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  • 1. When will he be stopped?By: Cody Patterson
  • 2. Children This problem effects children because it kills them by putting them into war and effects there minds. This power point will tell people about what Kony is doing to young children.
  • 3. Joseph Kony is a person who is leader of the lords resistance army and forces little boys to go to war and he abducts them and kills there parents. Also he forces little girls to be sexual slaves.
  • 4. Worst Effected Area The most effected area is in east Africa in Uganda.
  • 5. Children Compare/Contrast United Africa StatesChildren in the united Children in Africa arestates arent getting sent getting sent to war and are not getting There parents are gettingforced to become sexual killed and the kids areslaves. getting forced to become sexual slaves. Both Both of the Children in the United states and in Africa are suffering from hunger.
  • 6. Solution People are putting up posters and setting up websites to put Kony out there for he can become famous so people will know about him and what he dos and we can catch him. One way you could help is to pass this information to someone who doesnt know about KONY.
  • 7. Timeline
  • 8. Personal connection This effects me not physical but mentally because I am a kid and I would not like to be sent to war and have my parents getting killed.
  • 9. My Solution One way I think we could solve this problem is to send troops to east Africa and try to find Joseph Kony. My idea will solve this problem because we could find Kony and stop him.
  • 10. Long term effects This will effect kids in Africa mentally and physical because Kony kills there parents and he sends the kids to war.
  • 11. Invisiblechildren.comInvisible children get Kony famous and sells shirts about Kony and takes donated money so they can find Kony.
  • 12. Before/After comparison The only place that Kony is effecting kids physically is in east Africa.
  • 13. Miscellaneous infoJoseph Kony has 88 wives before.Joseph Kony considers him self a good Christian.
  • 14. Conclusion I hope this problem will be solved soon because adults and kids are dying because of Kony in east Africa. I do think that we will find Kony soon because almost everybody in the united states knows about him and what he dos.
  • 15. Sources