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  • Cuisine in China

    Chinese people value their way of dining very much. There is an old but still-being-quoted saying---"Food is the first neccessity of the people." Delicious and nutritious food has been regarded the basics of ordinary life. In general, people in North China favor noodles, dumplings and other staple food made from flour while the majority in the South almost consume rice daily. Despite the difference, people throughout the country adopt the traditional way of cooking prevalent in their respective regions. All together, there are eight schools of cuisine which is also popularly known as the "ninth art". They are Beijing Food, Guangdong Food, Sichuan Food, Jiangsu Food, Zhejiang Food, Hunan Food, Anhui Food and Fujian Food.

    Meanwhile, almost every household has their favorite home-style dishes. The ingredients are usually easy to get and the cooking technique varies with the tastes of the housewives (sometimes their husbands). In order to promote the exchange of culinary art between Chinese people and foreign friends all over the world, we have collected more than 180 recipes for cooking at home.

  • Beijing food , based on imperial court cuisine and Shandong cuisine, has enjoyed an age-old reputation. The main methods of cooking employed are deep-frying, sauteing, stir-fry and roasting.

    The Yan Yun Lou Restaurant on Nanjing Road, the Fengze Chamber of the Park Hotel and the Dahua Hotel serve Beijing roast duck renowned for its scented crisp skin, which is so crisp that once taken in the mouth it breaks. The Kaifu Restaurant on Sichuan Road(North) and the Tianjing Restaurant on Huaihai Road provide stir-fried sliced pig's stripe and chicken's gizzard, sauteed fish slices with brewer's rice, stir-fried pork fillet in brown sauce and sauteed Chinese cabbage.

    Shanghai has more than a dozen Moslem restaurants, which cook an astonishing variety of dishes with just mutton and beef. The Hong Chang Xing Restaurant on Yangan Road(East) is famed for its instant boiled mutton(Mongolian hot pot) served in winter.

    Beijing Food

    Guangdong food features a great variety of refined ingredients and quick frying. Dishes cooked in this way are fresh, tender, refreshing and smooth. The chefs try to adapt dishes to the varying seasons, laying stress on lighter flavor in summer and heavier in winter. The Sun Ya Restaurant on Nanjing(East) Road, a restaurant typical of Guangdong style, offers among other specialities, smoked pomfret, sweet and sour pork, deep-fried egg jelly wrapped in wheat flour and steamed pomfret with scallion and oil. The Xing Hua Lou Restaurant on Fuzhou Road is specialized in cooking snake dishes in addition to braised chicken with scallion and oil and steamed soup in a wax gourd. This restaurant also supplies world-famous Guangdong-style moon cakes during the traditional Chinese Mid-Autumn Festival. The Meixin Restaurant on Shaan Xi Road(South) includes in its menu such famous dishes as roast piglet, assorted soup in a wax gourd, steamed mandarine fish stuffed with ham.

    Guangdong Food


  • Sichuan-style dishes are noted for varied and heavy flavoring. Restaurants of this style are good at choosing the right flavors--- hot, sour, pungent, sweet, bitter, salty and fragrant, seven in all, and applying eight seasonings---pepper sauce, pepper with vinegar, pepper with fish seasoning, chili jam with pungent wild peppercorn, cayenne pepper with wild peppercorn, black pepper with peanut and sesame paste, peppercorn with sesame oil and chili oil. The Sichuan Restaurant on Nanjing Road serves dishes distinctive of Sichuan style, such as Hechuan-style sliced pork, chicken cubes with peanuts and chili, "guifei" chicken and so on. A rarity---"clubbed chicken" is offered by the Chengdu Restaurant on Huaihai Road. The name derives from the fact that the chef uses a club to pound the chicken and tears the meat into floss and then mix them with eight seasonings, like sesame paste,chili oil,etc. The chicken, when served, tastes hot but a little sweet.Other dishes strong in Sichuan style are the crisp chicken served in the Mei Long Zheng Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West) and Luyang-style crisp chicken and Luyang-style beancurd found in the Lu Yang Cun Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West).

    Sichuan Food

    The restaurant of Jiangsu style in Shanghai can be classified into those of the Suzhou-Wuxi style, the Zhenjiang-Yangzhou style and local Shanghai style.

    The feature of Suzhou-style dishes is their natural flavor in original stock and a mixture of salty and sweet taste. The Dongfeng Hotel-Restaurant on Shanghai's Bund, the Renming Restaurant on Nanjing Road(West), the Huaihai Restaurant on Xizang Road and the Da Hong Yun Restaurant on Fuzhou Road have, on their menus, boat-shaped fried duck, braised pork in preserved bean-curd sauce, fried rolls stuffed with yellow croacker, minced shrimp meat, stewed bean-curd with shrimp and ginger sauce, five-spiced chicken drumstick and so on. What caps all is the sizzling rice with shrimps. When the scalding tomato sauce with tender shrimps is poured over the deep-fried, golden-colored crisp rice crust, a dish, delicious in its own way, is ready to serve. Wuxi's Floating Boat Restaurant on the Taihu Lake is skilled in cooking fish of every kind. Most restaurants of Wuxi style in Shanghai are named Lao Zheng Xing.

    The feature of Zhenjiang-Yangzhou-style food is best described by the saying that the soup is so crystal clear that you can see the bottom of the bowl and the sauce is so thick that it turns creamy white.

    The celebrated Yangzhou Restaurant of Huaiyang style serves, among its best-known dishes, boiled dry beau-curd slices, lion's head-shaped crab meat balls, butterfly-shaped sea cucumber and silver carp in the shape of lotus flower.

    Other restaurants like the Lao Ban Zhai Restaurant on Hankou Road also serves dishes of traditional Yangzhou style.

    Jiangsu Food


  • particular about freshness, tenderness, softness and smoothness of the food, are at home in steaming and roasting seafood. Delicacies like the big yellow croaker with preserved Chinese cabbage, braised skinned fish, sea eel braised in casserole and fried peanuts with liver moss can be found in the Ningbo Restaurant on Pingliang Road. Shaoxing food, with poultry as its main specialty, is palatable, crisp and glutinous. The tender white chicken is a delicacy of the Xiao Shao Xing Chicken Porridge Restaurant on Ningbo Road. A choice hen is killed and stewed right on the spot. The chicken meat, which turns creamy white when ready, is palatable and tender.

    Zhejiang Food

    Zhejiang food is represented by Hangzhou, Ningbo and Shaoxing styles.Dishes of Hangzhou style are meticulously prepared, hence tasty and crisp. The Zhi Wei Guan Restaurant at the crossroads of Fujian Road and Nanjing Road, and the Xihu(West Lake) Restaurant on Sichuan Road(North) are noted restaurants of this style, serving famous dishes such as West Lake-style fish in vinegar and sweet sauce, deep-fried fish meat balls, shrimp meat with "Dragon Well" tea and braised pork in Dongpo style. A blend of freshness and saltiness characterise dishes of Ningbo style. Chefs of this style,

    Hunan Food

    Hunan food takes curing, simmering, steaming and stewing as the main cooking methods. Dishes of this style are usually tinged with sour and spicy flavor and thoroughly cooked. The Yue Yang Lou Restaurant near the Youth Palace distinguishes itself with Hunan style of cooking. Fragrant and spicy, yet slightly sour, Dongan-style fried chicken is unique in the restaurant.


  • Anhui Food

    The Da Fu Gui Restaurant near Laoximen and the Shengli Restaurant at the railways station, both known for Anhui-style food, claim to be masters of dishes stewed in brown sauce with stress on heavy oil and sauce. Included on the menu are stewed fish belly in brown sauce, stir-fried eel slices an deep-fried small meat balls in plum shape.

    Fujian Food

    Fujian dishes, mostly marinated in wine, are sourly sweet. The Mingjiang Restaurant on Nanjing Road of Fujian style provides a menu listing such delicacies as assorted soup in casserole,known as "Buddha jumping over the wall", fried diced pork in brewer's rice, steamed diced chicken in preserved beancurd, deep-fried sea eels marinated in wine and Fujian-style fried peanuts.


  • Chinese Home-Style Cooking

    l Pork Dishes 7

    l Beef and Mutton Dishes 42

    l Poultry and Egg Dishes 65

    l Fish and Seafood Dishes 87

    l Vegetable and Bean Curd Dishes 115

    l Sweet Dishes 148

    l Soups 166

    l Rice Noodles, and Dumplings 178


  • Chinese Home-Style CookingPork Dishes

    l Twice-Cooked Pork -- Sichuan Style 8l Muxi Pork -- Beijing-North China Style 9l Stir-Fried Pork Cubes with Green Peppers -- Beijing Style 10l Stir-Fried Hot Diced Pork -- Beijing Style 11l Steamed Pork with Fermented Bean Curld -- Suzhou Style 12l Steamed Pork with Fermented Bean Curld -- Guangdong Style 13l Shredded Pork -- Sichuan Style 14l Peppery-Hot Pork Slices -- Sichuan Style 15l Dry-Fried Pork Filet -- Beijing-Hebei Style 16l Yuanbao Pork -- Beijing-Hebei Style 17l Steamed Pork Balls -- Hangzhou Style 18l Pearly Pork Balls -- Beijing-Hebei Style 19l Pork Balls in Clear Broth -- Sichuan Style 20l Four Happiness Pork Balls -- Beijing Style 21l Stir-Fried Pork Slices with Scallions -- Shandong Style 22l Stir-Fried Diced Pork with Peanuts -- Guangdong Style 23l Stir-Fried Pork Slivers with Ginger -- Shanghai Style 24l Sweet-and-Sour Pork -- Guangzhou Style 25l Braised Fresh Ham with Rock Sugar -- Sichuan Style 26l Deep-Fried Fresh Ham -- Shandong Style 27l White-Boiled Pork with Mashed Garlic -- Chongqing-Sichuan Style 28l Cauliflower