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Presentation about on theGoogle Apps for Education Professional Development Webinar Series.


  • 1. Webinar by Alejandro Corpeo
  • 2. The ProblemTeachers havea lot to plan,communicateand keep track of
  • 3. Communicate to stakeholders This information needs to be effectively communicated to all stakeholders
  • 4. Our Solution A classroom communication tool that works with Google Apps for Education Single Sign-on Google Calendar Google Docs Others to come...
  • 5. allows teachers to: You only input information once All the stakeholders have access to it
  • 6. Product Demo
  • 7. Whats Next? We want to build a product that: Is simple Solves the most important problems teachers have Doesnt make you work twice or more Integrates with other existing tools (like GoogleApps)
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  • 9. Alejandro Corpeo: Call Us: (415) 797-9552