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Slides from Jackie Calderwood's session 'Clean and Colourful Research: Transdisciplinary Research, Arts Practice and Clean Language' at the International Clean Language Conference, University of London Union, 20th May 2012.


<ul><li>1.Clean and Colourful Research:Transdisciplinary Research, Arts Practiceand Clean LanguageJackie CalderwoodPractice-based Doctoral ResearcherINSTITUTE OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIESDE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY, UKjackie.calderwood@btopenworld.comwww.jackiecalderwood.com20th May 2012 International Clean Conference</li></ul> <p>2. Clean and Colourful Research:Transdisciplinary Research, Arts Practiceand Clean LanguageSession Outline: 2 min Introduction 30-35 min Activity 15 minResearch Presentation 5-10 minQuestions &amp; Discussion 20th May 2012International Clean Conference 3. 4. Experimental Walks Composition: colour grids, point location and time of noticing, with gps traceExperimental walk: Jackie Calderwood, Whitesheet Hill, Salisbury Plain September 5. 6. Soundlines, Sand Point 7. Pervasive Media for Eudemonia:Transdisciplinary Research by Practice 8. Apple Tree, Cherry Tree Recording Interviews for Living Voices, March 2011 9. Any Questions? Jackie CalderwoodPractice-based Doctoral Researcher INSTITUTE OF CREATIVE TECHNOLOGIES DE MONTFORT UNIVERSITY, UK </p>