click once to begin jeopardy! review for europe common assessment hosted by: mrs. murphy

Download Click Once to Begin JEOPARDY! Review for Europe Common Assessment Hosted by: Mrs. Murphy

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  • Click Once to BeginJEOPARDY!Review for Europe Common Assessment

    Hosted by: Mrs. Murphy

  • 2 pt3 pt4 pt5pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4 pt5 pt1 pt2pt3 pt4pt5 pt1pt2pt3 pt4 pt5 pt1 pt2 pt3 pt4pt5 pt1ptHolocaustRussia EconomyLand featuresRandom

  • Daily Double Graphic and Sound Effect!DO NOT DELETE THIS SLIDE! Deleting it may cause the game links to work improperly. This slide is hidden during the game, and WILL not appear.In slide view mode, copy the above (red) graphic (click once to select; right click the border and choose copy).Locate the answer slide which you want to be the daily doubleRight-click and choose paste. If necessary, reposition the graphic so that it does not cover the answer text.Daily Double!!!

  • What type of government has complete control of the economy and the people?

  • Communism

  • How was the Holocaust an example of genocide?

  • Millions of innocent people were killed because of their race or religion.

  • How many Jews were killed during the Holocaust?

  • 6 million Daily Double!!!

  • Why did Adolf Hitler want to kill so many innocent people?

  • Because of their race and religion

  • How did Anne Frank leave a legacy?

  • Answers vary

  • Compare the size of Russia to other countries in the world

  • It is the largest country in the world

  • Car manufacturers have to use a special steel in Russia. Explain why this is.

  • The steel cracks due to the cold weather.

  • Where are most of Russias resources found?

  • Siberia

  • What are 4 of Russias resources?

  • DiamondsPetroleumNatural gasGoldCoalNickelFishZincCopperBauxiteLeadTinIron ore

  • Name 2 problems Russia has using its resources

  • No roadsPermafrostSuch a large countryRailroads very far south

  • What is the capital of Spain?

  • Madrid

  • Locate France on a map. What is the capital of France?

  • Paris

  • France gets most of its energy from this source.

  • Nuclear energy

  • In what type of economic system can people choose their own job or be unemployed?

  • Market or free enterprise economy

  • Why would the U.S. be interested in tying to start using nuclear energy?

  • Nuclear energy is not harmful to the environment.

  • Land that is permanently frozen most of the year is called what?

  • Permafrost

  • A vast treeless plain located near the Arctic Ocean is known as what?

  • Tundra

  • Locate Norway on a map and tell how you can remember the location based on its shape.

  • It is shaped like a Viking club

  • What body of water borders Norway to the south?

  • The North Sea

  • What are the four regions that make up the United Kingdom?

  • EnglandScotlandWalesNorthern IrelandDaily Double!!!

  • What is the currency used in Europe?

  • Euro

  • Locate Russia on a map. What is the capital of Russia?

  • Moscow

  • Identify three uses of reindeer for the Nenet people

  • ClothingShelterTransportationfood

  • Give a real life example of supply and demand

  • Answers vary



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