2008/09 dpw annual report presentation to the portfolio committee 3 november 2009

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2008/09 DPW Annual Report Presentation to the Portfolio Committee 3 November 2009. By Acting Director General. Table of Contents. Accounting Officer’s overview Mandate of the Department of Public Works Vision, mission , values and legislative mandate Key Strategic Goals - PowerPoint PPT Presentation


  • 2008/09 DPW Annual ReportPresentation to the Portfolio Committee3 November 2009By Acting Director General

  • Table of Contents Accounting Officers overviewMandate of the Department of Public WorksVision, mission , values and legislative mandateKey Strategic GoalsProgramme PerformanceConclusion

  • Accounting Officers overview (p 6-7)Key milestones for the 2008/09 financial year:

    EPWP created more than 1.6 million work opportunities, exceeding the target set in 2004.Promotion of SMMEs through Vukuphile programme, - registered 76 projects for execution in regional officesA dedicated unit established to focus on the Asset Register Enhancement Programme (AREP).Guidelines for Custodian Immovable Asset Management Plans (C-AMPs) and User Immovable Asset Management Plans (U-AMPs) have been developed for GIAMA implementationCollaborated with the Departments of Defence and Foreign Affairs for exhumation of war graves of soldiers in KawewetaMinor upgrades, repair, maintenance and facilities management at land ports of entry, namely, Skilpadshek, Golela, Vioolsdrift and the Lebombo One Stop Border Post.The launch of the National Infrastructure Maintenance Strategy in May 2008.

  • Accounting Officers overview (Cont)The upgrade of the Civitas Building neared completion, as a new Head Office; old Government Garage facility was converted into the High Tech Printing Facility for Government Printers in Pretoria and the refurbishment of Waterkloof Air Force Base RunwayThe establishment of Construction Transformation Charter Group (CTCG) and the Property Sector Charter Council (PSCC)Contributed to the national skills development and national human resource development strategies through learnerships, internships, artisan training and developing young professionals about 107 Cuban Technical Advisors (CTAs) were also recruited

  • Vision, Mission ,Values and Legislative mandate (p 8-9) VisionIn 2003 the Department formulated the following new vision, mission and value statement to demonstrate the departments and its employees serious commitment to governments vision of a better life for all the countrys citizens:To be world-class Public Works Department.


    Department will endeavor to:-

    Efficiently manage the asset life cycle of immovable assets under the Departments custodianshipProvide expert advice to all three spheres of Government and Parastatals on immovable assets Contribute to the national goals of job creation and poverty alleviation through the coordination of public worksprogrammes nationally, of which the Expanded Public Works Programme (EPWP) forms and integral part; andProvides strategic leadership to the Construction and Property Industries

  • Vision, Mission ,Values and Legislative mandate (p 8-9) (Cont.)Values:

    Open Communication ; Urgency; Commitment; Integrity; Decisiveness; Client focus and Team work

    Legislative mandate:

    In terms of the Constitution, the President had allocated a functional mandate to the Department of Public Works. The Department provides land and accommodation to national government departments and institutions, manage such land and accommodationDPW is the custodian of national government immovable assets;DPW provides strategic leadership to the Construction and Property industries and Provides leadership and coordinates the implementation of the Expanded Public Works Programme.The mandate of the Department is also confirmed through the annual Appropriation Act. The State Land Disposal Act (ActNo 48 of 1961) furthermore mandates the Minister of Public Works to carry out functions related to land and accommodation.

  • Public Works Strategic Goals:Provide strategic leadership for effective and efficient asset management.

    Establish an enabling environment for the creation of both short and sustainable work opportunities for the unemployed.

    Contributing to the National Goal of Job Creation and Poverty Alleviation.

    Transformation and regulation of the construction and property industries to ensure economic growth and development.

    Ensure effective and efficient implementation of project management in the construction and property management environments .

    Effective stakeholder management for enhanced implementation of the Departments mandate.

    Ensure effective corporate governance processes and sound resources management.

    Improved service delivery to meet clients expectations.

  • Key Programmes:Administration.Provision of Land and Accommodation.National Public Works Programme.

    Compiled by Strategic Management Unit


  • PurposeThe programme provides for strategic leadership, support services and overall management of the department. This entails giving political, managerial and administrative leadership and support to the work of the department.The Administration programme consists of five sub-programmes namely:- Minister; Deputy Minister; Management Corporate Services and Property Management - The sub-programme Management makes provision for all top management support functions within the department. - The sub-programme Corporate Services provides various support services to ensure the smooth running of the department in creating a productive, efficient and creative working environment to enable the department to achieve its overall strategic objectives. - The sub-programme Property Management caters for the allocation of property management funds in line with the devolution of budgets.

  • Sub-programme: Human Resources Management (p13)Achievements:

    An intensive capacity building programme has been implemented focusing on learnerships, internships, artisan training and developing young professionals with the objective of addressing skills shortages within the built environment profession. Four (4) Young Professionals obtained professional registration, whilst four (4) Learnership programmes were completed. 107 Cuban Technical Advisors (CTAs) recruited in the disciplines of Engineering, Architecture, and Geology, of the total number of Cubans recruited, 95 were deployed to IDT, Provinces and National Public Works.An extensive advertising and recruitment campaign for filling of funded vacancies within the financial year. Approximately 764 vacant positions were advertised, 841 appointments were madeApproximately 14 SMS members participated in the training programme, including deployment at the coalface of service delivery.Developed and submitted the Employment Equity Status report to the Department of Labor (DoL). An action plan that addresses the identified gaps in the implementation of employment equity targets has been developed

    ChallengesThe current high staff turnover remains a challenge making the recruitment and retention of qualified professionals difficult to manage. programmes, hamper service delivery.Inadequate funding for implementation of key projects e.g. wellness programmes

  • Sub-programme: Gender (p13-14)AchievementsTraining on employment equity best practice model presented to NEECC and REECC,Training on sexual harassment in the workplace was implemented for all designated groups.Awards were presented to women in construction.Ensure compliance, taking into consideration the number of buildings complying with this requirement at both Head Office and Regional level.Consolidated the Contractor Incubator Programme in terms of gender, giving preference to black women and youth for the purpose of conducting a survey on women, people with disabilities and youth participating in the CIP.A disability Audit was also conducted.A partnership with Blind SA has been formed with the Disability Unit to improve the procurement process for the department and for people with visual impairment.Sixty one (61) employees have disclosed their disability status.Three employees with disabilities are reasonably accommodated by being provided with assistive devices to remove the barriers that will enable them to perform their duties efficiently and effectively.

    ChallengesLack of departmental policies yet on gender, youth and people with disabilitiesBudget constraintsCapturing of people with disabilities on personnel salaries (persal)Non-active of workplace forum for people with disabilitiesRetention strategy for people with disabilities

  • Sub-programme: Intergovernmental Relations (p14-15)AchievementsThe unit was constituted mid-year during the period under review and became fully operational during the last quarterFacilitated the submission quarterly reports, 2008/2009 annual reports, 2009/2010 business plans by the sector entitiesProcessed the filling all vacancies of various Boards for sector entities and professional councilsFacilitated the tabling of all questions posed to the department in Parliament .Coordination of committee meetings of the department, namely, DPWNIF 3 meetings; HOD Forum 2 meetings; MINTOP 6 meetings; EXCO 9 meetings; TMC 2 meetings Significant changes were noted in less then six months of existence of this unit as coordination of Nedlac activities (government participation at the Development Chamber) were executed by IGR. Attendance of meetings has improved significantly and more commitment is being shown by government departments. The DevelopmentApproximately six government departments actively participated in the Chamber in an effort to fight the scourge of xenophobia.Significant progress was highlighted on rendering effective support to Ministry and the Department on Inter- Governmental Relations, Parliamentary and constituency mattersA notable effort in creating effective liaison with other spheres of Government through the intergovernmental structures

    Challenges Limitation in terms of funding which hinde


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