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College Readiness Comparison District Report. January 22, 2008. Regional Comparison Districts. Birdville ISD Grapevine-Colleyville ISD Carroll ISD Keller ISD Northwest ISD. Educational Resource Group Best-Practice Districts (2005-06). Aldine ISD - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • College ReadinessComparison District ReportJanuary 22, 2008

  • Regional Comparison Districts

    Birdville ISDGrapevine-Colleyville ISDCarroll ISDKeller ISDNorthwest ISD

  • Educational Resource GroupBest-Practice Districts (2005-06)

    Aldine ISDCarrollton-Farmers Branch ISDRichardson ISD

  • District ProfileRegional Comparison Districts

  • District ProfileBest-Practice Districts

  • TAKSRegional Comparison Districts

  • TAKSERG Best-Practice Districts

  • Completion Rate I (w/o GED)Regional Comparison Districts

    DistrictCompletion RateHEBISD96.2%BISD90.4%CISD100%GCISD95.8%KISD93.9%NISD90.0%

  • Completion Rate I (w/o GED)ERG Best-Practice Districts

    DistrictCompletion Rate AISD88.2% CFBISD94.1% RISD92.8%

  • College Readiness IndicatorsIn response to legislative action and executive orderfrom the Governor, the Performance section ofthe AEIS report has been restructured to groupcertain indicators under this heading. These indicatorshelp provide a picture of college preparedness at a givenhigh school, and can be used by educators as they work toensure that students are able to perform college-levelcourse work at institutions of higher education.

  • College Readiness IndicatorsThe indicators include:Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment CompletionRHSP/DAP GraduatesAP/IB ResultsTSI Higher Education Readiness ComponentSAT/ACT ResultsCollege-Ready Graduates

  • Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment Completion

    Indicator is based on a count of students whocomplete and receive credit for at least oneadvanced course in grades 9-12. Advancedcourses include dual enrollment courses.

  • Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment (2005-2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsDistrictAC/DEHEBISD 27.3%BISD 19.1%CISD 38.6%GCISD 34.9%KISD 28.3%NISD 14.6%

  • Advanced Course/Dual Enrollment (2005-2006)ERG Best-Practices Districts

    DistrictAC/DEAISD 11.1%CFBISD 21.5%RISD 30.0%

  • RHS/DAP GraduatesThis indicator shows the percent of graduateswho were reported as having satisfied the courserequirements of the Texas State Board ofEducation Recommended High School Program or Distinguished Achievement Program.

  • RHS/DAP Graduates Regional Comparison DistrictsData is based on the Graduating Class of 2006DistrictRHS/DAP HEBISD 73.2%BISD 74.7%CISD 94.6%GCISD 87.3%KISD 91.2%NISD 92.3%

  • RHS/DAP Graduates ERG Best-Practice DistrictsData is based on the Graduating Class of 2006DistrictRHS/DAP AISD 73.4%CFBISD 72.1%RISD 84.8%

  • AP/IB ResultsRefers to results of the College Boards Advanced Placement examinations and the International Baccalaureate examinations taken by Texas public school studentsTested. Percent of students in grades 11 and 12 taking at least one AP/IB exam.Examinees >= Criterion. Percent of examinees with at least one AP/IB score above criterion score (3 on AP/4 on IB)Scores >= Criterion. Percent of scores at or above the criterion score (3 on AP/4 on IB)

  • AP/IB Results: Tested (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsDistrictTestedHEBISD 33.6%BISD 20.5%CISD 43.0%GCISD 46.0%KISD 19.5%NISD 24.0%

  • AP/IB Results: Tested(2006)ERG Best-Practice DistrictsDistrictTestedAISD 21.0%CFBISD 29.1%RISD 26.4%

  • AP/IB Results: Examinees >= Criterion (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsCriterion Score:3 on AP/4 on IBDistrict>=CriterionHEBISD 45.5%BISD 55.5%CISD 73.4%GCISD 74.1%KISD 53.9%NISD 61.7%

  • AP/IB Results: Examinees >= Criterion (2006)ERG Best-Practice DistrictsCriterion Score:3 on AP/4 on IBDistrict>=CriterionAISD 33.5%CFBISD 69.2%RISD 70.1%

  • AP/IB Results: Scores >= Criterion (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsCriterion Score:3 on AP/4 on IBDistrict>=CriterionHEBISD 37.1%BISD 47.1%CISD 69.5%GCISD 67.1%KISD 45.7%NISD 51.3%

  • AP/IB Results: Scores >= Criterion (2006)ERG Best-Practice DistrictsCriterion Score:3 on AP/4 on IBDistrict>=CriterionAISD 23.0%CFBISD 58.4%RISD 63.9%

  • Texas Success Initiative Higher Education Readiness ComponentTSI is a program designed to improve student success in college. It requires students to be assessed in reading, writing, and math skills prior to enrolling in college, and to be advised on the results of that assessment.

    Students may be exempted from taking a test for TSI if they score a 2200 on their TAKS math and ELA with a written composition score of 3 or higher on the writing component.

  • TSI-Higher Education ReadinessRegional Comparison Districts

  • TSI-Higher Education ReadinessERG Best-Practices Districts

  • SAT/ACT Results Class of 2006Results include the College Boards ACT andACT, Inc.s ACT Assessment. Only one record issent per student. If a student takes an ACT orSAT test more than once, the agencyreceives the record for the most recentexamination.

  • SAT/ACT Results Class of 2006Three values are calculated for this indicator:Tested. Shows the percent of graduates who took either college admissions testAt/Above Criterion. Shows percent of examinees who scored at or above the criterion score on either test (1110 on the SAT, or 24 on the ACT)Mean Score. Shows the average (mean) score for the SAT total and the mean score for the the ACT compositeWriting score not included in SAT calculations

  • SAT/ACT Results: Tested (2006)Regional Comparison Districts

    DistrictTestedHEBISD 62.8%BISD 57.8%CISD No DataGISD 93.2%KISD 78.3%NISD 59.4%

  • SAT/ACT Results: Tested (2006)ERG Best-Practices DistrictsDistrictTestedAISD 51.9%CFBISD 68.1% RISD 83.9%

  • SAT/ACT Results: At/Above Criterion (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsCriterion Score: 1110 SAT/24 ACT

    District>=CriterionHEBISD 32.3%BISD 33.3%CISD 56.4%GISD 49.4%KISD 34.4%NISD 34.9%

  • SAT/ACT Results: At/Above Criterion (2006)ERG Best-Practices DistrictsCriterion Score: 1110 SAT/24 ACT

    District>=CriterionAISD 9.3%CFBISD 39.3%RISD 43.3%

  • SAT/ACT Results: Mean SAT Scores (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsDistrictMean ScoreHEBISD 1023BISD 1023CISD 1094GISD 1094KISD 1037NISD 1030

  • SAT/ACT Results: Mean SAT Scores (2006)ERG Best-Practice DistrictsDistrictMean ScoreAISD 890CFBISD 1059RISD 1066

  • SAT/ACT Results: Mean ACT Score (2006)Regional Comparison DistrictsDistrictMean ScoreHEBISD 21.1BISD 21.7CISD 24.2GISD 23.5KISD 21.3NISD 20.8

  • SAT/ACT Results: Mean ACT Score (2006)ERG Best-Practice DistrictsDistrictMean ScoreAISD 17.3CFBISD 21.7RISD 22.2

  • College-Ready Graduates

    This new indicator of college readiness is shownon the AEIS reports for the first time this year. Itwas created in response to a new statue (TEC39.051(b)(13) that requires establishing anindicator of the measure of progress towardpreparation for postsecondary success.

  • College-Ready GraduatesIndicator Criteria

  • College-Ready GraduatesClass of 2006Regional Comparison Districts

  • College-Ready GraduatesClass of 2006ERG Best-Practice Districts

    THS = 73.9% graduated on RHS/DAP ProgramBHS = 83.2% graduated on RHS/DAP ProgramKEYS = 3.8% graduated on RHS/DAP ProgramRegional Comparison High SchoolsRichland = 76.4%Birdville High = 75.4%Fossil Ridge = 92.4% Best-Practice DistrictsTurner HS = 60.7%Newman Smith = 75.4%Creekview = 87.7%Berkner = 85.7%Lake Highlands = 84.0%Pearce = 88.1%2005 Tested 20.1%2004 Tested 16.4%2005 Tested 20.1%65.8% >= Criterion2004 Tested 16.4%>=Criterion 67.9%2005 Tested 20.1%58.5% scores >= Criterion2005 Tested 16.4%58.4% of scores were >= criterion2006 TSI Scores for HEBELA = 45% + 14 point increaseMath = 61% + 1 point increaseClass 2005 = Tested 68.8%>= Criterion 32.3%Mean SAT Score 1036Mean ACT Score 21.5No prior year data first year for report.


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