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  • 1. Main strategies to develop abrand for a chocolate factoryin Brussels Belgium 2012Susana ParedesICHEC Brussels Management School, September 2012

2. The objectives1. Identify and prioritize strategies to develop a strong brand for the company2. Define customers profile: origin, occupation and reason to visit Brussels3. Recognize customers motivations to visit the shop4. Learned about the media preference among customers5. Identify customers perception of the shop and service 3. How to achieve the objectives? Identification of customersMarketprofile & perception of the brand researchInvestigation of competitiveStrategicenvironment and company offer analysisDetermination of distinctivecompetences Develop strategies 4. Consumer Market Research Results Tourists coming from France, Spain, USA,Germany, the UK and the Netherlands. Found Chocopolis by chance, while they werewandering around the city looking for Belgianchocolates Main source of information is internet What they liked most of Chocopolis: chocolateand service 5. SWOT Matrix ChocopolisINTERNAL FACTORSSTRENGHTSWEAKNESSES1. Central location of shop, dow ntow n Brussels next 1. Small new company w ith 6 years in the marketto main touristic attactions2. Factory and shop located at same facility, notransportation or freezing involved 2. Limited distribution points: 2 boutiques in Brussels3. Tradition of handmade production 3. No branding strategy4. Online sales available 4. Actions oriented to sales rather to marketing5. Quality product made of 100% cocoa butter5. High debt level due to recent investment6. Friendly and costumer oriented sales staff 6. Company has no w ebsiteEXTERNAL FACTORS7. Building frontage is not attractiveOPPORTUNITIES SOWO1. Consumer more conscious w ith personal finance affects 1. Special live demonstrations for tourists 1. Develop company website ( 03, W6)brand loyalty contacted by tour operators in their home 2. Use online marketing to build up brand2. Seven million tourists visit Belgium every yearcountry (S1,S6,O2)awareness (O3, W3,W4)3. Internet leading source of information for tourists2. Target emerging eastern european 3. Renew buildings frontage and exterior4. Sustainability important driver in consumer purchasing countries using new distribution channels displays (O2,W8)decisions (S5, O5)4. Find commercial partners to enter eastern5. Emerging countries attractiveness due to increasing3. Build brand identity based on distinctiveeuropean markets (O5,W2)middle class disposable income and low chocolatecompetence (S3, O1)consumption rate per capita 4.Offer customer to order online chocolate6. Customization hasbecome a leading trend in bars tailored to their own taste (S3, S4, O6)manufacturing THREATSSTWT1. Cocoa products w ith up to 5% of vegetal fats are1. Promote online sales in Asia and Eastern 1. Use alternative promotional channels toconsidered chocolate leveling the quality of the productEuropean countries (S4, T6, T2) engage consumers (W2,T6)2. Potential saturation of chocolate market in Western2. Create a communication program to teach2. Target niches not attended by theEurope and the US costumers about the meaning of 100% competitors with customized products (W3,3. Four companies dominate the industrial chocolate supplycocoa products (S3,S5, T1)W4,T2)in Belgium3. Open a shop in Bruges (W2, T6)4. Leading companies in the sector are multinationals w ithseveral years in the market5. Competitors have developed strong brands6. Competitors have multiple distribution channels 6. Chocopolis Distinctive Competences Preserves Belgian tradition ofhandmade chocolates High quality product Personalized service Taste matches for thediscerning internationalpalate 7. Brand Identity ProposalBrand ImageBrand IdentityBrand PositionGreatflavor, beautiful Notthe biggest Belgian handmadeshop and excellent worldwidechocolatier, chocolate, synonym ofservice.but the trueBelgian craft and quality, for theflavor. discerninginternationalpalate. 8. Target MarketPrimaryTouristsConsumersSecondary Tourists from Latin America an Eastern Europe Retail investors Companies Special occasion consumers 9. Strategies1. Organized in two groups: short term priory 3 years, long term 5 years2. Oriented to target emerging markets, use alternative promotional channels and develop closer relationship with customers.3. Tend to match internal resources to external factors 10. Conclusions 1. Branding has become key issue to determine Chocopolisfuture. 2. Customers profile: internet savvy tourists, from France,Spain, USA, Germany, the Netherlands and UK, whosemost appreciated characteristics in a chocolate are taste,price and service. 3. Chocopolis customers arrived to the boutique by chancethus the need to work actions to call their attention. 4. Brand image, brand identity and brand positioningharmony. 5. Distinctive competence of Chocopolis will lead brandingstrategies. 6. Manage strengths to target emerging markets, usealternative promotional channels and engage consumersat a personal level. 7. Match internal resources and skills to external factors,converting weaknesses and threats into opportunities todetermine permanency in the market. 11. Recommendations1. Innovation2. Brand proposal economic evaluation3. Strategies could be used as framework4. Corporate analysis to develop long term strategic plan5. Keep regular market consumer market research6. Detailed reports for Chocopolis management to engage 12. THANK YOU


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