Finance unit

    Lease Finance unit

    Structured Finance unit

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd

    3. Islamic Financing:

    Islamic Banking is operated based on Shariah principles. Prime bank was the 1st

    commercial bank offering both conventional and Islamic banking together. Only

    five branches of Prime Bank Ltd provide Islamic banking operations to serve the

    increasing demand of customers for Islamic products and services. Under this

    process they offer:

    Hasanah Deposit Products

    Hasanah Investment Products

    Hasanah Foreign Trade

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd

    4. SME/Agri Banking:This service is offered by Prime Bank Ltd for both SME and agriculture sector

    of Bangladesh. 17 branches of Prime Bank Ltd provide this services to the

    customers. And this programs offer:

    Collateral Free Loan

    Capital Loan

    Working Capital Loan

    Seasonal Loan

    Double Loan

  • Functions of Prime Bank Ltd

    5. NRB Banking:

    Remittance is one of the most effective equipment of our economy. Prime

    Bank Ltd has provided this offerings for NRB (Non-Resident Bangladeshi).

    This offer includes:

    Foreign Remittance Services

    Account Facilities for NRBs

    Wire Transfer Facilities

    Exchange House

  • Deposits offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd (Cont..):

    Short term deposit:

    Short term deposit option in running account.

    Amounts being paid into drawn out of the account continuously.

    These accounts are also called demand deposit.

    Generally opened by individual person.

    Interest bearing deposit.

    Fixed Deposit receipts scheme:

    Customer can devote a fixer amount of money.

    Duration can be one month, three months, six months or twelve


    Accordingly the interest rate is 9.5%, 9.5% or 10%

  • Deposits offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd (Cont..):Current Account:

    Freedom of deposits and withdrawal

    Check book facilities

    Locker facilities

    Collecting foreign remittance in both cheque and draft

    No interest

    Saving Account:

    Utility payment service

    Negotiable account withdrawal

    5% interest rate

  • Deposits offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd (Cont..):

    Double benefit deposit scheme:

    Issued for 6 years 6 months term.

    After 6 years 6 months, terminal value will stand at Tk. 2 lacs from

    the initial fixed deposit of Tk. 1 lac.

    Interest rate is 11.6%

    House Building Deposit Scheme:

    The scheme is offered for 5,7 or10 years.

    Minimum equity building amount shall be 10lacs and maximum

    amount shall be 20 lacs.

  • Deposits offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd (Cont..):Mudaraba Double Benefit deposit scheme (MDBDS):

    Follow Mudaraba concept

    Profit bearing account

    Offers returns on deposit for fixed period of time

    Estimated duration is 5years, 5month.

    Mudaraba Contributory Savings Scheme (MCSS):

    Minimum installment is 500tk

    Maximum installment is 24000tk

    Offers two options of getting return.

    i. Total amount after maturity

    ii. As pension 5years after maturity (based on the deposit)

  • Deposits offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd:

    Money Benefit Deposit Scheme

    Contributory Saving scheme

    Lakhopati Deposit Scheme

    Education Savings scheme


    Monthly Benefit Deposit Scheme

    Al-Wadeeah Current Account

    Mudaraba Hajj Saving Scheme (MHSS)

  • Loans offered by

    Prime Bank LtdSwapnapuran loan:

    Fund for fulfilling customers dream.

    At least 25 years professional experience

    Two years loan limit is maximum 30 Lac.

    Security will be mortgage and original title deed.

    Car loan:

    Purchase brand new car

    professional experience

    2 years minimum monthly income will be BDT 200000.

    Hypothecation over the car.

  • Loans offered by

    Prime Bank Ltd (Cont..) :CNG Conversion Loan:

    Help to convert our personal vehicle to CNG criteria.

    To be eligible for this loan is at least 21 years.

    Loan limit will be maximum 1 Lac.

    Security will be personal guarantee of the borrowers.

    Households durable loan: