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<ol><li> 1. CLINT HERRON (C) 1(918) 845-4059 (E) / Career Focus: Looking for a position as an entry level Non-Destructive Tester, with the opportunity to be trained in several different disciplines. Interested in moving up into management in several years and to stay with a company long term with opportunities for growth and professional development. Education: Spartan College of Aeronautics and Technology August 18, 2014 Present ( Graduation date: June 25, 2015) -Candidate for NDT (Nondestructive Testing) Certificate from Spartan -Current GPA of 4.0 including Presidents Honor Role -Educational experience and training in compliance with: ASNT, SNT-TC-1A, NAS410, ASME, AWS, ANSI/ASNT CP-189 Regulations ASM-MEI Certificate - Radiation Safety (Certificate) 180 hrs. - Radiography (Certificate) 180 hrs. - Ultrasonic Inspection (Certificate) 180 hrs. - Introduction to Materials &amp; Processes 60 hrs. - Magnetic Particle Testing 60 hrs. - Liquid Dye Penetrant 60 hrs. - Eddy Current Testing 180 hrs. . Leak Testing, ASM-MEI Welding Inspection: Codes and Standards 180 hrs. Independence Community College 2006-2008 -General Studies -Baseball Owasso High School 2002-2006 -Successfully earned High school Diploma -Baseball Familiar with the following Methods &amp; Instruments: Magnetic Particle Testing: Magna-Tech Wet horizontal-Contact &amp; Coil TSI Porta-Mag MP1000 (prods), Magna Flux (yokes) Ultrasonic Testing: Sonic-136 Staveley Instruments, Straight Beam, Angle Beam, Dac Curve &amp; Linearity Graph Visual &amp; Liquid Penetrant Testing: Visual &amp; Fluorescent, Water Washable &amp; Solvent Removable Radiography Testing: Manual Film Processing, Lorad LPX 160KV 5MA ITE 300KV 5MA, GE Nova Automatic Processor Eddy Current Testing: Nortec 1000 &amp; 2000 Digital Readout, Nortec 23ST, Olympus 500 Conductivity Curve, Crack Detection, Nonconductive Coating Using Liftoff &amp; Aluminum Sorting Welding Codes &amp; Standards The Welding Inspector The Metric System, Welding Terms and Symbols Basic Welding Metallurgy Materials Control, Weld Joint Inspection and Temperature Control Welding, Joining and Cutting Processes-I Welding, Joining and Cutting Processes-II Qualification of Welding Procedures, Welders and Welding Operation Codes Governing Welding Inspection Weldment Imperfections and Discontinuities Chemical, Metallurgical and Mechanical Testing of Welds Experience: August 2010-Present - Hewlett-Packard-TPF Test Systems Coverage Computer Programmer Successfully completed the TPF Programming Class provided by HP Maintain TPF Test and Certification systems uptime standards Make sure all alters are verified. Get others involved with decision making. Keep technical lead informed of all happenings that impact the performance of any test system. Participate in Customer Status meetings. Participate in problem and outage review meetings with Realtime Coverage. Maintain current production loads in TPF Certification systems. Support TPF Test System and Certification system database restores and creates. Responsible for support/development of company disaster recovery plan. </li><li> 2. Collaborated with day/night team to ensure smooth workflow and efficient organization operations. *References available upon request </li></ol>