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College Arts Competition MFL Poetry Competition. Competition launch: Week beginning 21 st February Deadline for entries: Friday 8 th February. Haiku. Ich liebe Hana gro , schlank , schn und raffiniert . Sie ist wirklich cool. - PowerPoint PPT Presentation



College Arts CompetitionMFL Poetry CompetitionCompetition launch: Week beginning 21st FebruaryDeadline for entries: Friday 8th FebruaryHaikuIch liebe Hanagro, schlank, schn und raffiniert.Sie ist wirklich cool.A Haiku has 17 syllables in the format of 5-7-5 over 3 lines.

DiamantA seven-lined contrast poem set up in a diamond shape:Line 1: Noun or subjectLine 2: 2 adjectives describing first nounLine 3: 3 verbs applying to first nounLine 4: Four words: 2 about first noun, 2 about final noun (antonym of first noun)Line 5: 3 verbs applying to second nounLine 6: 2 adjectives describing second nounLine 7: Antonym for subject (first noun)Regennass, kaltschauert, tropft, rieseltfeucht, erfrischend, hell, freundlichwrmt, entspannt, ksstheiss, gelbSonne

AkrostichonCertain letters spell out a word or message down a vertical axisLIEBESchoko ade D amant H rz lumen G dichtDetailsYou may write a poem/poems in any of the languages you are studying.Try to use one of the formats suggested.Check your language carefully spellings etc.Include illustrations, design to make an attractive display piece.Dont forget to put your name on it. Dont include ANY English!!

Deadline for entries: Friday 8th February.Hand in to your language teacher or at the MFL office.Details on the MFL Blog: