NEWSLETTER - The Blandford By Heart Competition Success ... Poetry by Heart is a poetry recitation contest for students ... represent their primary schools at the Blandford Schools ...

Download NEWSLETTER - The Blandford   By Heart Competition Success ... Poetry by Heart is a poetry recitation contest for students ... represent their primary schools at the Blandford Schools ...

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  • Poetry By Heart Competition Success

    On 24th February Sixth Form student Bethan Amey won the County Competition of

    Poetry By Heart. Poetry by Heart is a poetry recitation contest for students in years

    10 to 13, aimed at engaging young people with a wide range of poetry past and

    present. In January Bethan took part in TBSs first Poetry by Heart Competition,

    organised by Joanne Brown in the English Dept. Commendations should also go to

    Lela Cordess and Hannah Smith, who both performed superbly in the school round,

    as well as Head of English Simon Gillett and Head of PCA Lucy Bowerman-Ellis who

    judged the school competition. It was Bethans performance here that then took her

    through to the county competition at

    Dorchester Council Chambers . Four

    judges, including Annie Freud and James

    Manlow (Bournemouths poet laureate),

    watched recitals from students from five Dorset schools. Bethans

    performances of poems by Richard Lovelace and Patience Agbabi

    clearly impressed the judges.

    Bethan then proceeded to the regional finals held at Homerton College,

    Cambridge on Saturday 19th March. Competitors from schools and

    colleges nationwide met for a nail biting bid to choose a national

    champion. All students recited three poems: pre and post 1914 plus a first world

    war poem in the semi finals. As well as an opportunity to perform poetry to a live

    audience, students met and enjoyed poetry recitals from esteemed poets

    Andrew Motion, Jean Sprackland, Glyn Maxwell, Patience Agbabi, Daljit Nagra

    and BBC producer Tim Dee and the event was skilfully MCd by Jacob Sam-La

    Rose. The Poetry by Heart competition really engages students in the art of

    learning poetry in order to bring out its meaning through performance. Although

    Bethan didnt make it through to the final round, a massive thanks must go to her

    for being the first contestant from the Blandford School to get the ball rolling and

    a huge congratulation for getting so far in a national competition.



    MARCH 2016

    Dates for your Diary

    Thursday 24th March

    Last Day of Term

    Monday 11th April

    First Day of Term

    Monday 30th May -

    Friday 3rd June

    Half Term

    The Blandford School Equestrian Team The Blandford School Equestrian Team is finally up and running. All those

    students involved have been registered with the National School

    Equestrian Association and will hopefully soon be competing in

    their first competitions. We will keep you updated via the website

    and Newsletters , so watch this space!

  • Blandford School Network Talent Show

    Talented pupils from across the Blandford community came together to

    represent their primary schools at the Blandford Schools Network Talent Show

    hosted by The Blandford School just before half term.

    A responsive audience was treated to a wide ranging and entertaining programme.

    The overall winner was Jasmine Upward of Blandford St. Mary Primary School who

    performed an energetic and engaging individual dance. In second place, dressed

    in her beautiful Nepalese costume, was traditional dancer Mendho Sherpa from

    Downlands Community School. Judges awarded third place to Owen Brightman

    and Sasha Payne of Archbishop Wake Primary School. Having tied for first place

    during the heats at their own school, they worked hard together at short notice to

    arrange an impressive compilation of two well-known songs, accompanying

    themselves on the guitar and piano respectively.

    Thanks are due to the judges, Mr Graham Haigh, Mr Brian Winkle and Mrs Sally Wilson,

    who themselves had a very difficult task to perform in choosing between some extremely

    enjoyable acts.

    These ranged from the choir from Dunbury Academy who treated the audience to

    a memorable, original song composed by their teacher, through a variety of ably

    performed song and dance acts and musical items. The audience will also, no

    doubt, remember Rufus the comedian and Charlie who is already a very

    competent juggler despite only being in year two.

    Students from The Blandford School were delighted to work with the primaries on

    the day. The show was compered by Year 9 students Connor James and

    Makenna Evans whilst a professional level of technical support was provided by

    sixth form students Matt Hart and Luke Powell. Key stage three students, some

    of whom had taken part in the talent show in previous years, entertained the

    audience whilst the judges deliberated. Thank you to everyone involved for what

    was a very enjoyable event.

    Floor Protractors


    On 29th February The Blandford

    school unveiled two floor protractors

    as part of the Numeracy across the

    Curriculum Project. One has been

    fitted at the entrance to the Maths department and the other is displayed as

    you enter The Hub. The protractors were beautifully produced in-house by

    the Design and Technology department and are intended to raise awareness

    of numeracy being all around us.

    The unveiling was done by Year 9 student Celine Collier and 6th Form student

    Sophie Pace, and was attended by Headteacher Sally Wilson and Numeracy

    Co-ordinator Milena Lee. Students Celina Collier and Sophie

    Pace with Numeracy Co-ordinator

    Milena Lee and

    Headteacher Sally Wilson

  • Rotary Youth Speaks Competition

    On Saturday 5th March three Year 11 students (George Dutton, Tom

    Henley and Jonathan Cox) travelled to Southampton to take part in the

    regional finals of the Rotary Youth Speaks competition. The competition

    requires students to speak on a topic of their own choice to the

    assembled audience and respond to questions posed to them. The team

    was entered into the senior category which meant they were competing

    against students up to the age of Year 13. The team had chosen to

    speak about the challenges facing young people considering going to

    University and the significant impact of high tuition fees. They worked

    hard to research and produce their speech and while they did not win they performed admirably, stating a

    compelling case for the abolition of tuition fees. The boys should be congratulated for their efforts, they had

    already won the district competition and as anyone who has spoken in public will know the prospect can be

    daunting. I am sure that the skills that they have acquired will be useful to them in the future.

    The Blandford School Network Maths matters

    Conference 2016

    The second BSN (Blandford Schools Network) Mathematics

    Conference was held on Wednesday 2nd

    March at the

    Blandford School. Students from each school in the network

    joined together to present and share their ideas on how they

    learn mathematics. The objective was for students (and staff)

    to learn new ideas from each other and to then take these

    back to their own schools and try them out. During the first

    session small groups of students set up a stall and presented

    their ideas whilst other students went round and tried them

    out. After a short break the students swapped over and the

    presenters had an opportunity to see what was on offer. The tasks on offer varied

    considerably, from Construction and a Snake and Ladder game to using ipads and

    tablets. The opportunity to learn using different resources was vast.

    Students from years 5, 6 and 7 were represented and whilst mathematics was the focus of the day the event also

    provided an excellent transition opportunity for the Primary students. The Hub and canteen facilities were overloaded

    during the break and at lunchtime by the number of people

    wishing to purchase food and students also had the opportunity

    to run around outside and explore some of the grounds.

    Some of the best moments of the day came from some of the

    conversations students were having with each other, their

    discussions and explanations of ideas helping them consolidate

    their understand of the topics.

    A special mention needs to be made to the 6th Form helpers

    from the Mathematics Faculty (the Minions), who not only made

    a difference to the running of the day but who also took an

    interest in the activities presented and who enjoyed talking to the younger students. The success of the day was all

    thanks to the enthusiasm and energy of the students. Thank you to everyone who was involved and I look forward

    to seeing you all again next year.

    James Knightbridge, Head of Mathematics

  • My Dog Sighs

    Thursday, 10th March Students at The Blandford School, were

    fascinated by the art work of Paul Storm, My Dog Sighs graffiti artist,

    who finds every day rubbish and transforms it into a piece of art work.

    An assembly started the day with 90 students listening about Paul's

    development as an artist; from being a primary school teacher 10

    years ago, to now being a full time artist who has international

    exhibitions, and paints large scale murals on walls of reflected images

    in eyes.

    Three different age group workshops ran throughout the day,

    with some fantastic art work being produced, based on an

    influential person in their lives.

    The day informed students about how graffiti work on walls is

    illegal and how Paul overcame this by using found cans on the

    street, painting something beautiful on them , which hopefully

    someone would pick up and take home with them, indirectly

    cleaning the streets. He called this leaving art on the streets Free Art

    Friday, which is something a lot of artists now do to make people

    look and observe the world around them.

    Students brought in their own cans which were keyed in with two

    different coloured spray paints. Students practised on paper their

    facial features or idea and

    when these were dried used

    000 size paintbrushes to paint

    on their squashed cans. The finished results were


    House Competition Supports Local

    Food Bank.

    The Blandford School recently ran a house competition for the local Foodbank. Each house

    was challenged to see which house could donate the most food items. After 1 week of

    collecting the total amount of food items collected was an incredible 743 items, with the

    winning house being Beaumont.

    Gail Del-Pinto, Blandford Foodbank Manager said A few weeks ago the students at school

    were asked to donate food items to the Foodbank and I was asked to come along and pick up the items. Well I turned

    up in my little Peugeot 206 and by the time I left the car bonnet was pointing to the sky it was so loaded with food!! I

    simply cant thank you all enough for such a wonderful donation, it was immense.

    In 2015 the Blandford Foodbank was able to help 873 adults and children locally. Everyone who comes to the food bank

    for help is referred to them by local care

    organizations. These vary from your local doctor to

    the Blandford Childrens Centre, North Dorset

    District Council to Spectrum Housing to name but a

    few. The Foodbank has over 40 local care

    organizations who know the circumstances of many

    families and individuals and refer them for help.

    Well done to all those students who took part.

  • Bond Dickinson Student Work Placement 15th - 19th February 2016

    My work placement at Bond Dickinsons Law firm in Southampton taught me more than I could ever have

    imagined, not only about the different areas and aspects and work involved with the law, but also about what to

    expect once I leave school and enter the world of work, and this made me realise that in comparison, Blandford

    is a very small pond compared to the likes of the City!

    Each day I would learn something new, I worked in a different sector of law each day, ranging from Property,

    Commercial Litigation, Insurance, and also Disputes. I would be asked to do specific work experience related

    tasks but also had the opportunity to do real work for the company which was very rewarding to know I had done

    something to help with their business. I would develop a new set of skills each day that would help me achieve

    the very best understanding of the work place and would also be a set of skills that can be transferred into other

    areas of work, this included teamwork, communication and independence.

    The work experience was a great confidence booster and I was able to achieve things that may seem daunting

    and unconquerable at first, but with determination and a positive outlook I was able to do tasks I never would

    have dreamt I could do before! I learnt that if you stick at things even when the going gets tough, the feeling of

    pride is as good a reward as any! I have come back a more determined, and confident individual than I was be-

    fore and for that I am very grateful. I would recommend this type of work experience scheme to anyone who is

    unsure of what they want to do in the future but want to experience what a real work place is like, the knowledge

    you gain will be a huge benefit as it was to me, and will set you apart from the rest especially when it comes to


    By Sixth Form Student Alysha Truswell

    Student Yoga Club

    Tuesday lunchtimes 1.30-2pm in

    the small gym, 2 per session, run

    by qualified instructor

    Students can come and try a new activity

    which all of the celebrities are doing. Led

    by a friendly and highly qualified

    instructor. They will learn relaxation

    techniques, how to manage stress,

    improve their body control, flexibility and

    strength as well as feeling great


  • Sports Tour to Shropshire 2016

    On Friday 11th march 54 students travelled to Shrewsbury to

    participate in a fantastic weekend of Netball and Football organised

    by PGL on their Boreatton Park site.

    On the Saturday 22 boys from years 8 and 9 had a variety of

    Outdoor teambuilding activities and top quality football coaching.

    Then on the Sunday they played in a competitive tournament with

    all of the schools being placed in mixed teams. As always our boys

    were keen to impress, listened carefully to instructions and co-operated with everyone in their team.

    The 4 netball teams had a 2 day tournament with drop-in outdoor activities. They especially enjoyed the Zip

    Wire, Archery and Abseiling. The Giant Swing was also hugely popular with them having to work in their teams

    to hoist each other into the air before being dropped into oblivion. The screams were heard in Wales!

    In the netball all 4 teams performed brilliantly, special mention goes to the year 8s and 10s who were playing

    older teams. The Year 9s and 10s made the semi-finals and collected bronze medals, whilst our best

    performing team were beaten in the final and received silver. Ama Agbeze (of England and Loughborough

    Lightening) was on hand to present the medals and give the girls some top defending tips.

    The Blandford School would like to say a big thank you to the PE

    department for...


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