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  • 1. Building a Hadoop Cluster onAmazon EC2 using ClouderaApril 2013

2. Create Name Node: m1.largeUbuntu Server 12.04.1 LTS 64-bit 3. Create Name Node: m1.largeCan use defaults for most Wizard screens except Firewall 4. Launch Instance, Connect Via SSH 5. Download & Run Cloudera ManagerDepending on settings, might need to run as sudoMight take 5 or sominutes to go throughlicensing andinstallation menus 6. Open browser And Go To EC2 Instance PublicDNS At Port 7180Ex: this first login, you set your username and password credentials 7. Use Defaults,18 for instances 8. Type In AWS Access Key ID & Secret Access KeyCredentials can be found under Security Credentials in EC2 dashboard 9. Review Settings Then Install!Provisioning Instances will takea few minutes 10. If Any Installations Fail, Retry UntilSuccess 11. Make Sure Consistency Check Passes 12. Cluster Services Will Start, Then Success! 13. Finding Hue Public DNS (Hadoop User Experience) is the more user-friendly wayto interact with Hadoop 14. Finding Hue Public DNS on the Hue Web UI button doesnt work, because it references theInternal Address for Amazon EC2Clicking this link button wont work!Need to find the Public DNS for this Internal Address in Amazon Dashboard 15. Finding Hue Public DNS in Internal Address in Search Box to find the Instance having HueThis is the public DNSAddress to access Hue 16. Finding Hue Public DNS is accessed via Port 8888Ex: your username/password carefully, this is the superuser 17. If You See Hue, Youre Ready For Analysis! is the Hive editor, which allows for SQL-Like Syntax tocreate MapReduce jobs 18. Reference