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  • 1. Commentary on The Holy QuranVolume fSURAH FATIHA Compiled from the Writings and Pronouncements of The Promised Messiah and MahdiHazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of QadianTranslated by Sir Muhammad Zafrulla KhanISLAM INTERNATIONAL PUBLICATIONS LTD

2. Commentary on the Holy Quran Vol. 1Surah FatihaCompiled from the Writings and Pronouncements ofThe Promised Messiah and MahdiHazrat Mirza Ghulam Ahmad of QadianTranslated by: Sir Muhammad Zafrulla KhanFirst Published in UK by The London MosquePresent Edition (UK) 2004Islam International Publications LimitedPublished by:Islam International Publications Limited"Islamabad"Sheephatch LaneTilford, Surrey GU10 2AQUKPrinted in England by Clays Ltd, St Ives picAll rights reserved. No part of this publication may bereproduced, stored in a retrieval system or transmittedin any form or by any means, electronic, mechanical,photo-copying, recording or otherwise, without theprior written permission of the publishers.ISBN: 1 85372 783 0 3. CONTENTSFOREWORDCommentary onSurahFatiha1Firsttitle oftheSurah 1Prediction of an Ancient Prophet about Fatiha 1Al-hamd, another name of the Fatiha 2Al-sabalmasani4Properties of Surah Fatiha 4SurahFatiha and Rose 5QualitiesofRose6Internal qualities of Fatiha are healing for mind and spirit 7Language of Fatiha is beyond range of human capacity 8Special Qualities ofFatiha10AChallenge10TheincomparableSurah11Proof of Unmatchable Characteristics of Holy Quran 13GreatinuenceofFatiha 17Fatiha a miracle18Fatiha oft repeated 18Securityagainst hell18Fatihacomprises every Verity18AHoly Tree18Fatihaand InnerLight19Fatihareects Divine Light19Glory ofFatiha20Fatiha is aCitadel21Prayerforall Mankind23EffectivenessofFatiha 23Seeking protection against Satan 23The age of the Dissemblers ruin 25The Dissembler will be destroyed only by heavenly weapons 25The Dissembler is not an individual 26MeaningoftheFatiha27 4. Ve r s e 1 : B i s m i l l a h e - R r a h m a n i - R a h i m 2 7Signicance ofRahmaniyyat 28Revelation ofDivine Law 29Signicance of Rahimiyyat 32Distinction between Rahmaniyyat and Rahimiyyat 33Acceptance ofPrayer 38Criticismof Bismillah refuted 39Meaning ofism 42Comprehensiveness of Rahman and Rahim 44Signicance of Muhammad and Ahmad 46Priority of Superior over Inferior 50Perfect man is manifestation of Divine attributes 52Advent of Promised Messiah foretold 5 3Rahmaniyyat and Rahimiyyat juxtaposed toMuhammadiyyatand Ahmadiyyat 55Description of Companions of Holy Prophet by MosesandJesus56MultiplicityofDivine Attributes 58Distinction between Rahmaniyyat and Rahimiyyat 59Striving is essential for achieving good results 61TwoTypes ofMercy63Rahimiyyat stimulates hope and effort 67Divine Attribute operate in two ways 70Ve r s e 2 : A l - h a m d u - l i l l a h e R a b b i l A a l a m e e n 7 1All perfect excellence belongs to Allah 71True hamd belongs to Being Who ExercisesBenevolencedeliberately 71Hamd is verbal praise offered for acts of Benevolence 72Cognition of Allah through Attributes 73Reection over Divine Attributes safeguards against errors 74Perfection of beauty and perfection of Benecence areunique qualities Of the Supreme Being 77Four basic varieties of Benecence 78Second Benecence 78ThirdBenecence 79FourthBenecence81 5. God of Christians became dependent on an inadequate son 85Jesus was a humble human being 87Brahmoos regard God as dumb, mute and withoutpower ofspeech88Rabb90Allah is Master of the World of Element and Command 94All perfect attributes combined in Allah 95Gods grace and providence not conned to one people 96God has made provision for material and spiritual welfareofall peoples 97All powers working in the Universe do not operate ontheir own, Divine power operates through them 99Verses 3-4:Most Gracious, Ever Merciful,Master of the Day of Judgment 101Besides the day of greatest Dispensation there iscontinuous judgment in this life as well 102Gods grace manifests itself in four ways 103First and Second Categories of Divine Grace 104Third Category of Divine Grace 107Fourth Category of Divine Grace 108Powers of the God of Aryas are conned merely tomanipulation 11 2Five oceans of attributes of Supreme Being 114SecondOcean 11 5ThirdOcean11 5FourthOcean 11 6FifthOcean11 6If all objects are self-existing what need is there of God? 118Worship absorbs and sucks Divine Grace 120No one can be accounted righteous unless he is totallydedicatedtoHoly Prophet 120Excellence of Attributes of God demands a response fromourmundane natures123Four fountains of benecence 125Rabbil Aalameen is most comprehensive attribute of all 128Allahs words are mirrors of His works 128 6. All that exists in the World is manifestation ofgraciousness ofthe Lord 129Rahimiyyat is contingent upon revelation of Book of Allah 131Justice cannot be established except after limits have beenset by Allah through His Books 132Four Attributes support throne of Allah 135Four Attributes of Allah that are manifested afresh in thehereafter 137Allah is not merely the prime cause He is the deliberateProviderAnd nourisher 138All that exists is a creation of God and is dependent on HIM 141Jews believe the Universe is regulated by xed laws whereGod has no power to intervene 145Christians ascribe Divine attributes to son of Mary 147Aryas do not accept God as creator and Lord of souls 148Brahmos believe the universe is performing its functionsindependentlyofGod150Powers possessed by the limitless Being must by their verynature be unlimited 151Brahmos conceive God as miserly and weak 153Advent of Promised Messiah resembles the Hour ofResurrection158Day of Requital means drawing forth from their graves thespirituallydead 159Meanings of Muhammadiyyat and Ahmadiyyat 161Age of dominance of disbelievers prophesied byHoly Quran162By Day of Resurrection is meant day of Promised Messiahnaltriumph ofIslam 163Holy Prophet Muhammad was perfect manifestation ofprincipalDivineattributes 167Holy Prophet manifested Rahmaniyyat through his example 169Party of Promised Messiah included among Companions ofHoly Prophet170Meaning of settlement of God on throne 172Idolators describe Divine attributes as gods 174Holy Quran destroys all deities set up by followers ofvariousreligions175Fatiha Rebuts Aryas and Sanatanists 175 7. Fatiha Rebuts False Religions 177Evil doers suffer a living death and pass on prematurely 178Branches of Divine Commandments 179LessoninFatiha 183Gospel and Fatiha Contrasted 183Nature of Divine Throne (Arsh) 186Duties of Members of the Movement 187Verse 5:Thee alone do we worship, and Thee alonedowe implore forhelp 188Employ your faculties before supplications 190Give one another gifts of prayer in mutual affection 193Worshipper should be completely absorbed in the loveof God 196Worshipping God as true object of love saintliness 196Salvation through sincerity and steadfastness 197Men of God permitted to give help in secondary capacity 198Essence of worship is to take on complexion ofworshipped 199Va n i t y a n d a r r o g a n c e e a t u p a l l v i r t u e s 1 9 9Three conditions of those who follow the waysof their Lord200Five daily prayers are the highest worship 201Advent of Ahmad, the Messiah foretold in Fatiha 202Effort and prayer should be combined 204To be able to tread the straight path one must use facultiesappropriately and supplicate 206A repeated supplication source of comfort 209Those who rely on their own strength and do notdepend on Allah are humiliated 210Three kindsofunity 210Verses 6-7: Guide us along the straight path;thepath of those on whom Thou hast bestowedThy favours,those who have not incurred Thyw r a t h a n d h a v e n o t g o n e a s t r a y 2 11Three stages of human development 212 8. WaysofDivineguidance 213Seeking guidance from God is like turning to an eminentphysician for healing215Steadfastness wins the pleasure of Allah 216Prophet and Apostles are the rightly guided ones whoshould befollowed219Khalifas shall continue to be raised among Muslims 221Jesus dieda naturaldeath 224Messiah to appear from among Muslims 226The Brahmos have scant faith in prayer 229Putting everything in its proper place is straight path 230Threesets of obligations 231Sirat-i-Mustaqeem objective of worshipper 234Worshipper should stand before God with yearning andtotal humility 235Three sources of guidance for Muslims 236Fourgradesof excellence23 8Four catagories of favoured ones 239Two parties of Islam -forerunners and those coming after 240God intends to prepare a community like the peopleprepared by the Holy Prophet 242Way of Imamat is ever open 244Allah has made Muslims spiritual heirs of all prophets 245Divine speech is proof of Divine presence 246Three stagesof knowledge248A follower of the Holy Prophet is eligible forDivine address249Muslims will be granted all bounties granted to previouspeoples253The right path is the path of Prophets 255If prophethood has ceased Muslims cannot be regardedbest of peoples 256God is notniggardly 259Progress towards the Divine is limitless 259The door of Prophethood not closed 262Divine Communion in full measure is the Muhammadiprophethood 263The seal of Khalifas must be from followers of theHoly Prophet264 9. Promised Messiah is the only perfect reection ofHolyProphet265Employ God-given capacities rst and then pray to Allah 267Purpose of Promised Messiahs advent is the completionof spiritual ediceofIslam 267Salvation cannot be achieved through prayersand fasting alone269Means of warding off the major sins 270Employ the appropriate available means and then prayformore 271Worship should win Divine pleasure 272Exaggerated Exaltation of Prophets is Shirk 273Believers are spiritual heirs of Prophets 274Prayer is spirtual force that attracts Divine grace 276Surah Fatiha and New Testament contrasted 276Comprehensive prayer for seeking correct solutionsto problems278Purifying grace of the Holy Prophet continues 280Seeking all requirements from God 281The favoured ones and those smitten by Gods wrathwillcontinueto exist


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