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World War I Virtual Museum


  • 1.Stoeger Museum

2. 3. 4. Nationalism - Pride in ones country -Franz Ferdinand was assassinated in 1914 when he was touringBosnia in hope to win over the Bosnian people. During his tour in Bosniathere were seven trained assassins out to kill him. He managed to get awayfrom the first attack unscaved, but two of his men were hospitalized.Later that day he wanted to go see them at the hospital. While FranzFerdinand was on his way to the hospital his driver made a wrong turn.The driver turned down a street that one of the assassins was on. Thenthe assassin shot both him and his wife. 5. 6. Alliances

  • Forming partnerships with other nations.
  • There were two alliances in WWI. There was the Centeral Powers, and the Allies
  • Allies- France, Russia, Great Britian, and the United States
  • Centeral Powers- Germany, Austria-Hungary, and Ottoman Empire.

7. Imperialism

  • Competing for Colonies
  • European nations were competing for land, they believed that bigger is better.
  • Most of the uncivilized countries were taken over by more powerful countries such as Germany.

8. Militarism

  • Building up the military
  • The military was built up for two reasons, one was to protect new colonies, and the other reason was pure pressure. If the nation next to you was building up there military then your nation would build up your military to compete.

9. Trench Foot

  • Trench foot would occur when soldiers were exposed to wet boots for to long. The foot would first shrivel then turn either red or blue. Soon after the foot would swell, blisters and sores would form. Fungal infections could form and the soldiers foot may even have to be amputated.

10. Trench Warfare

  • Trench warfare was when both sides dug trenches to protect themselves in battle.
  • At night supplies were brought in and scouts were sent out.
  • Once it started to get light out they would shoot artillery at eachother.

11. The Zimmermann note

  • Zimmermann was a German official who sent a letter to Mexico. The letter asked for Mexico to attack the U.S. and he promised to get back land that the U.S. had taken from them.

12. Sinking of the Lusitania

  • The Lusitania was a passenger ship that was secretly carrying ammunitions, and it was sunk by a German sub. 1,198 passengers died. 128 of them were Americans.

13. Unrestricted Submarine Warfare

  • Germany promised not to sink any merchant ships without giving them a warning & rescuing passengers.
  • By 1917 Germany is defeating Russia on the eastern front and Germany wants a quick victory on the western front, so to do this they use unrestricted sub warfare.
  • They sink all ships going to allied nations.

14. 15. Germany surrenders

  • On the 11 thhour of the 11 thday of the 11 thmonth Germany signs a peace treaty and the war is over.

16. General Pershing

  • General Pershing led the U.S. troops in WWI.
  • He commanded over 1 million troops.

17. Signing of the treaty

  • By October 1918 the Germany army is starting to crumble and the allies are taking over land the Germans captured during the war.
  • Once the Allies have taken over and have control of the war the Central Powers surrender.

18. Troops sent to WWI

  • By July 1918 we have 1 million U.S. troops in the war, and we cut off the German rail lines which supplies their army.
  • The Allies takes high grounds and the German troops surrender.

19. 20. Creation of New Countries

  • Russia had been split into 5 different countries. The 5 are Poland, Finland, Latvia, Lithuania, and Estonia.
  • Austria-Hungary was split into 4 different countries. The 4 are Austria, Hungary, Czech, and Yugoslavia.
  • Ottoman Empire was divided up between the Allies.

21. Punishing Germany

  • Germany was blamed and had to take full responsibility for the war even though they didnt even start it.
  • Germany had to pay $33 billion, but they only ended up paying $5 billion. Their country went into a recession after the war and the unemployment rate went to 25%.

22. Creation of the League of Nations

  • The League of Nations was an organization of multiple countries around the world.
  • The League of Nations was designed to keep peace and stability, but this was one of the reasons WWII started.