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The fundraising powerpoint for Come On Lets Go.


  • 1. Since 1995 Partners for Christian Media has beenShining the Light in four states.

2. MISSIONComeOnLetsGo unites Christians in aworldwide media and advertising effortto promote hope in Jesus Christ. 3. Online AdvertisingActual searches entered by seekers that led themto (a few samples from 1,000s) 4. advertising 5. BillboardsEach year TDOTestimates80 milliontravelerscome throughChattanooga byway of I-75, I-24,and I-59.$27,000 6. Radio Campaign$48,000 7. Google AdWordsAbortionAbuseAbusive DadAbusive momAccidentAddictionAdulteryAlcoholismAngerBisexualChild CustodyChurch hypocritesCocaineControllingCrimeCuttingEtc. etc.$27,000Google AdWords costs as little as $.04 (to$.52) per click! We have the potential toattract up to 875,000 seekers with hope inJesus Christ based on a $35,000investment. 8. Facebook AdsFacebook advertisementscosts up to $.47 perseeker and with a $10,000investment for the rest of2014 we could reach morethan 20,000 seekers.$10,000 9. Print Advertising$15,000 10. 2014 Media SponsorshipOpportunities (Phase 1)Digital Billboards $ 18,000In-town Billboards 9,000Radio 48,000Google Adwords 35,000Facebook Ads 10,000Print Media 15,000TOTAL: $135,000 11. How can you be involved?prayspread hopesupport 12. supportLeadership InvestmentDonors blessed with the ability to give major gifts to the overall ministry ofCome On Lets Go to sustain our annual operating budget can prayerfullyconsider one of the following levelsFounder $50,000 2Sustainer $25,000 3Benefactor $15,000 4Connector $10,000 6Developer $5,000 12Director $2,500 24Ambassador $1,000 48 13. supportCome On Lets Go Tell the Storiesof Hope in Jesus ChristVideo Story Sponsor:$35/month or a yearly gift of $420 and COLG can produce and post a video story.If only 1000 Christians in 200 major cities in America become sponsors,we will get the job done!Storyteller Sponsor:$50/month or a yearly gift of $600 and COLG can produce, post and promote a specificstory using online advertising on Facebook.Seeker Sponsor:$100/month or a yearly gift of $1,200 and COLG can produce, post, and promote storiesusing online advertising such as Facebook ads and Google AdWords to target specifictopics. (i.e. suicide, addiction, divorce, etc...)Sustaining Sponsor:$150/month or a yearly gift of $1,800 underwrites our operating expenses and COLGcan continue to focus on expanding the ministry impact on people seeking hope in JesusChrist. 14. supportBe one of a million media sponsors ... forChrist!One million Christians giving $7/month covers the nationwith an annual media budget of $84 million!Thats 5 thousand Christians in 200 media markets in America.Will you be one of 5 thousand Chattanooga media sponsors for Christ?$7/monthxOne million Christians= 15. Christians uniting in a worldwidemedia advertising effort to promotehope in Jesus Christ.


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