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Public presentation on the DPW facility project proposed for the Town of Chili, New York.


  • 1. Town of Chili Department of Public Works, Highway & Parks

2. Presentation for the Town of Chilis New Department of Public Works (DPW), Highway & Parks Facility

  • Who we are and what does your DPW, Highway and Parks Departments do for YOU?
  • Why does Chili need a new facility for these Departments?
  • How will a new facility benefit the Department and the Community?
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • The Proposed Facility
  • Construction Estimate (State & Local Share)
  • Path forward to meeting the needs of a growing community

3. Who we are and what does your DPW,Highway and Parks Departments do for YOU?

  • Who we are.
  • Department is comprised of a team of 46 professional, talented and skilled individuals.
  • The Department is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life in Chili
  • We make every effort to maximize the efficient, effective use of your tax dollars and our resources in the support, maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, public lands and programs
  • We are committed to public safety and providing prompt, courteous and quality service to the residents of this community
  • We take pride in the work we do for the community

4. Who we are and what does your DPW,Highway and Parks Departments do for YOU?

  • What we do.
  • Some of the major services provided by DPW, Highway and Parks include the following:
  • Maintenance, repair, and construction of the Town's infrastructure, roads, buildings, equipment, and property
  • Year round metal pickup, brush and yard debris pickup
  • Over 8000 CY of leaf pickup each year and compost give back
  • Drainage complaint response and street sign maintenance

5. Who we are and what does your DPW, Highway and Parks Departments do for YOU.. continued

  • Maintenance of over 2,000 catch basins, 500,000 LF of storm sewers and ditches, 65,000 LF of sidewalk maintenance, upkeep of over 115 miles of town roads and management of 35+ storm water ponds
  • Street resurfacing projects and hazardous tree and vegetative growth removal
  • Street sweeping of over 360 lane miles in the Town
  • Maintain safe playgrounds, parks, recreation paths and public areas
  • Snow and ice removal on over 360 lane miles of Town, County and State roads

6. Why does Chili need a new facility?

  • Current location decreases safety for users of parks facility and adds to congestion on Chili Avenue
  • Limited size of the property negatively impacts operations and services to the community
  • The existing garage building was built in the 1930s with various add-ons over the years with no recent improvements for the Department to address the needs of a growing community
  • Department is responsible for the maintenance of over 120 vehicles and major pieces of equipment with many being stored outside exposed to the elements
  • The mechanic bays lack proper hydraulic lifts for heavy equipment requiring the mechanics to work on the floor during repairs or sometimes send equipment out or utilize jacks which are not as safe

7. Why does Chili need a new facility. continued

  • The equipment parts room is too small to keep a proper inventory of replacement parts and small tools
  • The bays offer little room for tool storage and proper employee movement
  • The lunch room does not accommodate the current workforce. The toilet facilities are inadequate and do not meet modern code requirements. There are no separate locker facilities for female employees.
  • The buildings spaces are undersized and inefficient and lack basic environmental systems; such as ventilation and separation of people and vehicle exhaust. Severe lack of storage, work and meeting space, substandard heating/cooling system.

8. Why does Chili need a new facility. continued

  • The gasoline and diesel tanks which service all municipal vehicles were installed in 1990s and are nearing the end of their useful life. Significant liabilities and major environmental remediation can occur if the fuel tanks begin to leak
  • Fire separation and safety concerns for employees
  • Available salt storage represents only 10-15% of annual need; a major storm event could deplete our reserve

9. Why does Chili need a new facility. continued

  • In adequate vehicle storage which leaves expensive equipment exposed to the environment. Some equipment is stored in an offsite rented location;
    • The 2006 American Public Works Association North American Snow and Ice Conference recommended that as part of a communitys snow and ice program, winter maintenance equipment, as well as attachments, should be stored inside.
  • New York State Highway Law 142 stipulates that:
  • The town superintendent shall provide a suitable place for housing andstoring machinery, tools, implements and equipment owned by the townand cause the same to be stored therein, when not in use.

10. How will a new facility benefit theDepartment and the community?

  • A comprehensive and detailed operation and needs assessment was conducted early in the process. Based on industry standards, interviews with Town staff and management, and the completed needs assessment a project was designed for 46 employees and over 120 vehicles.(Original plan called for a larger facility to allow growth but was downsized by 10,000sf ($900,000 savings) to address cost concerns. Current design represents the minimum sized facility necessary to meet the current needs of the community)
  • This facility will..
  • Provide inside storage of our most mission critical and expensive vehicles.
  • This is NOT a nice to have but is essential for safety, security, and efficient operations

11. How will a new facility benefit the Department and the community continued

  • An updated facility would allow for more in-house vehicle maintenance. Vehicle lifts would decrease repair cycle time in increase safety.
  • Result in less idling of vehicles because they are stored inside will mean less fuel used and less wear
  • Be better for the environment. Avoid the cost of environmentally necessary upgrades or subject the Town to potential penalties for environmental violations that may currently exist.
  • Provide a safer workplace for our employees following current building codes & standards that are consistent with modern values about how employees should be treated.
  • Separates employee work areas from the vehicle storage and maintenance spaces, providing a healthier indoor environment.

12. How will a new facility benefit the Departmentand the community continued

  • Provide enhanced community services such as material giveback & leaf composting, material recycling program (millings, ditch cleanings, etc)
  • Provide a savings in brush removal cost
  • Improve response times to emergency situations & increase worker efficiencies.
  • Improve site organization and circulation and create public spaces that are inviting and accessible
  • Create new public features including voting and meeting areas; add program spaces including administration, engineering/GIS space & and an Incident Operation Center

13. How will a new facility benefit the Departmentand the community continued

  • Maximize the use of Town resources in support, maintenance and upkeep of the infrastructure, public lands and programs
  • Maintains the consolidation of our municipal operations thereby preventing inefficiencies while removing the facility from center of town. Organizes the site and building elements to reduce light and noise, increase security, and improve vehicle circulation
  • Creates a recognizable public entrance and provides off-hours public access to specific areas while maintaining a secure facility
  • May collect storm water on-site and re-use it in the wash bay, street sweepers and for other municipal needs

14. Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Q. What determined the size of the facility?
  • A. The size of this type of a facility is generally driven by the size of the work force and amount of vehicles and equipment used. The Towns infrastructure typically dictates the size of the work force, number of divisions, and the amount of equipment needed.. The current DPW, Highway and Parks facilities occupy approximately 28,000 square feet of floor space.The proposed facility will occupy about 55,000 square feet. Although this is a large increase, it is in proportion to other facilities around the northeast and is necessary in order to provide a consolidated, efficient, and code compliant facility.
  • Q. Whats the difference between this facility and the 2009 concept plan?
  • A. The 2009 plan was developed as a progress concept plan and was completed without the benefit of a complete needs assessment.That plan called for gravel parking areas versus heavy duty pavement, did not include the Parks division, had a significantly smaller mechanics and admi