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    WELCOME TO CITROËN MOTOR INSURANCE Thank you for choosing Citroën Motor Insurance. This policy booklet gives full details of your cover and should be read along with your motor proposal confirmation, certificate of motor insurance and schedule. Please keep all your documents in a safe place. If you have any questions about your policy, please call us on the number shown on your schedule. We’re helping to keep prices low with anti-fraud technology When a small minority make fraudulent claims, not only are they breaking the law but they’re also driving up the cost of everyone else’s policies. That’s why at Citroën Motor Insurance we’re using specialised detection processes to prevent people from making false or exaggerated claims. This also means that we can settle genuine claims as quickly as possible. So you can rest assured that we’re doing all we can to help protect you from paying the price of fraud.

    Contents Customer information 2 Changes to your insurance 2 Uninsured driver promise 3 A summary of your cover 4 Your policy 7 Policy definitions 8 Section A Liability to other people 10 Exceptions to section A 11 Section B Damage to your car 11 Section C Fire and theft 12 Section D Windscreen damage 13 Exceptions which apply to sections B, C and D 14 Conditions which apply to sections B, C and D 15 Section E Personal accident 16 Section F Other benefits 17 Section G Territorial limits and foreign use 18 Section H Uninsured Loss Recovery 19 Courtesy car following a claim 22 General exceptions 23 General conditions 25 Citroën Motor Insurance Privacy Notice 28 Important information about your policy 31 Your credit agreement 32

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    Changes to your insurance You must tell us if any of the following details change before you need cover to start: you change your car; you modify your car (please see general condition 8 for further details); you add another driver to your policy or amend the driving restriction; you change the use of your car (e.g. change from social domestic and

    pleasure to business use); you wish to increase your cover (e.g. change from third party only to

    comprehensive). You must tell us immediately if any of the following details change: the address where you normally keep your car; if you, or anyone covered by this policy change jobs, including part time.

    Any change during the period of insurance may result in an additional or return premium and will be subject to an administration fee. See general condition 4 for further details.

    You must tell us about the following changes before the next renewal date (or at the time you are making any of the changes already mentioned) if you or anyone covered by this policy have: passed their UK driving test; had insurance cancelled by an insurer. This includes a policy declared

    null and void (as though it has never existed), a renewal declined by an insurer or a policy cancelled by an insurer due to, but not restricted to, non-payment, fraud or misrepresentation;

    had any accidents, thefts or losses (whether a claim was reported or not and regardless of blame);

    had any motoring convictions (including penalty points, fixed penalties, speed camera offences and disqualifications), pending prosecutions, outstanding police enquiries, criminal convictions or charges for a criminal offence;

    any physical or mental impairment that must be notified to the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) or the Driver and Vehicle Agency Northern Ireland (DVANI).

    Failure to provide correct information or inform us of any changes could adversely affect your policy, including invalidating your policy or claims being rejected or not fully paid.

    Making a change to your policy? Call: 0870 125 6616



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    Uninsured driver promise If you make a claim for an accident that is not your fault and the driver of the car that hits your car is not insured, you will not lose your No Claim Discount or have to pay any excess. Conditions We will need: the car registration number and the make and model of the car; and the driver’s details, if possible.

    It also helps us to confirm who is at fault if you can get the names and addresses of any independent witnesses, if available. When you claim, you may have to pay your excess. Also, if when your renewal is due, investigations are still ongoing, you may lose your No Claim Discount temporarily. However, once we confirm that the accident was the fault of the uninsured driver, we will repay your excess, restore your No Claim Discount and refund any extra premium you have paid. This promise is for comprehensive policy holders only.

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    The car policy you have purchased is underwritten by U K Insurance Limited and will run for 12 months or as shown on the certificate of motor insurance. Depending upon the level of cover you have chosen, the following sections will apply. Please read your policy carefully to ensure the level of cover selected meets your needs. Comprehensive – sections A–G of your policy booklet Third Party, Fire and Theft – sections A, C and G Third Party Only – sections A and G

    If you have chosen Uninsured Loss Recovery, section H will apply in addition to the sections above. Significant features, exclusions and limitations of a Citroën Motor Insurance policy Section A – Damage to a third party’s property is covered up to

    £20 million. Section A – Driving other cars is included within your policy, subject to

    selected criteria being met. Cover is limited to Third Party Only, i.e. the car you are driving will not be covered. Please refer to your certificate of motor insurance to see if you have this benefit.

    Section B – Permanently fitted in-car audio, television, telephone and electronic navigation equipment up to a maximum £1,000. (If fitted as part of the car’s standard equipment, cover is unlimited.)

    Details can be found on your schedule. Section B – Your vehicle will be covered up to its UK market value.

    Section C – If the doors, windows, boot or roof (in the case of convertibles) are not securely locked or if you leave the vehicle unattended or unoccupied and you have not removed the keys or devices used to gain entry or to operate the car then you will not be covered for theft claims either of or from the vehicle.

    Section C – All security and tracking devices which we insist are fitted to your car should be active and in full working order. A network subscription, for any tracking device which we insist is fitted to your car, must be current and operable. A driver recognition device for any tracking device which we insist is fitted to your car, must not be left in or on your car whilst unattended. If not, then claims for theft of and from your car will not be covered.

    Section D – Comprehensive cover includes windscreen damage. Section G – Full foreign use cover charges are based on the time spent

    abroad and your car’s insurance vehicle grouping. For information on charges please contact us. Section H – Uninsured Loss Recovery provides up to £100,000 of legal

    costs to help in claiming back your uninsured losses from the party at fault as long as it is more likely than not that your claim will succeed. Examples of uninsured losses include: compensation for personal injury, loss of earnings and accident repair costs if you don’t have comprehensive cover.

    Courtesy car – A courtesy car will be provided, subject to availability, under sections B and C for the duration of the repairs, however, you must use one of our approved repairers. If the vehicle is not being repaired no courtesy car will be provided.

    A SUMMARY OF YOUR COVER Please read this document carefully. Full terms and conditions can be found within the policy documents. This summary does not form part of the contract between us.

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    All repair work is guaranteed for five years if you use one of our approved repairers.

    Any excesses and endorsements applicable to your policy can be found on your schedule along with cover limits and premiums due. Your right to cancel You have the right to cancel this policy at any time. When you buy your policy: If you cancel before your policy is due to start, we will return any premium paid in full. Please return the certificate of motor insurance. If the policy has started and you cancel within 14 days of it starting or within 14 days of receiving your documents (whichever occurs later), we will return any premium paid less a charge for the number of days for which cover has been given. If you cancel after those 14 days have passed, we will return any premium less a charge for the number of days for which cover has been given and an administration fee as shown in your schedule. We will not refund any premium if you have made a claim or if one has been made against you during the period of cover. Please return the certificate of motor insurance. Please note under the Road Traffic Act it is an o


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