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    Nu Skin Product Information Brief

    Clinical Skin Care Without the Clinic

    Polishing Peel

    Skin Refinisher50mlCode: 97101215

    Positioning Statement:Polishing Peel resurfaces and polishes skin toimmediately deliver fresh, glowing complexionbenefits that are clinically proven to beequivalent to a professional microdermabrasiontreatment.

    Concept & Target Audience:Enjoy skin smoothing results clinically proven tobe equivalent to a professionalmicrodermabrasion session without ever leavinghome. Polishing Peel features a non-abrasive,creamy formula with Pumpkin enzymes toresurface, soften and polish the skin andBentonite Clay to remove dull skin cells andtoxins. A convenient and affordable alternative toprofessional microdermabrasion treatments,Polishing Peel delivers a fresh, healthycomplexion.

    Polishing Peel is ideal for skin invovled men andwomen, aged between 25-65 who like topamper themselves and are interested inmocrodermabrasion, but have been deferred bythe lack of time and high cost.

    2004 Nu Skin

    Market Trends:Microdermabrasion, originally developed inEurope, is becoming one of the most popularnon-surgical cosmetic procedures available. At asubstantial investment of both time and money,in clinics across Europe, thousand of peopleundergo resurfacing procedures every day. Bothwomen and men are seeking to reverse thedamage to their skin caused by sun exposure,problematic skin, age and environmentalassaults.

    Product Benefits: Provides results that are clinically proven to

    be equivalent to a professionalmicrodermabrasion treatment

    Instantly resurfaces and polishes forbeautifully smooth, soft skin and a healthylooking glow

    Efficacious and accessible method Pulls toxins out of pores

    Key Ingredients: Pumpkin enzymes immediately work to

    resurface and smooth skin by dissolving builtup dead and damaged cells

    Bentonite Clay a natural clay derived fromvolcanic ash; acts as a magnet to removedulling skin cells and toxins

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    Polishing Peel

    Skin Refinisher50ml Code: 97101215

    Clinical studies: In a split face study, 91% of participants

    said their skin felt resurfaced after thePolishing Peel treatment and saidPolishing Peel provided the same skinsmoothing results as professionalmicrodermabrasion

    Participants compared the results of aprofessional resurfacing session(performed on one-half of their face) to theresults of the Polishing Peel treatment(applied to the other half). Following thetreatments, the immediate feel of the skinwas evaluated. Polishing Peel waspreferred by the majority of participantsand 97 % said their skin was softer afterPolishing Peel.

    Nu Skin Product Information Brief

    Usage & Application Guide: Apply an even, visible layer to your clean,

    dry face and neck; Let stand for approximately one to two

    minutes or until product firms ( do not allowproduct to dry completely);

    Periodically test firmness and begin removingareas that set up first;

    Using your fingertips, gently massage faceand neck in circular motion to work PolishingPeel into large particles that carry awaydulling dead skin cells from the skinssurface;

    If product becomes too dry, spray lightly withNaPCA Moisture Mist (do not over moisten) ;

    Rinse with warm water and pat dry; Follow with the Nu Skin toner, treatment and

    moisturiser of your choice; For best results, use three times the first

    week and twice a week thereafter tomaintain a polished appearance.

    Demonstrate & Educate:1. Polishing Peel is a dynamic, demonstrable

    product. The results are immediate andcompelling. To demonstrate the polishingand resurfacing benefits of Polishing Peelapply product on the back of your clientshand and follow product usage instructions.

    2. Plexiglass Demonstration: Obtain a smallportable piece of plexiglass. You mayconsider purchasing several pieces to makesmultiple demonstration plates you can offerto other distributors. Talk to a local clinic toconfirm if they will treat the plexiglasssample and how much it will cost. Havethem apply the mircodermabrasion tool toonly half of the plexiglass. Late, whenmeeting with clients you can have them

    2004 Nu Skin

    apply Polishing Peel to the other half of theplexiglass sample. As they remove PolishingPeel, draw attention to the smoothunscratched surface left behind compared tothe rough, scratched microdermabrasionside. Also emphasise how Polishing Peel hasbeen shown in clinical studies to deliver skinresurfacing, smoothing and softening resultsthat are equivalent to a professionalmicrodermabrasion treatment.

  • Nu Skin Product Information Brief

    Polishing Peel

    Skin Refinisher50ml Code: 97101215


    Cross Selling Strategies:Tru Face Revealing Gel Polishing Peel andTru Face Revealing Gel make a dynamicsponsoring set. This powerful pair deliverssmoothing, softening and brightening benefits fordramatic results. The polyhydroxy acids (PHAs)in Tru Face Revealing Gel gently increase skincell turnover, refine pores and chelate excessmetal ions in the skin for a bright, more youthfullooking complexion. Couple the power of PHAswith the clinically proven resurfacing andsmoothing action of Polishing Peel for incredible,glowing skin that people will notice and envy

    Ingredient Listing:Water (Aqua), Bentonite, Zea Mays (Corn)Starch, Glycerin, Sorbitol, PEG-40 HydrogenatedCaster Oil, Cucurbita Pepo Extract*, PolygonumCuspidatum Root Extract, Hamamelis Virginiana(Witch Hazel) Water, Caprylyl Glycol,Polysorbate 80, Polyvinyl Alcohol, HexyleneGlycol, Ammonium Laureth Sulfate, C20-40Pareth-10, 1, 2-Hexanediol, Disodium EDTA,Fragrance (Parfum), Chlorphenesin, AmmoniumSilver Zinc Aluminum Silicate, Titanium Dioxide(CI 77891).*Pumpkin enzymes

    NSE Advantage (Automatic DeliveryProgramme):NSE Advantage is a convenient way topurchase products of your choice on amonthly or bi-monthly basis and to rewardyou for your loyalty you will receive between10 - 20% discount.Simply go to to find out more andsign up immediately.

    2004 Nu Skin

    Complimentary products for maximum results:

    Tru FacelTM Revealing Gel30ml Code: 97101213

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    Frequently AskedQuestions (FAQ)Polishing Peel Skin Refinisher50ml Code: 97101215



    Q. A.

    Q. A.









    Q. A.

    Nu Skin Product Information Brief

    How long do I leave Polishing Peel on forbefore removing?Let stand for approximately one to twominutes or until product firms (do not allowproduct to dry completely).

    How much product should I apply?You should use enough product to form anevenly distributed, visible layer on thesurface of your face and neck.

    How often do I use Polishing Peel?For best results, use three times the firstweek and twice a week thereafter tomaintain a polished appearance.

    What can I do if Polishing Peel becomes toodry?Lightly misting the skin with NaPCAMoisture Mist works well. Do not overmoisten.

    How is Polishing Peel different frommicrodermabrasion?Most clinical microdermabrasion and in-home microdermabrasion products useabrasive crystal particles (aluminum oxide) toresurface the skin. These abrasive particlesleave tiny scratches on the surface of theskin. Polishing Peel is free of these abrasiveparticles and does not leave scratches on thesurface if the skin, so light is reflected moreevenly, creating a luminous glow to thecomplexion.

    4 Nu Skin

    How is Polishing Peel similar tomicrodermabrasion?Polishing Peel provides skin resurfacing,smoothing and softening benefits equivalentto a professional microdermabrasion session.In a split-face study, 91% of participantssaid their skin felt resurfaced after thePolishing Peel treatment and said PolishingPeel provided the same skin smoothingresults as professional microdermabrasion.Polishing Peel was preferred by the majorityof participants and 97% said their skin wassofter after Polishing Peel.

    What products should not be used withPolishing Peel?Nu Skin 180 Cell Renewal Fluid mayincrease skin sensitivity. Therefore, do notuse Polishing Peel with Cell Renewal Fluid ifirritation occurs.

    What is Polishing Peel?Polishing Peel is an enzymatic peel thatresurfaces and refinishes skin, leaving a soft,smoother, glowing complexion. Clinicallyproven to be equivalent to amicrodermabrasion session, it is clinical skincare without the clinic.


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