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  • West Melbourne Chiropractor Dr. Clow strives for excellence

    through superior patient treatment, education and satisfaction.

  • If you have back, neck, shoulder or hip pain due to an accident,

    a nerve or any other reason, you need a practice you can trust.

  • Our West Melbourne chiropractic center is set up

    so you can have the relief youre in need of.

  • Our chiropractic clinic provides multiple services such as pinched nerve treatments, sciatica pain treatment, neck pain treatment, back pain treatment and disc pain treatment.

  • We welcome you to our center and look

    forward to helping you with the needs you have.

  • Contact Us:

    Clow Chiropractic

    145 Palm Bay Road,NE Unit 120 -

    West Melbourne, FL 32904

    Phone: (321) 617-5588